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Aethusa Cynapium - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Aethusa, Fool's Parsley, Aethusa, Aeth.

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HPUS indication of Aethusa Cynapium: Milk intolerance

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aethusa Cynapium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Head confused; brain feels bound up (two and a half hours),

The head is confused during the coryza,

The head is heavy and confused,

Somewhat stupid in the head, like intoxication, soon after taking,

Feeling in the head as if shattered (afternoons),

Giddiness in the head,

Heat in head and burning in face, for half an hour (one and a half hours),

Flushes of heat in the head, with increased bodily warmth,

Feeling of tension in the head,

Beating and sticking in whole head (afternoons),

Tearings and shootings in different directions in the head,

On entering a room, a hustling, now here, now there, in the head, though only for a short time,

Throbbing in the head,

Great sense of heaviness in whole forehead, that would press down the head, with great ill-humor while sitting (second day),

Feeling in forehead as if something turned itself round therein (third day),

Throbbing in the forehead, with sense of heaviness in occiput,

Sticking in the forehead, on turning head to the right (afternoons),

Tension above the root of the nose,

Jerking-tearing over left eye, in orbit, on sitting (second day),

Convulsive tearing above left eye, in frontal sinus, when sitting,

A sudden crack in right temple (afternoons),

Sticking in left temporal region; then throbbing of this part (one and a quarter hours),

A stitch in left temple; then drawing into the head (one and a quarter hours),

Violent stitching and throbbing in left temple, disappearing on pressure, but returning (two and a half hours),

Stitches and throbbing at the right parietal bone,

Sticking and throbbing on upper part of right parietal bone (two hours),

Tearing and throbbing in right side of head, then again sticking in left half (five hours),

Sticking and beating in upper part of right side of occiput (five hours),

A crack in right occiput pierces the whole head, extends to right side (afternoons),

Tearing-sticking from occiput forwards (afternoon),

The head is inclined to fall backwards,

After soup, all troubles disappear, but return in half an hour,


Giddiness and oppressive headache,

Violent headache,


Frequent headache,

Pains in head,

Great pain,

Headache, with green vomiting,

Most horrible pains in head, stomach, and abdomen,

The pains in the head stop for awhile, when eating, but soon return,

The pains of the head return periodically, and are often accompanied with pale face, trembling in the jaws and pains in the praecordial region,

The pains of the head are felt especially when he wakes up; they are easily brought on by getting chilled; sleep causes them to cease, and they are ameliorated by emission of flatulence,

Tearing pain in the head,

Headache; throbbing in head, on entering a room from open air (seventh day),

Pains in the forepart of the head,

Headache in the whole forepart of the head, as if strongly compressed behind and above,

Violent pains in forehead, as if the head were compressed with all force, behind and above,

Pain in forehead,

Violent pains in forehead,

Sudden painless sense of heaviness in forehead, that seems to press down the lids, with ill-humor during dinner (second day),

Pressive but dull pains in forehead, and then on right side of occiput (a quarter of an hour),

Throbbing in left frontal region, very painful (fourth day),

Pain at the eyebrows,

Tearing pain across the eyes,

Pain in left temple, on a small spot, as if a vessel were torn out (for two minutes) (second day),

Pain in the vertex,

Dull pain at the vertex (one and a half hours),

Painful sticking and throbbing on vertex; disappears on rubbing (afternoons),

Very painful sticking-tearing in left side of head,

Painful screwing-together from both sides of the head; jerkings in right side of head; then sticking under left female breast; very sensitive, especially on inspiration (afternoons),

Distressing pains in occiput and nape of neck, etc. (see Neck).


Sense of contraction at the hairy scalp,

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