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This is a listing of the Homeopathy Repertory used in our remedy finder. It is provided here for professional scrutiny, if that is not your purpose, you will probably find the remedy finder more useful.

Homoeopathy is a safe and natural system of medicine. It is also holistic, which means it relies on gathering a detailed picture of all of a patient's complaints before prescribing any remedy. Our online homeopathic remedy finder app collects all your symptoms, and gives you information on which remedies apply to which symptoms.

Cough; tickling; evening; on going to sleep;lyc.
Cough; tickling; evening; until midnight;rhus-t.
Cough; tickling; from smoking;atro., coloc.
Cough; tickling; from upper, middle region of abdomen,;bar-c., bell., bry., guai., hep., 2lach., 2nat-m., 2nit-ac., 2ph-ac., 2phos., sang., tarax., thuj.
Cough; tickling; in bronchia;2ant-t., arg-m., bar-c., cop., dios., ip., kali-bi., kali-n., merc., phos., rhus-t., sep., stict., tarent., verat-v., 2verat.
Cough; tickling; in bronchia; where bronchia join (behind middle of breast bone);kali-bi., 1ph-ac.
Cough; tickling; in front of heart;bar-c., verat.
Cough; tickling; in open air;2lach., ox-ac., 1phos.
Cough; tickling; in throat-pit;2apis., aspar., bell., cann-s., 2caust., 1cham., cinnb., cocc., coloc., 2con., crot-h., 2ign., 2inul., 2iod., lac-c., lach., lith., nat-c., nat-m., ph-ac., puls., rhus-r., 1rumx., 1sang., 2sil., squil., tarax.
Cough; tickling; in wind pipe;2acon., agar., ail., am-m., anac., ang., 2ant-t., 2arn., ars., arum-t., asaf., aur-m., bar-c., bell., bov., 2brom., bry., 2calc., 2caps., carb-ac., 2carb-s., casc., caust., cham., chin-s., chin., cina., coc-c., coloc., com., con., cop., dig., dulc., eupho., 2euphr., ferr-ar., ferr-i., 2ferr., gymn., hyos., indg., 1iod., ir-foe., iris., 2kali-bi., 1kali-c., kali-p., kali-s., kreos., lac-c., lach., lact., laur., mag-c., mag-m., med., 2merc., mez., nat-a., nat-m., nicc., nit-ac., 1nux-v., ol-an., ox-ac., petr., 1ph-ac., 2phos., plat., prun-s., 2psor., 2puls., rhod., rhus-r., 1rhus-t., rumx., sabin., 1sang., sanic., 2seneg., 2sep., 1sil., spig., squil., 2stann., staph., stict., 2still., sulph., tarent., teucr., thuj., verat., zinc.
Cough; tickling; larynx;2acon., 2aesc., 2agar., 1all-c., alum., 2alumn., am-br., 2am-c., 2am-m., 2ambr., anac., 2anan., ang., 2ant-t., anth., apis., 2arg-m., 2arg-n., 2arn., 1ars., 2asaf., aspar., astac., aur-m., 2bad., bar-c., 1bell., bor., bov., 2brom., 2bry., bufo., cact., cadm., cahin., calad., 1calc-f., 2calc., 2caps., 2carb-ac., 2carb-an., 2carb-s., 2carb-v., carl., 2caust., 2cham., 2chel., chlor., cimic., cimx., cinnb., 2cist., 1coc-c., cocc., colch., coloc., 1con., cop., 1crot-c., crot-h., crot-t., 2cupr., 2cycl., dig., dios., 1dros., 2dulc., eupho., 2euphr., eupi., ferr-ar., glon., graph., 2hep., hydr-ac., hydr., 2hyos., 2ign., 1iod., 1ip., 2ir-foe., 2iris., 2kali-bi., 2kali-c., kali-n., kali-p., kali-s., kreos., 2lac-c., 1lach., lact., laur., led., lob-s., lob., 1lyc., mag-c., mag-m., mang., merc-c., merc., mez., mur-ac., naja., nat-a., nat-c., 1nat-m., nat-p., nat-s., nicc., 2nit-ac., 1nux-v., olnd., onos., op., osm., ox-ac., par., 2ph-ac., 1phos., 2phyt., plan., 2prun-s., 2psor., 1puls., rat., rhus-t., 2rumx., 2sabin., 2sang., sars., 2seneg., 2sep., 2sil., sol-n., spira., 1spong., 2squil., stann., 1staph., 2stict., sulph., sumb., tab., tarent., tep., thuj., til., verb., 2vinc., zinc., zing.l
Cough; tickling; larynx; afternoon;anth., mag-c., naja.
Cough; tickling; larynx; afternoon; 2 p.m.;arg-n., 1coc-c.
Cough; tickling; larynx; as from soft feathers; calc., 2ph-ac., sulph.
Cough; tickling; larynx; evening;ambr., 2carb-v., cimic., graph., lyc., nat-m.
Cough; tickling; larynx; extending to chest;sil.
Cough; tickling; larynx; extending to mid-breast bone;rumx.
Cough; tickling; larynx; morning, after rising;alumn., arn., 2op.
Cough; tickling; larynx; night;2dros.
Cough; tickling; larynx; night; 11-30 p.m.;1coc-c.
Cough; tickling; larynx; night; 3 to 4 a.m.;2bufo.
Cough; tickling; larynx; small spot in; apis., cimic., con.
Cough; tickling; larynx; while lying;1dros.
Cough; tickling; morning;alumn., cahin., carb-v., coloc., lyc., nat-m., sumb., thuj.
Cough; tickling; morning; after rising;alumn., 2arn.
Cough; tickling; morning; after walking;carb-v.
Cough; tickling; night;arg-n., 2asaf., 2calc., coc-c., 2coloc., 2dros., kali-bi., kali-c., lyc., myric., nat-m., rhus-t., rumx., sanic., zinc.
Cough; tickling; night; 3 a.m.;cahin.
Cough; tickling; on talking;alumn., atro., 1ph-ac.
Cough; tickling; on waking;carb-v., ham.
Cough; tickling; throat at back of mouth;aloe., carb-ac., 2gels., lact., til.
Cough; tickling; throat;anac., arg-n., ars., carb-s., cham., coc-c., coca., hydr-ac., lact., mag-s., olnd., sil.
Cough; tickling; throat; night;anac., mag-s., 2sil.
Cough; tickling; titillating; acet-ac., asaf., coloc., dros.
Cough; tight clothing; stann.
Cough; tight; calc., 2caust., cimic., 2con., 2cupr., 2form., guai., 2hell., 2mag-p., merc., 2mosch., myrt., nat-a., 1phos., 2puls., stram., 2sulph., ziz.
Cough; tight; daytime;nat-a.
Cough; tight; evening;calc-s.
Cough; toneless; calad., card-b., cina., dros.
Cough; tormenting; alum., am-c., anac., ang., arg-n., 1ars., arum-t., asaf., bar-c., 1bell., benz-ac., berb., bor., brom., 2calc., cann-s., carb-an., carb-v., 1caust., chel., chin., cina., 2cocc., 2con., cor-r., 2croc., 2cupr., daph., 1dros., dulc., ferr-p., hep., hydr-ac., 1ip., 2kali-c., kali-n., kreos., 2lach., lact., led., lob., merc-c., merc., 2mez., mur-ac., 2nat-a., nat-c., 2nat-m., nit-ac., 2nux-v., op., 2petr., 2phos., phyt., rhod., rhus-t., rumx., 2sang., sel., sep., spig., 2squil., 2stann., 2sulph., verat.
Cough; touching larynx lightly; 2bell., chin., ferr-p., 1lach., 2rumx., staph., stram.
Cough; trumpet-toned; verb.
Cough; turning the head; spong.
Cough; violent; 1agar., alum., am-m., ambr., anac., anan., ang., ant-t., apis., arg-n., ars., 1bell., 2bor., brom., bry., bufo., 2calc., camph., carb-an., 1carb-v., 1caust., 2cham., 2chel., chin., 2cimx., 2cina., clem., 1coc-c., 1con., cop., cor-r., croc., 1cupr., 2cycl., 1dros., elaps., 2eup-per., 2euphr., 2form., gamb., gels., guare., 1hep., hydr-ac., 1hyos., 1ign., indg., 1ip., kali-bi., 1kali-c., kali-chl., 2kreos., 1lach., lact., led., lith., 2lob., lycps., 2mag-c., mag-p., manc., 2meph., 2merc., 1mez., mur-ac., 2nat-a., 2nat-c., nat-p., nicc., nit-ac., 2nux-v., ol-j., olnd., 2op., par., petr., 1ph-ac., 1phos., plat., 1puls., 2rhus-t., rumx., ruta., sabad., sang., seneg., 1sep., 2sil., spig., 2spong., 1squil., 1stann., staph., stict., stront., sulph., ther., verat., viol-o., 2zinc.
Cough; violent; after dinner;anac., mur-ac.
Cough; violent; afternoon;mur-ac., 2nat-c.
Cough; violent; daytime;2agar., 2euphr.
Cough; violent; evening;alum., anac., 2calc., con., indg., 2kali-c., 2mez., 2nat-c., verat.
Cough; violent; evening; after lying down;2kali-c., 2mez., 1sep.
Cough; violent; from talking;mur-ac.
Cough; violent; in sleep;apis., cham., 2cycl., 2sulph.
Cough; violent; laughing;mur-ac.
Cough; violent; morning;bry., cina., nux-v., 2puls., 1squil.
Cough; violent; morning; before rising;1nux-v.
Cough; violent; morning; early morning, in bed;bry., 2mez., 1nux-v.
Cough; violent; morning; on waking;2agar., 1lach.
Cough; violent; movement; phos.
Cough; violent; night;arg-n., 2con., cupr., 2cycl., 2hep., 2merc., nicc., petr.
Cough; violent; night; 3 a.m.;1kali-c., mur-ac.
Cough; violent; noon;bell.
Cough; violent; on waking;2agar., calc., carb-v., rhus-t.
Cough; violent; on yawning;mur-ac.
Cough; violent; spasmodic jerking of head forward and knees upward; ther.
Cough; violent; uninterrupted until relieved by vomiting; 2mez.
Cough; violent; while sitting or lying, not during movement;phos.
Cough; walking;alum., ars., 2calc., carb-v., cina., dig., 1ferr., hep., iod., ip., lach., mag-m., mang., mez., nat-a., nat-m., rumx., 2seneg., stram., stront., sul-ac., 2thuj.
Cough; walking; astac., 2dros., grat., ign., phos.
Cough; walking; fast; cench., coca., merc., nat-m., 2puls., 2seneg., sep., sil., squil., stann.
Cough; warm, wet weather;iod.
Cough; warming abdomen; sil.
Cough; when breathing;am-c., asar., bell., coloc., dulc., graph., hep., ip., kali-n., mag-m., nat-m., sulph.
Cough; when breathing; breathing in;acon., apis., asaf., asar., bell., benz-ac., 2brom., 2calc., 2camph., chlor., cina., coff., con., cor-r., croc., dig., dulc., graph., 2hep., ip., 2kali-bi., lach., mag-m., ment., meny., meph., merc-i-f., nat-s., olnd., op., plb., prun-s., 2puls., 1rumx., squil., stict., ter., verb.
Cough; when breathing; breathing in; crowing, violent, spasmodic cough, commencing with gasping for breath, and continuing with repeated crowing breathing in till face becomes black or purple and patient exhausted; 2cor-r.
Cough; when breathing; breathing out;acon., cann-i., cann-s., 2carb-v., 2caust., dros., iod., kreos., lach., merc., nux-v., ph-ac., staph.
Cough; when breathing; deep breathing;2acon., 2aesc., am-c., am-m., apis., arn., ars., asar., 1bell., bism-ox., 2brom., 1bry., carb-an., chin-a., chin., cina., coc-c., 1con., 2cor-r., crot-h., cupr., dig., dros., 2dulc., euphr., ferr-ar., ferr-p., 2ferr., graph., 2hep., 2iod., ip., kali-ar., 2kali-bi., 1kali-c., kali-p., 2lac-c., lach., lec., 2lyc., mag-m., mang., meny., 2merc., mez., mur-ac., naja., nat-a., nat-m., nit-ac., ph-ac., phos., plb., 2puls., 2rhus-t., 2rumx., sabad., samb., seneg., sep., serp., sil., 2squil., stann., stram., 2sulph., zinc., ziz.
Cough; when breathing; deep breathing; morning, after lying down;ip.
Cough; when brushing teeth;coc-c., staph.
Cough; when fasting;kali-c., mag-m.
Cough; when holding breath;kali-n., prun-s.
Cough; when laughing;2arg-m., 2arg-n., ars., bry., 1chin., con., cupr., cur., dros., dulc., hyos., kali-c., lach., mang., merc-i-f., mur-ac., nit-ac., ol-j., 2petr., 2phos., rhus-t., 2sanic., sil., sin-n., 2stann., staph., zinc.
Cough; when looking into fire;2ant-c., 2stram.
Cough; when playing music; on playing violin;kali-c.
Cough; when playing music; playing piano, every note seems to vibrate in larynx; 2calc.
Cough; when playing music; playing piano;ambr., 1calc., cham., kali-c., kreos., ph-ac.
Cough; when riding;staph., sul-ac., sulph.
Cough; when stooping;all-s., arg-m., arg-n., arn., bar-c., 1caust., chel., dig., 2hep., kali-c., laur., lyc., phos., seneg., sil., 2spig., spong., staph., verat.
Cough; when stretching out the arms; coughing after;merc.
Cough; when stretching out the arms; coughing when stretching out the arms;lyc.
Cough; when talking;acon., alum., 2alumn., 2ambr., anac., ant-t., arg-m., 2arg-n., arn., ars., atro., bar-c., 2bell., brom., bry., calad., 2calc-s., calc., carb-s., 2carb-v., 2caust., cham., chin-a., 2chin., 2cimic., cina., coc-c., 2cocc., con., crot-h., 2cupr., dig., 1dros., dulc., erig., 2euphr., ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-p., ferr., 2hep., hyos., ign., iod., ip., kali-bi., lac-c., 2lach., mag-c., mag-m., mag-p., mang., ment., meph., 2merc., mez., mur-ac., myric., nat-m., nit-ac., par., ph-ac., 2phos., 2phyt., 2psor., rhus-t., 1rumx., 1sanic., 2sil., 2spong., squil., 2stann., stram., sul-ac., sulph., sumb., 2tub., verb.
Cough; when talking; evening;psor.
Cough; when talking; loud;2ambr., 2arg-n., 2coc-c., mang., 2phos., 2tub.
Cough; when talking; night;puls.
Cough; when talking; with inability to speak,; 2am-m., brom., calad., 2cimic., 2cupr., 2lach., mag-p., 2merc., 2rumx.
Cough; when walking down steps or hill; lyc.
Cough; when walking up stairs;arg-m., arg-n., 2ars., bar-c., 2bry., cench., iod., kali-n., lyc., mag-c., mag-m., merc., nux-v., seneg., sep., spong., squil., stann., staph., zinc.
Cough; when whining;acon., ars., cina.
Cough; when yawning;arn., asaf., cina., mur-ac., nux-v., puls., staph.
Cough; when yawning; yawning and coughing consecutively; ant-t., 2nat-m.
Cough; while lying down;acon., aeth., agar., all-c., am-br., am-m., 2ambr., ant-t., 1apis., aral., arg-n., 2arn., 2ars., bar-c., bell., bor., 2bry., calc-s., calc., caps., carb-an., carb-s., 2carb-v., 1caust., cham., cinnb., 2coc-c., cocc., colch., 1con., corn., 2crot-t., dol., 2dros., 2dulc., eupi., ferr-ar., ferr-p., hep., 1hyos., ign., 2iod., ip., kali-br., 2kali-c., kali-p., 2kali-s., 1kreos., lac-c., 2lach., lact., 2laur., lith., 2lyc., mag-c., mag-m., mag-p., mag-s., med., 2meph., merc., 2mez., nat-c., nat-m., nat-s., nicc., nit-ac., nux-v., ol-j., par., petr., ph-ac., 2phos., phyt., plan., psor., 1puls., pyrog., 2rhus-t., 1rumx., ruta., 2sabad., 1sang., sanic., 2seneg., 2sep., 2sil., 2spong., stann., staph., stict., 2sulph., tarent., ter., teucr., thuj., verb., vesp., vib., zinc.
Cough; while lying down; after sleep;2apis., 2aral., 2caust., 2kali-bi., 1lach., lachn., nit-ac., puls., 2sep., sulph.

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