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Aconitum Napellus - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Aconitinum, Aconite, Aconitum, Monkshood, Aconit napel, Acon.

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HPUS indication of Aconitum Napellus: Fear
Common symptoms: Fear, Chills, Colds, Cough, Eye pain, Dizziness.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aconite in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Tightness of chest,

Sensation as if chest were contracted,

Constriction of the chest, to the right of the sternum, a kind of tightness,

Constriction of chest, ,

Contractive pain in chest, as if the ribs of both sides were drawn toward each other,

The cavity of the thorax seems narrowed,

Squeezing pain in chest,

Pressive squeezing pain in chest under the sternum,

Pressive tight pain in side of chest,

Constrictive sticking pain in sides of chest,

Anxiety in the chest, and oppression on the right side, afterward in the whole chest,

Oppression of chest, with raw pan under the sternum on inspiration,

Oppression of chest, , etc.

Oppression and anxiety in chest,

Great oppression of chest, and feeling as if a hundred-weight upon it,

Heaviness and oppression of chest relieved by wine,

Pressive pain in chest relieved by bending the body backward, but renewed on resuming a straight position (12h.),

Pressure, especially on right side of chest,

Pressure on chest, first on right side then on left,

Pressive pain in left side of chest superiorly, the part is sensitive to touch,

Pressive pain in the region of the second left rib near the sternum, limited to a spot the size of the palm, increased on deep inspiration,

Pressure and burning under the sternum,

Feeling of weight on chest, as if the whole chest were compressed from all sides,

Weight under the sternum preventing deep inspiration; painful pressure from the sternum to the spine,

Weight on the chest, with a quick succession of fine but violent stitches in left side from without inward,

Heaviness on the chest,

Heaviness and fulness in chest, anxiety and palpitation,

Shooting pressive pain on right side of the sternum,

Violent stitches through the chest,

Painful stitches in the right side of the chest, about the last rib, going through to the back (10h.),

Superficial stitches in the chest and cardiac region,

Stitches in the lower part of the chest toward the false ribs,

Stitches in chest, with cough (several).

Single large stitches in the side toward the back (24h.),

Stitches from the lowest rib in the right side to the apex of the shoulder-blade, through the centre of the chest, accompanying every inspiration with complaining humor,

Stitches in left chest,

Periodical stitches through chest with dry cough,

On the 11th day violent stitches in the region of the eighth, ninth, and tenth ribs, but not affecting deep inspiration; the 12th and 13th days, these stitches still continued, and often extended to the loins,

Transient stitches in chest, now here now there (several).

Slight stitches in the left upper half of the chest, as of paralysis,

Sensitive stitches in various parts of the thorax, aggravated by bending sideways,

Violent burning stitch in left half of chest,

Transient stitches in pectoralis major and intercostals, left side,

In the evening flying stitches here and there, in the ribs, the abdominal parietes, the joints; great swelling of the belly, which is painful to the touch,

Toward evening, shoots in the centre of the sternum, with particularly good humor,

Flying shoots along the sternum and betwixt the ribs,

Shooting in the side, followed by palpitation and pressive headache, with anxiety and ill-humor,

Fine, burning, shooting pain in the chest,

Shooting in the lower half of the left side of the chest, going off on lying down,

Shooting, boring, burrowing pain in the left side, between the fourth and sixth ribs, lasting ten minutes,

Shooting in the right side of the chest with complaining, lachrymose humor,

Pinching, scraping pain in the right side of the chest, between the third and fourth ribs, not affected by anything; it goes away of itself,

Pain in right side of chest,

Pain as from a bruise in the lowest rib, very much increased by the touch, whereby the patient is very uneasy, and complains,

Pain in the middle of sternum, as from a bruise, increased by touch,

Soreness on posterior surface of sternum, as if he had bruised himself, evenings,

Chest painful externally on several places, particularly the right side,

Heat on and in the chest,

Heat in the lungs, ,

Feeling as if hot water were being poured into the chest,

Chest warm,

Fatigued, exhausted feeling in the chest; slight speaking is an exertion,

Creeping pain in the chest,

Crawling in the chest, as from beetles,

Gnawing pain in the right clavicle,

A digging, boring pain from the right scapula to the front of the chest, increased by deep inspiration, but not by expiration, and so in no way relieved; lasting twelve minutes,

Around armpit

Dull, oppressive stitches in the left side, near the axilla,



Pulse 66 (before experiment); 60, unchanged, somnolency coming on (after forty minutes); pulse 58, respirations 16. He slept for twenty minutes; a general glow pervaded the body (after one hour and a quarter). Pulse 56, respirations 16. The glows and somnolency continued, and he had dozed several times (after three hours),

Pulse 60 (before experiment); 54, unchanged in volume and power (after one hour and a quarter); 52, of initial volume and power; the respirations 16; natural; the pupils very slightly dilated? He felt warm and dozed much after the medicine (after three hours),


Arms and hands cold and pulseless, legs and trunk much the same,

On the 9th day an attack of rigor after midnight, which seemed to arise from the praecordia and extend to the limbs; attacks of this awoke him frequently during the night, and were followed by burning dry heat with febrile pulse; in morning moderate perspiration,

Internal rigor from back over the legs, with cold sweat; the face feels icy cold in a sunny day and warm room; this lasted four hours, till evening, when heat and rapid pulse and symptoms of coryza came on, with general laziness and heaviness of the limbs,

Though his speech was bold and his look animated cold sweat stood on his brow, and his pulse could scarcely be felt,


Tightness of chest with strong loud respiration,

Constriction of the chest in central anterior part, hindering deep breathing,

Great oppression of chest, making him breathe deeply, with flying shoots in it,

Heaviness and fulness in the chest, as if he could not expand the thorax, which frequently makes him breathe deeply, with internal uneasiness, anxiety, and palpitation, forenoons on walking

Heaviness on chest, difficult respiration, sometimes sighing, violent palpitation, with dry cough, and clear, bloody expectoration,

Oppression of chest, superficial, frequent respiration, and frequent deep breathing and sighing,

Stitches in the chest on breathing,

Violent stitches in the chest with suspension of the respiration,

On deep breathing stitches between the shoulder-blades and in the sides of the chest,

Pain in the chest, like a shooting, interrupting respiration,

Painful shocks in left chest superiorly, especially on taking a deep breath,

Burning in the lungs, not affecting respiration; it seemed as if a hot fluid would come into the mouth,

Palpitation, with great anxiety, difficulty of breathing, and great weariness in all the limbs; sensation as of something rushing into the head, with confusion and flying heat in the face,

(very many).

Difficult respiration,

Impeded respiration,

Difficult respiration, with necessity to breathe deeply,

Difficult respiration, relieved by coughing,

Deep sighing (several).

Sighing on account of slow circulation, and distinct feeling of congestion of blood in the lungs,

Breathing much affected, must often sigh deeply,

Frequent deep breathing (several).

On breathing deeply, oppression, anxiety, and painful stitches between the shoulders,

Frequently inclined to breathe deeply without sighing, as if he would give to the blood an impulse through the lungs (follows the hurried mood),

Oppressed respiration, dry hacking, much thirst, and chilliness,

Oppressed respiration, with slight pressure under the sternum, and transient heat,

Oppressed respiration (several).

Fear of suffocation,

Inspiration often affected by a feeling of compression in the middle of the sternum and anterior part of the chest, or by pinching, especially in the right flank, or violent shoots deep in region of liver,

Inspiration through the nose impeded, especially in sleep,

Respiration short, imperfect, laborious,

Short breath in sleep, after midnight,

Breath short and scarcely perceptible,

Respiration quickened,

Respiration hurried,

Respiration rapid (25 to min.),

Respiration superficial

Dyspnoea, and hot feeling in the lungs,

Fear of suffocation with anxiety,

Anxiety impeding respiration, with warm sweat on the forehead,

Difficult respiration, anxiety, gasping for air (several).

Breath hot,

Breath fetid,

Respiration loud, noisy, with open mouth,

Respiration stertorous,

Mucous râles, audible at a distance,

Mucous râles posteriorly,

Cough, with easy expectoration,

Respiration difficult,

Larynx sensitive to inspired air, as if its mucous membrane were divested of its coating,

Sensation as if the larynx were compressed on both sides,

Tickling in the larynx provoking cough,

Tickling in the larynx, from smoking tobacco,

Pain in larynx on coughing,

On going from warm room into open air irritation of larynx and dry cough,

Sensitiveness of larynx to touch,

Dry sensation in the trachea,

Sensation of numbness in the trachea, under the sternum (8h.),

Rattling vibration of trachea,

Pressive and burning pains in trachea, extending down to pit of stomach (15th d.),

Raw feeling in throat along course of trachea, provoking frequent short cough,

Morbid condition (paralytic attack) of the epiglottis; food and drink easily pass into the windpipe on swallowing, threatening suffocation, and causing cough; he chokes himself easily,

Easy choking while swallowing saliva,

On breathing, a sensation as if the air-passages were too wide, so that the air streamed in and out with extraordinary facility,


Hoarseness in morning (8h.),

Hoarseness all day,

Voice hoarse and rough,

Hoarseness and partial loss of voice,

Very weak voice,

Loss of voice with prostration,


Drink gets into larynx causing coughing,

Loss of voice (after one hour),

Respiration 10 (after two hours),

Respiration very irregular,

Respiration stertorous,

Difficulty of respiration (after one hour); afterwards slow,

Oppression of breathing (twenty or thirty minutes after first dose),

Choking and suffocating sensation (after forty minutes),

Labored, asthmatic breathing, with great groaning at each respiration (after forty minutes),

Respiration almost lost,


(Hiccup after eating and drinking, )

(Hiccup, mornings, long lasting, )

Hiccup painful,

Heart and pulse

Weakness of the beating and sounds of the heart,

Heart's action almost imperceptible,

Pulse, at first, on entering a warm room, more frequent, then sinks far below normal, is small, weak, and intermittent,

Pulse falls to 60, and in two hours after taking the medicine was so feeble as to be almost imperceptible and difficult to count,

Dreadful oppression of the praecordial region,

Oppression especially in region of heart,

Feeling around the heart as though a heavy body lay at this place; it becomes a pressive burning, with flushes of heat along the back,

Weight about the heart,

Compression of the chest in the region of the heart,

Anxiety about the heart,

Anxiety in the cardiac region with quicker and stronger beat of heart,

Inward pressing pain in region of heart (19a.).

Slow jerks in the cardiac region toward the surface of the chest,

Heat and disagreeable sensation in heart,

Slight stitches in cardiac region,

Transient stitches in heart region (sometimes noticed in rest), especially on walking, forenoons (19a.).

Anxiety in cardiac region, and oppression of chest, with contracted pulse and constriction of the chest, when sitting after much motion,

Palpitation and anxiety, with increased heat, especially of the face,

Palpitation of heart (several).

Palpitation on walking, with great anxiety, etc.

Palpitation of the heart, with great anxiety and restlessness, and pressive pain in the cardiac region,

Sudden violent palpitation while sitting quietly, with a tight feeling in the chest,

Palpitation lasting all day, relieved by quiet, increased by walking,

Tendency to palpitation, with trembling,

The heart beats quickly while the pulse was slow, apparently intermitting with attacks of powerlessness,

Heart's impulse weak,

Heart feebly fluttering,

The heart beats but once to every three pulsations against the chest,

The left ventricle was consonant with the pulse, but the right auricle seemed to be in a convulsive state, its movements were rapid, irregular, and not related to the beats of the ventricle,

Pulse contracted, full, powerful, febrile, exceeding 100 beats to minute (in adults), (several).

Pulse strong, full, and quick, etc.

Auscultation revealed mucous râles posteriorly, but one beat of heart to three beats of pulse, still the pulsations of left vena cava were equal to the arterial pulse; rapid, irregular motion of right auricle, synchronous with the beats of the vena cava.

Pulse rose from 95 to 112 on going in from open air,

Toward evening the pulse became full and quick; he felt the beating of the temporal and carotid arteries, while sitting,

Pulse full, rapid,

Pulse full, 80 to 90,

Pulse 96 during afternoon, fever,

Pulse 130, feeble,

Beat of heart powerful; pulse full, hard, and strong, moderately frequent,

(Pulse quick, irregular, )

Pulse 67, small, and soft, after this it rose in an hour to 102, was full, and hard, then an agreeable warmth came over the body, followed by perspiration, the legs all the time continuing cool,

Pulse full, powerful, intermitting every six beats of the heart and radial artery, with heaviness of chest, especially in the cardiac region,

Pulse intermitting and irregular; two or three beats followed rapidly in succession, and then came a pause of no long duration,

Pulse febrile and intermitting,

Pulse intermitting, with general dulness,

Pulse soft, irregular,

Pulse, at first with beginning warmth, frequent, sinks below normal; becomes weak, and at times intermittent,

Pulse at first frequent, then retarded,

Pulse slower, full, and soft,

Pulse 54, unequal, soft, and full,

Pulse sinks, irregular, small, weak,

Pulse slow, irregular,

Pulse slow, intermittent,

Pulse seems as if the blood did not fill the artery full,

Pulse slow, feeble, ; weak, ; small, ; small and weak, ; almost imperceptible,

Pulse feeble, soft, and occasionally intermits (every fifteenth beat),

No pulse perceptible,

Pulse thready, with anxiety,

There was from the first great oppression in the cardiac region,

Heart's action weak and irregular,


The effect of Acon. Tinct. in every case is a more vertical primary rise, then a quick and slight descent and rise again, forming a double curve instead of the single downward curve, and the remainder of the line is unaltered. The pulse hence becomes softer, with a feebleness yielding to the finger, and shows a tendency to dicrotism. There is a more sudden expansion of the artery, but a diminution or unevenness of arterial tension. This may by caused by the more powerful contraction of the left ventricle, or a loss of elasticity in the vessel, allowing it to yield more to the ventricular action. I infer the latter to be the true explanation, because the total length of curve or curves, showing the systolic distension, remains unaltered. But his change of arterial elasticity may be due to changes of capillary pressure, or at any rate probably indicates capillary dilatation,

Pulse rose from 92 to 104,

Pulse rose from 80 to 88,

Pulse rose from 68 to 76,

Pulse rose from 70 to 100,

Pulse rose from 88 to 96,

Pulse rose from 72 to 85,

Pulse quick and thready,

Pulse 130 but feeble,

Pulse tremulous,

Pulse 84, small, jerking and somewhat irregular,

Pulse feeble and intermittent,

Diminution of force and frequency of pulse (after one hour); afterwards 36 and feeble,

Pulse 55 (after three hours),

Pulse 32 (after two hours),

Slowness of the pulse,

Pulse scarcely perceptible,

No pulse in the wrist or carotids, or any perceptible action of the heart (after forty minutes),


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