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Agaricus Emeticus - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Agaric. Emet, Agaric. Emetic, Agaricus, Agar-em.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Agaricus Emeticus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Puffy face,

Puffy, pale face, with blue circles around the eyes, and blue nose and lips,

Very great change in the expression of the face,

She looks pale and sunken in the face,

Paleness of the face,

Pale face, with bluish appearance around eyes, nose, and mouth,

Disturbed countenance, and imperceptible pulse,

Slight yellowish tinge of the skin of the face, especially about the nostrils and corners of the mouth,

Redness of the face, without any perceptible heat,

Redness of the face, with itching and burning, as is consequent upon freezing of the parts,

Frequent jumping of the muscles in the face; on the upper lip,

Twitching of facial muscles,

Twitching of the muscles of the face; lasts all day long,

Twitching in different parts of the face, but only of the upper half,

Towards 4 P.M. the face was excessively and uniformly red, burning hot, almost swollen, with uncomfortable tension of both cheeks,

Great redness and heat of the whole face,

Redness and burning heat of the face,

Heat of the head and face, on waking in the morning, with a certain sensation of bloatedness in the face, especially in the cheeks,

Unpleasant heat in the face, especially in the cheeks,

Flushes of heat in the face, with perspiration breaking out on the forehead,

Itching in the face,

In the morning, pressure in the facial bones, especially in the socket of the eye,

Involuntary twitching of the muscles of the face, on the right malar bone,

Twitching on the right malar bone,

Twitching near the right malar bone,

Slight twitching in the right cheek, like pulsating (after eight days),

Painless twitching of the right muscle of mastication, almost jumping, for a few seconds,

Unusual redness of both cheeks, especially the left, with heat in the face,

Burning of the cheeks (after one to two hours),

Burning of the cheeks,

Burning and itching on cheeks,

Flushes of heat in the cheeks,

Increased warmth of the face, in the evening, especially near the malar bone,

Stitches in the face, in the left cheek; they begin in the lower jaw and extend upward (after one hour),

Sudden violent stitches, as of splinters, in left cheek near eye; continue several days,

Dull stitches in the right malar bone,

Often during the day electric stitches, as it were, in left malar bone, with frequent twitches of the muscles, especially in the left cheek,

Indications of tearing pain in the left side of the face, in the region of the upper jaw,

Tearing, drawing pain in the right upper jaw, and in the right cheek, that lasted several moments,

Lancinating and drawing pain in the right cheek (after two hours),

A fine, penetrating, very painful pricking in the middle of the right cheek, as though splinters were pierced through the skin into the muscles,

Violent pricking in right cheek, where the infraorbital nerve forms the plexus, as though splinters were being thrust into it,

Frequent violent pricking, as of splinters forced into the left cheek, the right upper lip, and the point of the chin,

A sudden flash-like pricking in the right cheek, near the exit of the infraorbital nerve, close to the edge of the orbit, as from very fine and narrow splinters,

Continued pricking as of splinters, in the right cheek, close to the lower edge of the orbit, that changed into a coarse pain, as if in the bone,

Quick throbbing, as of an artery in left cheek, attended with shooting stitches extending from left eye into the upper jaw,

Itching in the whiskers,

Bluish lips (first and second day),

Bluish color of the lips and nose,

Lips much swelled, owing to the change of the little vesicles into ulcers,

The upper lip is chapped, with a burning smarting (fourth day),

When smoking cigars, the epithelium of the upper lip peels off easily,

The epithelium on the inner surface of the upper lip comes off in flakes,

Eruption of little blisters on the upper lip,

A small blister on the red part of the lip that burns considerably,

An herpetic eruption on the upper lip,

Several painless and not red pimples on the upper lip,

Several small, burning blisters on the lower lip,

Dryness and little burning pimples on the upper and lower lips, that change to little blisters in the course of the day, filled with yellowish serum,

Tetter-like vesicular eruption on the upper lip,

An itching pimple by the side of the mouth.

The middle of the under lip cracked and burned violently, with pain,

Great sensation of dryness of the lips,

For several days continued dryness of the upper lip, with inclination to chap,

Dryness and burning of the lips (first day),

On the lips, and in the throat, a tearing pain (from olfaction),

A little froth at the corners of the lips,

Restlessness in the muscles of the lower jaw and lips, with fine, trembling vibration,

Restlessness, trembling vibration, and finally an actually convulsive condition of the lower jaw,

Convulsive shaking of the lower jaw,

Convulsive shocks of the lower jaw by starts,

The jaws were clenched; he could take nothing; he tried continually to speak, and uttered only inarticulate sounds,

Painful sensation in the articulation of the lower jaw, which is sensitive to every touch,

On waking there is so violent a pain in the left articulation of the jaw that the prover can scarcely open his mouth; later the pain diminishes, but does not quite cease,

In the right lower jaw a transient pain, as though fine splinters were being forced between the skin and the flesh,

Tensive drawing in right jaw, extending toward the ear,

Spasmodic drawing in the chin and the lower jaw (after two hours),

Violent tearing in the right side of the lower jaw,

Pricking pain in the articulation of the lower jaw, as by a needle,

Suppurating pimple in the beard,

Fine smart stitches at a small place of the chin, close under the lower lip,

Pricking in the chin, as with needles (immediately),

The chin is covered with small, white, crowded blisters, of the size of millet seeds, that disappear the following day while shaving,

The chin is covered with little blisters, that do not disappear until after several days,

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