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This is a listing of the Homeopathy Repertory used in our remedy finder. It is provided here for professional scrutiny, if that is not your purpose, you will probably find the remedy finder more useful.

Homoeopathy is a safe and natural system of medicine. It is also holistic, which means it relies on gathering a detailed picture of all of a patient's complaints before prescribing any remedy. Our online homeopathic remedy finder app collects all your symptoms, and gives you information on which remedies apply to which symptoms.

Skin; blisters; agar., alum., am-c., 2am-m., 2anac., 2ant-c., 2ant-t., anthr., arg-m., arn., 1ars., aur., 2bar-c., 2bell., 2bov., 2bry., 2bufo., calad., calc-p., 2calc-s., 2calc., cann-s., 1canth., caps., 1carb-ac., 2carb-an., 2carb-s., carb-v., 1caust., cham., chin-a., 2chin., 2cic., cist., 1clem., cocc., com., con., cop., 2corn., crot-h., 1crot-t., cupr-ar., cycl., dig., 1dulc., 1eupho., 2fl-ac., 2graph., grin., 2hell., 2hep., hyos., ign., 2iris., 2jug-r., kali-ar., 2kali-bi., 2kali-c., 2kali-chl., 2kali-i., 2kali-n., 2kali-s., 2kreos., lac-c., 1lach., 2lact., laur., 2lyc., 2mag-c., 1manc., mang., 2merc-c., 2merc., 2mez., nat-a., 1nat-c., 1nat-m., 2nat-p., nat-s., 1nit-ac., olnd., op., osm., 2petr., ph-ac., 1phos., plat., plb., 2psor., 2puls., 1ran-b., 2ran-s., rheum., 1rhus-t., 2rhus-v., 2rumx., ruta., sabad., 2sabin., sal-ac., sars., 2sec., 2sel., seneg., 2sep., 2sil., spig., spong., 2squil., staph., stram., sul-ac., 1sulph., tarax., 2tell., ter., thuj., verat., vip., zinc.
Skin; blisters; after scratching;2am-c., 2am-m., ant-c., ars., bar-c., bell., bry., calc., caust., chin., 2cycl., dulc., graph., grat., 2hep., kali-ar., kali-c., kreos., 1lach., laur., mang., merc., nat-c., nat-m., nicc., ol-an., 2phos., 2ran-b., 1rhus-t., sabin., sars., sel., sep., spong., 2sulph.
Skin; blisters; around a wound;2lach., rhus-t.
Skin; blisters; as from heat of sun; clem.
Skin; blisters; black; 2anthr., arg-n., 1ars., 1lach., nat-c., petr., vip.
Skin; blisters; bluish; 2anthr., 1ars., bell., con., 1lach., 1ran-b., rhus-t., vip.
Skin; blisters; brown; anag., ant-c., carb-v., lyc., mez., nit-ac., phos., sep., thuj.
Skin; blisters; burning; agar., am-c., am-m., 2anac., anag., ars., aur., 2bar-c., bov., calc., caust., 2crot-t., graph., guare., hep., lach., mag-c., mag-m., mang., merc., 2mez., 2mur-ac., nat-c., nat-m., nit-ac., phos., plat., 2ran-b., seneg., sep., sil., 2spig., spong., staph., sulph.
Skin; blisters; close to each other; ran-b., rhus-t., verat.
Skin; blisters; cold air;2dulc.
Skin; blisters; covered with spots; dulc., iod., lach., merc., rhus-t., spong.
Skin; blisters; cracked, breaking; 2bry., 2crot-h., 2lach., phos., 2vip.
Skin; blisters; cutting; graph.
Skin; blisters; dry; rhus-t.
Skin; blisters; filled with blood; 2ail., 1ars., aur., bry., camph., canth., carb-ac., fl-ac., graph., kali-p., 1lach., nat-c., 2nat-m., 2sec., sulph.
Skin; blisters; forming on bare surface;anag., rhus-t., staph.
Skin; blisters; from exposure to sun;camph.
Skin; blisters; gangrenous; 2ars., bell., 2bufo., 2camph., carb-v., 1lach., mur-ac., 2ran-b., 2sabin., 2sec., sil.
Skin; blisters; generating pus; 2am-m., aur., bov., calc., carb-v., graph., mag-c., 2nat-c., nit-ac., petr., phos., puls., ran-b., ran-s., rhus-t., sars., sulph., vip., zinc.
Skin; blisters; grape shaped; bufo., rhus-t.
Skin; blisters; grouped; rhus-v., sulph.
Skin; blisters; hard; lach., ph-ac., sil.
Skin; blisters; humid; ., hep., lach., mang., 2merc., phos., ran-b., ran-s., 1rhus-t., sulph., vip.
Skin; blisters; inflamed; am-m., anac., bar-c., bell., 2crot-t., dulc., kali-n., rhus-t., rhus-v.
Skin; blisters; itching; aeth., am-m., 2anac., ant-c., ant-t., apis., ars-h., bry., 1calc., 2canth., 2carb-ac., caust., crot-t., daph., 2fl-ac., 2graph., 2jug-r., 2lach., mag-c., 2mez., 2nat-c., 2rhus-t., rumx., sel., 2sep., sil., sulph., tell.
Skin; blisters; itching; around old scars;2fl-ac.
Skin; blisters; itching; evening;kali-c.
Skin; blisters; itching; in cold air;2rumx.
Skin; blisters; itching; night;2graph.
Skin; blisters; itching; when in a warm room;apis.
Skin; blisters; itching; when uncovered;2rumx.
Skin; blisters; itching; when warm in bed;aeth.
Skin; blisters; leaving spots; caust.
Skin; blisters; merging together; alum., 2cic., phel., rhus-t., 2sulph.
Skin; blisters; painful; bell., clem., kali-c., phos.
Skin; blisters; painful; as if ulcerated; mez., mur-ac.
Skin; blisters; painful; shooting pains; 2nat-c.
Skin; blisters; painless; stront., sulph.
Skin; blisters; peeling off; 2bry., puls., rhus-t.
Skin; blisters; phagedenic (spreading, obstinate ulceration); am-c., ars., bor., 2calc., caust., cham., clem., graph., hep., kali-c., 2mag-c., merc., nat-c., 2nit-ac., 2petr., sep., 2sil., 2sulph.
Skin; blisters; powdery flaking skin; anac., hell., kali-bi., nat-c., nat-m., nit-ac., ran-b., sil., sulph.
Skin; blisters; pulling, painful; clem.
Skin; blisters; red; 2ant-c., calc-p., cic., crot-h., cycl., fl-ac., lach., mang., merc., nat-c., 2nat-m., ol-an., sil., valer.
Skin; blisters; red; with red circle around; anac., 2calc., cann-s., crot-h., crot-t., kali-c., kali-chl., 2nat-c., sil., sulph., tab., vip.
Skin; blisters; small; am-m., cann-s., fl-ac., graph., hell., lach., mang., merc., nat-m., nit-ac., rhus-t., thuj.
Skin; blisters; smarting; con., graph., hell., mag-c., mang., nat-c., ph-ac., phel., plat., rhod., rhus-t., rhus-v., sil., staph., thuj.
Skin; blisters; stinging; am-c., calc., cham., crot-t., nat-m., 1nit-ac., sil., spong., 2staph., 2tell.
Skin; blisters; stretching skin; am-m., kali-n., mag-c., mag-m., mur-ac., nat-c.
Skin; blisters; surrounded by red skin, from excessive perspiring; am-c., apis., ars., bell., 2bry., canth., chin-s., crot-t., graph., 2hep., lac-c., lach., 1nat-m., ph-ac., 1rhus-t., 2spong., sul-ac., valer.
Skin; blisters; transparent; kali-c., lach., 2mag-c., mag-m., mang., merc., 2ran-b.
Skin; blisters; ulcerated (see phagedenic); 2calc., caust., 2clem., cupr-ar., graph., 2merc., nat-c., 1sulph., 2zinc.
Skin; blisters; washing; canth., 1clem., 2dulc., hydr., mez., phos., 2psor., sars., 1sulph., urt-u.
Skin; blisters; washing; washing in cold water; 1clem., 2dulc., sulph.
Skin; blisters; watery; 2bell., bov., canth., clem., cupr., graph., kali-c., kali-n., merc., nat-c., ol-an., plat., plb., 2rhus-t., rhus-v., sec., 2sulph., tab., vip., zinc.
Skin; blisters; white; am-c., berb., cann-s., caust., clem., graph., hell., hep., 2kali-chl., 2lach., 2merc., mez., 2nat-c., phos., sabad., sulph., 2thuj., valer.
Skin; blisters; whitish; agar., anan., ant-c., 2ars-i., 1ars., bor., bov., bry., com., ip., merc., 2mez., phos., 2puls., sulph., thuj., 2valer., zinc.
Skin; blisters; winter; 2aloe., alum., 2calc., 2dulc., 2hep., kali-c., 2mang., 2merc., 2mez., 2petr., 2psor., 1rhus-t., 2sep., 2stront., sulph.
Skin; blisters; yellow; 2agar., am-m., anac., anag., ant-c., anthr., ars., bufo., calc-p., carb-s., chel., cic., clem., com., crot-h., crot-t., 1dulc., 2euphr., 2hydr., 2kali-n., 2kreos., lach., 2manc., 2merc., mur-ac., nat-c., nat-s., ph-ac., psor., ran-b., ran-s., raph., 1rhus-t., 2rhus-v., sep., sulph., tab., vip.
Skin; blisters; yellow; 2agar., anac., 2ant-c., ars., aur., 2bar-c., bar-m., bufo., cadm., calc-s., chel., 2cic., cocc., cupr., 2dulc., 2eupho., hell., kali-c., 2kali-chl., kreos., lach., led., lyc., 1merc., 2nat-c., nat-s., 2nit-ac., par., ph-ac., ran-s., raph., 2rhus-t., sep., 2spong., tab., valer.
Skin; bubbling sensation; calc.
Skin; chapping; 2aesc., alum., ant-c., arn., aur., bry., 1calc., cham., 2cycl., 1graph., 1hep., 2kali-c., kreos., 2lach., lyc., mag-c., mang., merc., nat-c., nat-m., nit-ac., petr., 1puls., 1rhus-t., ruta., 1sars., 1sep., sil., 1sulph., viol-t., zinc.
Skin; coldness; acon., agar., agn., ail., alum., am-c., am-m., ambr., anac., 2anan., ant-c., 2ant-t., apis., arn., 2ars-i., 1ars., asaf., asar., aur., bar-c., bar-m., 2bell., bism-ox., bov., bry., 2cact., calad., 1calc-p., 1calc., 1camph., cann-s., canth., 2caps., carb-ac., carb-an., 1carb-s., 2carb-v., 2caust., 2cham., 2chel., 2chin-a., 2chin., 2cic., cina., 2cocc., 2coff., 2colch., coloc., con., croc., 2crot-h., 2cupr., cycl., 1dig., 2dios., dros., dulc., eup-pur., eupho., euphr., ferr-ar., 2ferr-i., ferr-p., 2ferr., 2graph., 2hell., 1helod., hep., 1hydr-ac., hyos., 2ign., 2iod., 1ip., 2kali-ar., kali-br., 2kali-c., kali-m., kali-p., 2kali-s., kreos., 2lach., lachn., 1laur., 2led., 2lyc., mag-c., mag-m., mang., meny., 2merc-c., 2merc-cy., 2merc., 2mez., mosch., mur-ac., nat-a., nat-c., nat-m., nat-p., 2nit-ac., 1nux-m., 2nux-v., olnd., 2op., 1ox-ac., par., petr., ph-ac., 2phos., 2phyt., 2plat., 2plb., 2podo., puls., ran-b., rhod., 1rhus-t., ruta., sabad., sabin., 2samb., sang., sars., 1sec., sel., seneg., 1sep., 2sil., spig., spong., squil., stann., staph., stram., stront., sul-ac., 1sulph., 2sumb., 2tab., tarax., teucr., 2ther., thuj., valer., verat-v., 1verat., verb., zinc.
Skin; coldness; after eating;camph., ran-b.
Skin; coldness; after period;graph.
Skin; coldness; after scratching;agar., mez., petr.
Skin; coldness; after stool;crot-t.
Skin; coldness; along painful nerves;2led., merc., sil.
Skin; coldness; alternates with heat; stram.
Skin; coldness; before period;2sil.
Skin; coldness; during convulsions;anan., 2camph., caust., cic., 2hell., hyos., mosch., 1oena., op., stram., 2verat.
Skin; coldness; during diarrhoea;aeth., 2camph., 2jatr., 2laur., tab., 2verat.
Skin; coldness; during exercise;plb., 2sil.
Skin; coldness; during fever;2camph., iod.
Skin; coldness; during labour;coff.
Skin; coldness; during period;coff., dig., 2led., 2tab., thuj., 2verat.
Skin; coldness; during pregnancy;2nux-m.
Skin; coldness; icy; ant-t., 2ars., cadm., 2calc., 1camph., 1carb-v., cupr., hell., lachn., 2nat-m., 2sec., tarent., 2verat.
Skin; coldness; icy; in spots;2agar., arg-m., 2bar-c., petr., 1verat.
Skin; coldness; injured parts;1led.
Skin; coldness; left side; before epilepsy;2sil.
Skin; coldness; must uncover; 2camph., 2sec.
Skin; coldness; night;2ars., 2camph., 2carb-v., 2hyos., 2mosch.
Skin; coldness; one side of body during convulsions;2sil.
Skin; coldness; sensation of coldness; arn., 2calc., caust., chel., 2merc., 2mosch., 2plat., puls., 2rhus-t., sec., 2verat-v.
Skin; coldness; spots;2agar., arg-m., berb., caust., mosch., 2par., petr., 1verat.
Skin; coldness; suffering parts;caps., caust., 2led., merc., mez., 2sil.
Skin; coldness; upper body;ip.
Skin; coldness; when in pain;ars.
Skin; coldness; with internal heat; bar-c., eupho., 2ferr., 2ign., 2iod., mosch., 2verat., 2zinc.
Skin; coldness; with trembling; mosch., op.
Skin; contraction; alum., am-m., anac., asar., bell., bism-ox., bry., carb-v., 2chin., cocc., cupr., ferr., 2graph., kali-c., kreos., lyc., merc., nat-m., nit-ac., 2nux-v., olnd., par., petr., phos., 2plat., plb., puls., ran-s., rhod., 1rhus-t., ruta., sabad., sec., 2sel., sep., sil., spig., stann., stront., sul-ac., sulph., zinc.
Skin; cracks; 2aesc., aloe., alum., am-c., 2ant-c., 2arn., 2aur., 2bad., bar-c., bry., calc-s., 1calc., 2carb-an., 1carb-s., carb-v., 2cham., com., 2cycl., 1graph., 2hep., hydr., iris., kali-c., 2kali-s., 2kreos., 2lach., 2lyc., mag-c., 2mang., 2merc., 2nat-c., 2nat-m., 2nit-ac., olnd., osm., 2paeon., 1petr., phos., 2psor., 1puls., 2rhus-t., ruta., 1sars., 1sep., 2sil., 1sulph., teucr., viol-t., 2zinc.
Skin; cracks; after washing;alum., 2ant-c., bry., 2calc-s., 1calc., cham., kali-c., lyc., nit-ac., 2puls., rhus-t., sars., 1sep., 1sulph., zinc.
Skin; cracks; burning; petr., sars., zinc.
Skin; cracks; coming and going quickly; 2hep., 2nit-ac., 2sulph.
Skin; cracks; deep, bloody; 2merc., 1nit-ac., 1petr., puls., 2sars., 2sulph.
Skin; cracks; humid; aloe.
Skin; cracks; in winter; alum., 2calc-s., 1calc., 1carb-s., graph., 1petr., 2psor., 1sep., 1sulph.
Skin; cracks; itching; merc., 2petr.
Skin; cracks; new skin cracks and burns; 2sars.

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