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Aconitum Napellus - Modalities Etc

Aconitinum, Aconite, Aconitum, Monkshood, Aconit napel, Acon.

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HPUS indication of Aconitum Napellus: Fear
Common symptoms: Fear, Chills, Colds, Cough, Eye pain, Dizziness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aconite in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Modalities etc

On going into open air felt much relieved, but on getting within doors again all the symptoms of feverishness became greatly aggravated,


(Forenoon), Sweat; sleepiness; vertigo, etc.

(Afternoon), Great vertigo; violent, sticking pain in upper orbital border, etc; cough; pain in chest, etc.; shoots in centre of sternum, etc. pulse full and quick, etc.; rigor, etc.; heat, etc.; fever; attack of fever, 3 P.M.; great sleepiness; shooting pain in right supra-orbital ridge, etc.

(Night), *Delirium; pressive pain on vertex; hot prickings in tips of fingers; hot prickings in toes; transpiration; *much thirst, etc.; state of walking dreaminess, etc.; lachrymation; *pains become intolerable.

(Before Midnight), Shuddering; all the feverish symptoms.

(After Midnight), *Short cough, etc.; short breath; attack of rigor, etc; very vivid dream, etc.

(Open Air), Dizzy confusion of head; squeezing in forehead over root of nose, etc.; cold feeling of the eyes; burning itching and darting in both ears; the throat symptoms; nausea; irritation of larynx and dry cough; general anxious sensation, etc.; severe attack of rigor, etc.

(Bending body forward), Vertigo; vertigo, etc.; vertigo and headache; giddy heaviness of head, etc.; *headache; *fulness of the forehead, etc.; dull pain in vertex, etc.; drawing bellyache, etc.

(Bending body sidewards), Sensitive stitches in thorax.

(On going to bed), Heat of body.

(After getting to bed), *All the feverish symptoms.

(Drinking), Cough.

(On falling asleep), *Jerkings; itching of limbs.

(Flexing fingers to wrist-joint), Violent shootings in elbow joints, etc.

(Driving), Vertigo.

(Eating), Uncommon sleepiness.

(Going in evening from half dark room into street), Flickering before eyes, etc.

(Going indoors from open air), Pulse quickened, etc.

(Grasping anything), Sensation of weight in arms, etc.

(During heat of body), Cough.

(Inspiration), Dull stitches under ribs of left side; oppression of chest, etc.; stitches from lowest rib on right side to apex of shoulder-blade, etc.; pain in left side of spine, etc.

(Deep inspiration), Oppression of chest; oppression and anxiety of chest; pains in chest; pressive pain in region of second left rib, etc.; stitches between scapulae, etc.; painful shocks in left chest, superiorly; pain from right scapula to front of chest.

(Laughing aloud), Sharp stitch under ribs on right side.

(Light), Headache.

(Lying), Stiff and bruised feeling in left side of neck, etc.

(Lying on side), *Violent cough.

(After lying down), Powerlessness in head of femur, etc.

(Lying on back), *heart symptoms

(Mental exertion), Pain in head and face.

(Appearance of Menses), Rage; sharp pain in loins.

(Moving affected part), Rheumatic pain in nape; drawing pain to left of nape, etc.; trembling in wrist; pain; etc., in right thumb joint; drawing pain in hip-joint.

(Moving the head), Vertigo; shooting in nape; stretching in cervical muscles.

(Rising up), *Vertigo.

(Noise), Headache.

(Laying on cool hand), Headache, etc.

(Pressure), Pain on right supraorbital ridge, etc.; violent drawing pain in both sides of spine, etc.; violent tearing pain in small of back; violent sticking pin in upper orbital border, etc.

(Rest), Single shootings in middle of right upper arm, etc.; paralytic feeling in right forearm; tired feeling in lower limbs; rigor, etc.

(Standing), Vertigo; pressive pain in pit of stomach; drawing pain in head of left femur.

(Sitting), Nausea, etc.; pressive pain in pit of stomach; anxiety in cardiac region, etc.; drawing pain in head of left femur; powerlessness of legs and thighs.

(Speaking), Headache.

(Stepping), Tensive pressure in lumbar and sacral regions.

(In sleep), Inspiration through nose impeded.

(After sleeping), Pain in shoulder and hip joint; powerlessness in head of femur, etc.

(On attempting to sit up), Faintness.

(While sitting during day), State of waking dreaminess, etc.

(Treading), Pain in right heel.

(Change of temperature), Dry cough, etc.

(Tabacum Tobacco-smoke), Easy stupefaction; dryness of throat; tickling in larynx; severe cough.

(Touch), Pain in lowest rib, etc.

(Urinating), Sensation of splashing in bladder; stinging in fossa navicularis; fainting kind of feel; burning in urethra; pains in glans penis; shootings in glans penis.

(When nothing urinating), Burning in neck of bladder.

(Warmth of room), *Vertigo and stupefaction; *forepart of head feels as if nailed up; *headache, etc.; *dry cough; *anxiety in pit of stomach; legs very cold.

(Writing), Paralytic feeling in right forearm.


Stooping, talking, motion, raising up, evening, night, becoming heated, warm wraps, dry cold winds.

WORSE in warm room, in evening and Night; worse lying on affected side, from music, from tobacco-smoke, dry, cold winds.

Violent emotions FRIGHT



Sleeping in sun

Chilled by COLD, dry winds While sweating

Pressure and touch




During menses

Night; in bed, PM

lying on side

Sudden inflammation of all the tissues; conjunctivitis, etc., from taking cold, from exposure to dry, cold winds.

The spasm of the larynx often comes on during inspiration.

"Worse during inspiration.


(Morning), Feverishness.

(Open Air), *Much relieved; *headache, feverishness, etc.

(Bending body backwards), Pressive pain in chest.

(Cold Water), Headache, etc.

(Compression), Pain in ankle.

(Drinking cold water), anxiety.

(Eating), Burning, itching, and darting in both ears; nauseous taste; the throat symptoms; nausea.

(Heat), Creeping in scalp.

(Deep inspiration), Lancinating stitches in region of heart, etc.; oppression of chest.

(Lying quiet in dark room), Headache.

(Lying on back), Violent cough.

(Lying down), Shooting in lower half of left side of chest.

(Motion), Stiff and bruised feeling in left side of neck, etc.; paralytic feeling in right forearm.

(Moving affected part), Pain in right hand.

(Quiet), Palpitation, etc.

(Rubbing), Itching in prepuce; lancinating stitches in region of heart, etc.

(Sitting), Frontal headache.

(Stooping), Sensitiveness of eyeball; pressure in small of back.

(Warm soup), Abdominal symptoms.

(After vomiting), Hope aroused.

(Walking). Vertigo; nausea and sinking in pit of stomach; feverishness, etc.

(Washing in cold water), Pain in top of head.

(Wine), Heaviness and oppression of chest.

(Wine and coffee), removed symptoms for a short time only,


rest, uncovering, warmth, sitting erect, open air.

BETTER in open air.

Open air


Warm sweat

Desires and aversions

Hunger and thirst excessive but eats slowly.

Burning, unquenchable thirst.

Desires for wine or brandy; beer; bitter drinks.

Loss of appetite or loathing of food, qualmishness.


Long continued anorexia and aversion,

She will eat nothing,

No appetite, etc.

Uncommonly good appetite,

During the day appetite very much increased, at noon and evening enormous; he ate to distension and then felt hungry,


Lively sensation of hunger, which is renewed even after eating,

Great thirst,

Thirst for beer, which lies heavy on the stomach,


Eructations empty, ; after eating, ; with taste of the drug, ; of air (several).

Ineffectual attempts to eructate, he wishes to but cannot,

Risings of sweetish water, like water-brash, with noises in the ears,


Discomfort in pit of stomach after eating,

While eating pressure in stomach, as if she had eaten something indigestible, with feeling of warmth and tenderness in pit of stomach,

Pains in stomach, , etc.

Spasmodic pains,

Pressive stomachache, ,

Pressive pain in pit of stomach changes into constriction of the chest (2h1/2.),

Pressure, as from a stone in pit of S. going through to the back, with a squeezing sensation as from a strain, like stiffness,

Sense of extreme oppression at pit of S. all day, as of excessive repletion, feeling as if nothing could pass further than the stomach,

Pressive pain at pit of S. while sitting, walking, and standing,

Pressive pain in stomach, as from a weight (1h1/2.),

Pressive tensive pain, as from fulness or an oppressive weight in stomach and hypochondria (1h1/2.),

Pressive and swollen, feeling in pit of S.,

Pressure in stomach with splashing in bowels (5-10d.),

Pressive sensation in pit of S. and upper abdomen,

Sense of weight in stomach,

Pressive and burning pain along the oesophagus down into pit of S.,

Sense of distension and pressure in pit of S.,

Feeling as if the stomach were alternately distended and collapsed; the hand laid on it feels distinctly the rising and falling,

Sticking and tension in epigastrium, as from flatulent colic,

Tensive sensation in pit of S., relieved by frequent offensive eructations,

Felt like a ball in pit of S., that rising up spread a cool air over vertex and occiput,

Contractive feeling in stomach, as from an astringent,

Feeling of emptiness in stomach,


Heartburn all day,

Burning in S.,

Burning and numbness in S.,

Burning feeling from stomach up through the oesophagus to the mouth,

Warmth in stomach with sweat,

Warm feeling in stomach,

Feeling of anxiety in pit of S., especially in a warm room,

Swelling of stomach region, *which is sensitive to touch,

Pain in pit of S., as if it were swollen internally, with loss of appetite and dyspnoea,

Anxious pulsation and shooting in pit of S. with burning in umbilical region, etc.,

Stomach sensitive to touch,

Position etc

Rest 33. Lying down 2, 40; on right side 19, 28 ; on either side 27; on back, 27, 28, 29. Sitting 4, 33, 46. Sits up straight 26. Cannot sit up 23. Rising 2, 8. Must bend double 19, 23. Motion 3, 4, 4, 5, 31, 33. Walking 33. Moving fast 26. Ascending 26.

Evening 3, 4, 22, 27, 34, 40. Night 1, 25, 27, 34, 40, 43. After midnight 27, 37.