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Aconitum Napellus - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Aconitinum, Aconite, Aconitum, Monkshood, Aconit napel, Acon.

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HPUS indication of Aconitum Napellus: Fear
Common symptoms: Fear, Chills, Colds, Cough, Eye pain, Dizziness.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aconite in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Intellect most perfect, and even vivid,

Thought slow; long thinking impossible; all attention disturbed,

Loss of sense,

(Nightly raging delirium; he will not be kept in bed; in the morning excessive sweat),

He did all things hurriedly, and ran about the house,

Transient frenzy,

(Hope is aroused, immediately after vomiting),

Crazy folly,

He commenced to be delirious, and played upon a leaf,

Maniacal delirium,



Exalted spirits,

Gayety, with inclination to sing and dance (1/2h.),

More gay and excited than usual (1st h.),

He cannot remain long at one occupation,

Excessive disagreeable restlessness; without occasion for hurrying, he is in the greatest haste, every obstacle that delays his rapid pace is excessively annoying; he knocks against some people who do not get out of his way fast enough, and runs in breathless haste up the steps; this hurried disposition lasted two hours,

He raves, though awake; jumps out of bed and imagines he is driving sheep (14h.),

Lucid (clairvoyant) vision,

Lively memory,

Lively imagination,

Great activity of mind,

He sits buried in thought,

Rapid change of thought, great exertion is required to fix the train of thought,

Unsteadiness of ideas; on attempting to think of one thing, another forces it out of the mind, and this is supplanted by another, and so on, until he becomes quite confused,

Restlessness, uninterrupted, unpleasant; he must now sit, now stand, now walk, he does not know what is the matter,

Excessive restlessness, all movements and actions are performed with great haste and hurry,

Impatience, he throws himself anxiously about, and constantly changes his position, etc.

Hurried speech,

Speaks much and rapidly,

Alternate attacks of opposite moral symptoms,

Variable humor, at one time gay, at another dejected,

At times he seemed to weep, and at times he Sanguinaria Canadensis sang,

Now he doubts his recovery, now he is full of hope,


Now he was perfectly conscious, and then again he raved,

Quarrelsome, with constantly varying delirium, he chatters childish nonsense, and is extravagantly gay,

Morose, peevish,

Quarrelsome (6h),



Vexation about trifles, ,

Extremely inclined to be vexed (1/2 h.),

Great indifference, irritable,

The slightest noise is unbearable (1/2 h.),

Over-sensitive to light and noise,

He takes every joke in bad part (3h.),

Cannot bear pain, nor to be touched, nor uncovered,

Great Anxiety,

Anxiety only transiently relieved by drinking cold water,

Anxiety as though a great misfortune would happen to him,

Increased anxiety; followed by total apathy,

Anxiety which does not allow him to remain in one place, he must constantly walk about,

He is made restless by internal anxiety,

Anxiety and peevishness, with fine dartings in the side of the chest, then palpitation at the pit of the stomach, and pressive headache,

Inconsolable anxiety and piteous howlings, with complaints and reproaches about trifles (5h),

Dolorous anxious complaints, with pusillanimous fears, despair, loud wailing, and weeping, and bitter reproaches,

His anxiety and fright rose to a great pitch,

Flickering before vision makes him anxious on the street, he thinks he constantly jostles the passers by,

Anxiety, he believes he will soon die,

Fear of approaching death (2-12h),

Excessive fear of death,

Feeling as if his last hour had come,

Thrice he became blind, and affirmed death to be at hand,


Extreme fearfulness (1/4 h),

Dread of some accident happening,

He cannot banish anxious apprehensive thoughts, even in gay company,

Fear lest he might stagger and fall,

Great timidity after a severe fright, afraid to go out unattended after dark, is unable to control his feelings of apprehensive fear,

Fear of ghosts,


Depression of spirits, ,

Sadness, solicitude,

Dejected, as if she had no life in her (2h),

Dejected, disinclination for everything, depression even whilst walking,


Music is unbearable, it goes through every limb, and makes her quite sad (24h),

She began to cry violently, with convulsive twitching of the facial muscles,

Every now and then she uttered a peculiar plaintive cry,

Dislike to company,

Desire to be alone,

Disinclined for conversation,

Anthropophobia (3h),



Staid resolute, not lively humor (secondary, curative action, 8h),

Disinclination for mental labor,

Disinclined to exert body or mind,

Disinclined to read (several).

Unable to think or perform even the slightest mental labor (several).


Unusual distraction of ideas,

Distraction of the attention whilst reading or writing, owing to frequent cessation of thoughts,

Thinking slow, all attention disturbed,

It seemed to him that he could not think, understand, or know anything in his head as formerly, but that all these mental processes took place in the praecordial region, and about the pit of the stomach; after two hours he was twice attacked with vertigo, and then the ordinary thinking power returned in the head,"

Prepossession of the mind, the thoughts he has already conceived and half written down, he is unable to register completely without an effort to recall them (3d.),

Want of memory, what has just been done appears like a dream, which he can scarcely call to remembrance,

Weakness of memory (5-9h),

Memory very weak,

Loss of memory,

Loss of memory for dates,

Diminished intellectual powers,

Great confusedness both of thought and action (4h),

Dulness and confusion of mind,

Prostration of mind,



Loss of consciousness transient,

Loss of consciousness during the convulsions,

He lies in a stupid condition, at evening, eyes closed, twitching of the facial muscles, mouth compressed, without power of speech,


Some few hallucinations, such as imagining his head was three times its original size etc.,

Much lowness and depression of spirits; disposition to weep; great excitement and restlessness at night (after a few days). This experimenter could always tell when Aconite was given to her, so highly susceptible was she to its influence,

Loss of consciousness (after two hours),

Lying on his back, in a state of insensibility, with stertorous breathing, the pulse very weak and slow,

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