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This is a listing of the Homeopathy Repertory used in our remedy finder. It is provided here for professional scrutiny, if that is not your purpose, you will probably find the remedy finder more useful.

Homoeopathy is a safe and natural system of medicine. It is also holistic, which means it relies on gathering a detailed picture of all of a patient's complaints before prescribing any remedy. Our online homeopathic remedy finder app collects all your symptoms, and gives you information on which remedies apply to which symptoms.

Abdomen; coldness; sides;all-c., ambr., merl., olnd., sulph.
Abdomen; coldness; sides; left;2ambr.
Abdomen; coldness; walking in open air; dulc.
Abdomen; coldness; warmth of heater; meph.
Abdomen; complaints of spleen;abies-c., abrot., 2agar., alum., 2am-c., am-m., anac., arn., 2ars-i., 1ars., 1asaf., 2bor., 2bry., calc-p., camph., 2cann-s., 2canth., caps., carb-an., carb-v., caust., 1cean., cedr., cham., chel., 1chin., coc-c., colch., con., 2dios., 2dulc., 2ferr-m., 2ferr., gran., 1ign., 2iod., jug-r., kali-n., 2laur., mag-c., mag-m., mang., merc., mez., 2mur-ac., 2nat-a., 2nat-m., nit-ac., 2nux-v., ph-ac., phos., 2plat., 2plb., psor., 1ran-b., rhod., rhus-t., 2ruta., sars., sil., squil., 2stann., 1sul-ac., sulph., thuj., 2urt-u., valer., verat., verb., 2zinc.
Abdomen; complaints of the pancreas;con., iod., 2iris., 2phos., 2spong.
Abdomen; constriction; aesc., 2alum-m., 2alum., alumn., 2arg-n., 2arn., ars., aur-m., bell., berb., 2cact., 2calc., camph., carb-an., carb-v., 2carl., cench., 2chel., chin., clem., coc-c., cocc., 1coloc., crot-c., cupr., dig., eupho., ferr-ar., ferr-m., hydrc., kali-bi., laur., 2lyc., merl., mez., mosch., nat-m., nat-s., nit-ac., nux-m., 2nux-v., petr., phos., 2plat., 2plb., sars., 2sec., 2sep., sil., sul-ac., sulph., thuj.
Abdomen; constriction; as by a string; caust., 1chel.
Abdomen; constriction; as if intestines were string; elaps., verat.
Abdomen; constriction; before diarrhoea stool;laur.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs;2acon., 2arg-n., 1cact., 2calc., 2chel., 2con., 1crot-c., dig., 2dros., kreos., 1lyc., 2nux-v., puls., sep., staph., sulph., tarent.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs; as if bandaged; alum., 2cact., 2calc., chel., 2cocc., 1con., graph., 2lyc., 2sec.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs; as if bandaged; after supper;2sep.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs; as if laced; 2calc.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs; during cough;2dros.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs; extending to the navel;mag-c.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs; morning;ign.
Abdomen; constriction; behind lower ribs; right;2lach.
Abdomen; constriction; during cough;lach.
Abdomen; constriction; during desire for stool;ars., nat-m., nat-s.
Abdomen; constriction; during period;cact., cocc., croc., 2sulph.
Abdomen; constriction; during stool;sulph.
Abdomen; constriction; extending to bladder;1puls.
Abdomen; constriction; extending to chest;2calc.
Abdomen; constriction; extending to chest; before stool;nat-s.
Abdomen; constriction; from fasting;carb-an.
Abdomen; constriction; groin region;bov., cact., gamb., kali-n., mag-c., rat.
Abdomen; constriction; groin region; extending around pelvis;2cact.
Abdomen; constriction; groin region; stretching out; bov.
Abdomen; constriction; like a band around abdomen; crot-c.
Abdomen; constriction; lower part of abdomen;bar-c., 2bell., 2chel., clem., coloc., euon., 2hydr., sars., thuj., verb.
Abdomen; constriction; lower part of abdomen; evening;sars.
Abdomen; constriction; lower part of abdomen; late morning;sars.
Abdomen; constriction; morning;calc.
Abdomen; constriction; navel;bell., 1coloc., plb., puls., sil., verb.
Abdomen; constriction; night;phos., sulph.
Abdomen; constriction; night; 4 a.m.;nat-m.
Abdomen; constriction; passing flatulence; sil.
Abdomen; constriction; region of navel;coloc., mag-m., nat-m., nit-ac., petr., 2plat., plb., thuj., verb.
Abdomen; constriction; rhythmical; caust.
Abdomen; constriction; rising; zinc.
Abdomen; constriction; sides, below short ribs, extending to other parts of the abdomen;camph.
Abdomen; constriction; walking;nat-m.
Abdomen; constriction; walking; while in open air;nux-v.
Abdomen; constriction; while lying down;zinc.
Abdomen; contraction; acon., am-c., ant-t., apis., arg-m., ars., 2bell., caust., 2cham., chel., colch., con., 2cupr., dig., dros., ferr., hep., hydrc., ign., kali-i., lach., laur., 2lyc., 2mag-m., merc-c., merc., mur-ac., naja., nit-ac., 2nux-v., 2olnd., ph-ac., phos., 2plb., rhus-t., sabad., 2sars., sep., sil., sul-ac., sulph., tab., tarent.
Abdomen; contraction; after period;con., nat-m.
Abdomen; contraction; after stool;arg-m., sulph.
Abdomen; contraction; before period;am-c., eupi., 2nat-m.
Abdomen; contraction; during period, behind lower ribs;bufo.
Abdomen; contraction; during stool;ph-ac.
Abdomen; contraction; groin region;arg-n., carb-an., laur., rat., rhus-t.
Abdomen; contraction; groin region; after dinner;laur.
Abdomen; contraction; groin region; during period;arg-n.
Abdomen; contraction; groin region; during urination;ars.
Abdomen; contraction; groin region; extending downward;laur.
Abdomen; contraction; groin region; on stretching out leg;carb-an.
Abdomen; contraction; groin region; while walking;kali-n.
Abdomen; contraction; late morning;am-c.
Abdomen; contraction; late morning; walking in open air;am-c.
Abdomen; contraction; lying on abdomen; am-c.
Abdomen; contraction; morning;ph-ac.
Abdomen; contraction; morning; on waking;colch.
Abdomen; contraction; muscles;arg-m., ferr., nat-m., sabad., squil.
Abdomen; contraction; muscles; while walking;arg-m.
Abdomen; contraction; must walk in open air; con.
Abdomen; contraction; navel;2bell., 2chel., cocc., 1coloc., gamb., kreos., 2mang., nat-c., 2ph-ac., phos., 2plat., plb., sulph., thuj.
Abdomen; contraction; navel; as of a hard twisted ball; kreos.
Abdomen; contraction; navel; during sleep;2plat.
Abdomen; contraction; night;sil.
Abdomen; contraction; on going to bed;naja.
Abdomen; contraction; rhythmic, with palpitation; caust.
Abdomen; contraction; when coughing;2chel., dros., squil.
Abdomen; contraction; while walking;apis., arg-m.
Abdomen; covering up; camph., 2sec., 2tab.
Abdomen; emptiness; 2agar., ant-c., 1arg-n., arn., arum-m., 2calc-p., 2carb-v., caust., 2cham., 2cina., cob., 1cocc., 2coloc., croc., 2crot-t., 2dig., 2dulc., eupho., euphr., fl-ac., 2gamb., gels., guai., hep., jab., 2kali-c., kali-p., 2lach., lil-t., 2merc., mez., 2mur-ac., naja., 2nat-p., nicc., 1olnd., 2petr., 2ph-ac., 1phos., phys., plan., 1podo., 2psor., ptel., 1puls., ruta., 2sars., seneg., 1sep., squil., 1stann., 1sul-ac., 1tab., 2verat., zinc.
Abdomen; emptiness; after breakfast;arum-m., sars.
Abdomen; emptiness; after dinner;nat-p., zinc.
Abdomen; emptiness; after dinner; dios.
Abdomen; emptiness; after eating;arum-m., nat-p., sars., 2stann., zinc.
Abdomen; emptiness; after eating; ant-c.
Abdomen; emptiness; after stool;2agar., apoc., 2arg-n., 2carb-v., caust., cob., coloc., jab., 2kali-c., 2lach., 2mur-ac., 2nat-p., 2olnd., 1petr., 2ph-ac., 1phos., 2pic-ac., 1podo., 2psor., 2puls., rhod., 2sep., 2stann., 1sul-ac., sulph., verat.
Abdomen; emptiness; after stool; mur-ac.
Abdomen; emptiness; before dinner;nux-v.
Abdomen; emptiness; burping, belching; 2carb-v., 2sep.
Abdomen; emptiness; during period;2phos., sulph.
Abdomen; emptiness; extending to genitals (female);puls.
Abdomen; emptiness; lying on abdomen; puls.
Abdomen; emptiness; morning;eupho., mez., sars.
Abdomen; emptiness; morning; after rising;mag-c.
Abdomen; emptiness; morning; after stool;mur-ac.
Abdomen; emptiness; night;puls.
Abdomen; emptiness; noon;dios.
Abdomen; emptiness; noon; after eating;nat-p., stann., zinc.
Abdomen; emptiness; passing flatulence; 2kali-s.
Abdomen; emptiness; pressure; caust., naja., 1puls.
Abdomen; emptiness; region of navel;fl-ac.
Abdomen; emptiness; tightening clothing; 2fl-ac.
Abdomen; emptiness; walking; carb-v., 2phos.
Abdomen; emptiness; with burning between shoulders; 1phos.

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