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Agnus Castus - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Chaste Tree, Agnus, Vitex trifolia, Indian Arnica, Agn.

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HPUS indication of Agnus Castus: Itchy eyes

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Agnus Castus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Disagreeable sensation in the back part of the urethra, after micturition,

He has to urinate frequently, and a good deal, the whole time of proving the urine has a somewhat darker color,

The urine, increased in amount, seems to pass with a stronger stream,

A kind of yellow discharge from urethra,

When fondling females he discharges a little mucus from the urethra,


The testes feel cold in the night to others, not subjectively (in a healthy man),

Crawling sensation in the testes,

Corrosive-itching in the membranes of the penis,

The penis is so relaxed that not even voluptuous fancies excite it,

Diminution and slowness of the sexual powers, which are usually very easily and powerfully excited; the penis is small and flaccid (in a very healthy man),

To prevent getting children, a man took for three months, morning and evening, twelve grains of the Agnus Castus Agnus castus, by which the parts were weakened to such an extent that not only did the erections become deficient, but he lost his semen as he intended, and never begat children. (Lindron, Venus-spiegel, p. 119.)

Frequent erections, during which the penis becomes more enlarged than usual (fourth, fifth, and sixth evenings), (secondary effect),

The semen runs out in a stream, without ejaculation; it has but little smell, and is scanty (fourth day),


Itching of the genital organs, obliging him to scratch,

Drawing along the spermatic cords,

Feeble erections without the sexual desire being irritated (after five to six hours),

He has not the usual morning erection, with desire for an embrace; the parts were without irritation, flaccid, and not disposed for an embrace (after sixteen hours), (in a healthy man),

Diminished sexual instinct; after an embrace the body feels easy and light (second night),

Want of sexual desire for two days; the erections and the sexual desire returned on the third day (in a healthy man),

Painful erections, early in the morning (after fourteen hours),

Frequent erections,

After an embrace he has an involuntary emission the same night, and a long-continued erection (seventh night), (secondary effect),

Increased sexual desire, constant erections, and voluptuous feeling in the genital organs (after third day), (curative effect),

Unusually violent erections without cause and without any amorous thoughts; the erection was accompanied with a kind of amorous rage, without any desire for emission; he gnashed his teeth from an excess of voluptuous sensation for half an hour in the morning, when rising (after twenty hours), (curative effect?),

Excites the sexual desire in some. (S. Paulli, Quad. Bot., p. 189.)

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