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Ailanthus - Skin symptoms - Kent Lectures

Chinese Sumac, Ailanthus Glandulosa, Ailanthus Glandulosus, Ailanth, Ail.

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HPUS indication of Ailanthus: Red eruptions

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ailanthus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



"Irregular, patchy, livid eruption, disappearing on pressure and return ing very slowly; interspersed with small vesicles, worse on forehead, head, neck and chest. Eruption appeared scantily for two days with sore throat and mild fever" .

"Eruption is slow to make its appearance, remains livid."

"Body and limbs covered with an irregular patchy eruption of a very livid color."

When you see the rash perhaps you will say that looks like an Aconite Aconite rash but there is such scanty zymosis in the nature of Aconite Aconite that it is no longer thought of.

Belladonna Belladonna is not suitable, for in that remedy the rash is shiny and smooth, the typical Sydenham rash.

You now think of the remedies that are typical of all zymotic states; the prostration, the aggravation after sleep, general stupor and delirium, and almost at a glance you see Lachesis Lachesis, the type of such forms of disease.

Its picture comes into your mind speedily. You see another case of scarlet fever where there is a scanty rash, the child before you keeps on picking the skin from the lips and nose, lies in a state of pallor and exhaustion, no rash to speak of, urine nearly suppressed.

almost in a moment you think of Arum Triphyllum Arum triph.

It is the aspect of things that will call the remedy to the mind. In another case you have all the purple appearance I have spoken of in Ailanthus.

The skin is bright red, smooth and shiny. The case is not serious. In other epidemics you will find only an isolated case of this kind, while the majority of cases present marked trouble in the throat; the rash is scanty when present, and congestion of the head and spinal symptoms come on with pain in the back of the neck.

Ailanthus miliary rash spoken of in the text, looking like measles, is when the scarlet fever rash or the measles rash does not come out in its uniform fashion, but in patches, little circles here and there and is dark.

the skin is dusky and the eruption is scanty, sometimes hardly visible from beginning to end.

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