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Aconitum Napellus - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

Aconitinum, Aconite, Aconitum, Monkshood, Aconit napel, Acon.

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HPUS indication of Aconitum Napellus: Fear
Common symptoms: Fear, Chills, Colds, Cough, Eye pain, Dizziness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aconite in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



V. to falling,

Confused V. all day,

Frequent attacks of V., feeling as if about to fall over,

V. as after slight intoxication, with distraction of mind,

V., the child totters and cannot stand,

V. and stupefaction on entering a warm room, as if intoxicated,

V., especially on stooping; *she staggers, especially to the right (36h),

V., everything seems to go around in a circle, she can scarcely get into bed (37h),

V. as if into intoxicated, all goes around, she staggers as if about to fall; with nausea, worse on rising from sitting, less while walking, not a all while sitting (1/2h),

Staggering as from concussion after a fall on the occiput,

V., sense of swaying hither and thither in the brain,

V. while stooping,

V. while standing,

V. on rising up,

V. with confusion in the head forenoons daily for 16 days after leaving off the drug,

V. on motion and on rest,

V. great after dinner,

V. when walking or driving,

V. much increased by shaking the head, whereby complete blackness comes before eyes,

V. and headache in forehead and occiput, both worse on stooping (10 min.),

Dizzy heaviness of the head, chiefly in the forehead on stooping, with nausea and sinking in the pit of stomach (2h),

Dizzy confusion of head, on right side of forehead, on walking in the open air,

V. with commencing staggering, it seems to him as if he could not stand on his feet,

V. with headache, especially in the occiput,

V. with distending pain in the occiput,

V. and headache, not affected by violent motion (1/4h.),

V. with obscuration of vision,

Whirling in the head so that she dare not move it, with a sensation as if the eyes would close,

(V. with difficult respiration, dry cough, and pain in the hips, )

V. with nose bleed,

V. with nausea,

V. with vomiting and exhaustion,

Heat in the head (several).

Heat in the whole head followed by soreness, particularly of the forehead, lasting all the evening (11h.),

Burning headache as if the brain were agitated by boiling water,

Head warm, it feels smaller to the hand,

Headache as if a hot iron were bound around the head,

Headache as if the skull were laced externally with a band and drawn tightly together,

Head seems bound around with a band,

Pain over the whole skull as if compressed from all sides equally; sometimes the pain is concentrated with the greatest severity in the orbits (typically recurring),

Weight in the head,

Pressive pain in whole head,

Heaviness in the head, ,

Head heavy and dizzy in the morning, as if he had drunk wine the evening previous,

Headache, etc.

Violent headache with trembling,

Pressive headache with pressure in the eyes

Pressive troublesome headache, first in the vertex, then drawing to the forehead, where it causes a sensation of heaviness and fulness, lasts several hours; aggravated by motion

Dull headache, as if bruised with a bruised feeling in all the limbs (14h.),

Pressive constrictive headache extending over the whole arch of the skull, especially in the left side and over the left eye; ameliorated by laying on the cool hand,

Drawing in the whole head, especially in the temporal muscles,

Fulness in the head (several).

Fulness of the head with erratic pains in the right supra-orbital, temporal, and frontal regions,

Headache as if the brain were pressing outward (1/2h),

During all the proving sudden and frequent congestion of the head with anxiety, followed by rigor over the back,

The brain seemed much congested, and the jugular vein was opened with great relief; she felt as if whirled suddenly from a close, hot, dark room into a spacious, light one,

Shooting, pulsating headache, as if from an internal ulcer, sometimes prevents speaking,

Headache as if a part of the brain were raised up here and there, increased by slight motion, drinking and speaking (1/2h.),

Heaviness of the head, waving, and shaking in the brain,

A fine pulsating here and there in the head,

Humming in the head,

Numbed feeling in the head, as if there were a board before the forehead (1/4h.),

Sensation as if something were drawn out of the head, causing the upper lids to be drawn upwards (1/2h.),

Head felt as if forcibly turned around,

Sensation of crepitation (as produced by bending Aurum Metallicum gold tinsel backward and forward) in the temples, nose, and forehead,

Fulness and heavy feeling in the forehead, as if an outpressing weight lay there, and as if everything would come out at the forehead (1/4h.),

Fulness of the forehead on stooping, as if everything would fall out (25h.),

Outpressing pain in the forehead,

Wedge-like pressing asunder headache in the region of the right brow, worse in the room than in the open air,

Forepart of the head feels as if nailed up in a warm room,

Tension all over the forehead,

Contractive pain in forehead,

Feeling of contraction of the brain under the forehead (20h.),

A squeezing in the forehead, over the root of the nose, with a feeling as if she would lose her reason (was sick in her head), aggravated by walking in the open air (4h.),

A pinching and squeezing in forehead, as if in the bones; she feels sick, as if madness would ensue (12-24h.),

Squeezing tensive pain close behind the orbits,

Very sensitive acute pressive pain over the forehead,

Pressive pain in forehead, especially over the right superciliary ridge, with dread of jarring by riding,

Pressive stupefying pain in forehead, worse evenings,

Slight pressive headache in right frontal protuberance, extending toward the orbital border, with flushes of heat chiefly in the face and ears,

Pressive headache, especially over right brow.

Pressive shooting, nauseating headache over orbits, extends down toward upper maxilla, like that produced by vomiting from an emetic (2h.),

Peculiar drawing pressive sensation in forehead (nerv. trigem.) grows more intense, and becomes continuous and violent,

Most furious headache; vision obscured; the pain was chiefly in the upper part of the forehead, pressing and contractive; head not hot; face swollen and pale; light or noise increased the pain, lying quiet in a dark room removed it (from 2d dil.),

Violent headache limited to a small spot above left supraorbital ridge,

Frontal headache all day, worse at evening, afterwards more particularly confined to the left frontal eminence (2d d.),

Frontal headache, sometimes shooting, sometimes pulsating, sometimes pressive while walking, relieved by sitting,

Violent headache, especially in right half of forehead,

Heaviness in the forehead and parietal bones,

Headache, pulsation in the left side of forehead along with attacks of strong blows in right side of forehead (3h.),

Stitches in forehead extend to right temple, and then in left side of the occiput,

Jerking, shooting in the head, especially in the forehead,

Violent sticking pain in upper orbital border, extending upward across the forehead, and across the temples and cheeks into the molar teeth; worse on pressure and toward evening, the supraorbital region becomes swollen in consequence,

Headache in the temples,

Pressing out pain in temples, fulness in forehead, with pricking and biting of lids evenings,

Stupefying, drawing, pressing inward pain in left temple,

Pressive pains in temporal region, followed by jerkings in the occiput, and afterwards confusion of head and contractive pain,

Headache, as if the head were compressed with screws at both temples,

Shooting, throbbing pain in temples,

Neuralgic pains in right temporal region.

Tearing pain in left temple,

Jerking, shooting pain in left temple; stitches through temples into the head,

Tearing pain in left temple with roaring in the ears,

After sleeping, awake at 4 A.M., with unpleasant sensations, which urged him to rise, when he experienced dizziness and very heavy headache, apparently about temporal muscles above each ear, with transient nausea and gush of cold sweat,

Pressure on the vertex, as if a cap were pressed tightly on the head,

Headache in the vertex, as if the head were compressed equally on all sides by a pitch cap, removed by motion in the open air,

Dull pain in vertex, extending toward the temporal region, increased by stooping,

Pressure and sensitive stitches in the vertex,

Pain in vertex like a great weight,

Feeling as though the head were compressed, starting from the vertex (several).

Pressure and heaviness in the vertex,

Troublesome pressure in vertex forenoon (19 a.).

Troublesome pressive headache, first in vertex, then extending to the forehead, where it produces a sensation of fulness and heaviness, aggravated by motion (19 a.).

Pressive pain in vertex nightly.

Continual pressure on vertex,

Pressive pain in vertex evenings,

Pain in top of head, relieved by washing in cold water,

Sensation as if a ball rose from umbilical region, and spread a cool air over the vertex and occiput,

Violent, pressive, gradually increasing headache in both sides in the parietal region, somewhat relieved by cold water,

In the evening, headache increasing to a violent pressure in both parietal regions that kept him awake all night,

Semilateral drawing in the head,

Pains in left side of head,

Pain as if head were compressed in left side of head,

Creeping in left side of head, as from a brush,

Pain in left side of head,

Jerking, shooting, drawing, tearing pain in right side of head superiorly,

Pain in occiput, etc.

Pain in occiput and throat,

Pressure in occiput,

Posterior part of brain feels very much injected,

Jerking, tearing pain in occiput,

Painful jerks in occiput,

Pressive shooting pain, at one time in occiput, at another in forehead,

A shooting in occipital bone,

(As if one had taken cold after a profuse sweat, headache, roaring in ears, coryza, bellyache, especially in the morning, (as if one had taken cold after a profuse sweat; headache, roaring in the ears, coryza, bellyache, especially mornings, ) a chill.

Headache increased by speaking,

Headache on bending forward,

Head drawn backward,

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