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Allium Cepa - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Red Onion, Cepa, Alium Cepa, All-c.

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HPUS indication of Allium Cepa: Head cold
Allium Cepa
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Allium Cepa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

In all the limbs, especially on both arms, sore as if it were all scratched off, with tired feeling therein,

Rheumatic pains in the joints,

Troubles as after taking cold; the next day, pains in all the bones, aching in the throat, prostration, etc.,

Restlessness in all the limbs; cannot hold them still,

Weak sensation in the limbs, with flatulent troubles,

(*Neuralgia of the stump (after amputation), violent burning stringing-pains, ) (Tincture.)

Upper extremities

Pain in shoulder and abdomen,

Sweat in axilla,

Weak sensation, especially in the arms,

A stitch run through the right arm, from the shoulder-blade to the elbow, with burning pain,

Needle stitches in the arms,

Numb sensation in left elbow-joint, worse on slight motion (forenoons),

Numb sensation in left elbow-joint, with headache,

In right elbow-joint, pain as from a blow, seventh day at noon,

Painful affection of the left forearm, especially in the radius on resting on the arm in writing; evenings (first day),

Pain in the middle of the left radius, disappears on taking hold of it and rubbing, but returns (second day),

Pains in the right wrist, on the back, and extensor side, evenings (first day),

Lameness in the joints of the left hand,

Trembling of right hand, so that he can hardly write, evenings, with coryza (first day),

Trembling of right hand (also after X again),

Dry, red hands, as if he had been in the cold (third day),

Pain in left middle finger,

Pain in right fourth and fifth finger (soon),

Voluptuous, corrosive itching, especially on the palmar side of the left thumb, from the first to second phalanx, not on the ball, lasts all evening, till after 10 P.M. (first day),

Sweat of palm of hand,

Lower extremities

Excessive tired feeling in the region of the hips, late in the evening, on rising from sitting, on walking, especially on going up steps (first day),

Weakness in the hips, nights,

Bruised pain in left thigh, in lower part on the side, very near the knee (first hour),

Pain, almost burning pressure in upper part of left thigh, toward the outer side (after seventy minutes),

Pain in left thigh, on the outer side, very near the knee, like the pain in the ankle (one and a half hours),

Pain on outer side of right thigh, above the knee (one and a half hours),

On the outer side and upper part of both thighs, a glowing sensation,

Nettlerash on both thighs down to the knees, with heat; on rubbing, they itch, and at upper part, there are hard round pimples; in lower part, marbled spots; after a cold and other troubles,

Shooting pains in left leg and right foot,

Paralytic pains in the knee-joint,

Stitches in the right knee, as if coming from the bones, from within, extending outward, in front,

Burning pressure in the middle of the left lower leg, on a small spot externally, then on the right, just the same, but low down, evenings (first day),

Severe pains in right ankle, mornings,

Pains in left ankle (after one hour),

Burning pains around the left outer ankle, afterward lower down, and a burning pressure externally, then also internally (after one and a quarter hours),

Pains in the right foot, evenings (first day),

Painful twitching on inner side of left heel,

Pain in the most external soft parts of the right great toe, and also in the left middle finger,

Violent ticking pain in the metatarsal bones of the left great toe, repeated and becomes continued; evenings (first day),

(Places on the outside of the left ankle, rubbed sore and inflamed, and very painful, speedily cured, after other things tried in vain, )

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