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Aloe Socotrina - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Painfulness across below the ribs, with painful weakness in the legs; therewith, an evacuation somewhat diarrhoeic, with chilliness, so that he feels very cold as often as he goes away from the stove,

Stitches under the left ribs, in the hepatic region,

Dull pain under the ribs with distension,

Aching in the hypochondria, cutting,

Distension of both hypochondria,

Distension as if it were too narrow around under the ribs,

Occasional stitches in both hypochondria, extending around the navel, and then passing into the rectum.

An inner pressure at the short ribs, after three hours,

Pinching at both sides of the hypochondria, first day,

Stitches in the left hypochondrium, as if in the left ligaments of the womb, and in the ovaries,

Dull pain in the left hypochondrium (third day); pressive pain (fourth day),

A jerking pain in the region of the left lower rib, internally, going from above downwards, and from the outside inwards, on walking, morning (sixth day),

Crampy pain in the region of the spleen,

Dull stitches in the splenic region through the left breast (in the supraorbital region, in the frontal prominences, in the finger-joints), (sixth day),

Awaked by dull stitches in the splenic region, drawing into the loins (first night),

Transient stitches in the spleen (seventh day),

Stitches now left, now right,

Uneasiness, heat, pressure, and tension in the region of the liver,

Uneasiness in the hepatic region (W.).

Only seldom is a heating and uneasiness in the hepatic region noticed when the purgative action is near at hand,

Pressure and tension in the right hypochondrium, ; in the right epigastrium,

Side ache, right (Hong).

Pressure under the right ribs,

Dull, pressive pain in the region of the liver (fourth and fifth days),

Hard, pressive pains in the region of the right lower ribs, alternating with just such pains in the upper part of the chest, as if it were seated under the sternum; i. e., they are found now here, now there.

The former are more transitory, but more frequent; the latter more enduring, but less frequent,

Dull pain on the right side under the ribs, the same in all positions, worse on standing, so that he bends himself forwards,

Pain in the region of the liver; at times it pains by the last ribs internally, as if strained, as after great exertion (first day),

Transient stitches in the hepatic region (second day),

Blunt stitches, now in the left, now in the right hypochondrium (second day),

Periodic blunt stitches in the hepatic region, sometimes moving into the chest and obstructing respiration (first day, less the second day),

Single blunt stitches in the hepatic region (first day),

On deep inspiration, it sticks in the praecordium,

Stitches moving from the hepatic region into the chest,

Pain in the liver (Aloe perfoliata, herb.), (Hong.).

Aloe increases the secretion of bile, and irritates the liver,

The purgative action of Aloes is secondary; the primary action is increased irritation of the liver, and consequent augmented secretion of bile, whose quantity and irritation induce purgation,

Abdomen painful, especially in the umbilical region,

Severe pressing in the left side of the chest, across over to the umbilicus,

Throbbing, boring, sticking, in the umbilical region,

Pinching and twisting pains around the umbilicus,

Digging around the navel,

Pinching in the umbilical region,

It gripes sometimes in the umbilical region, with shivering through the whole body (first day),

Frequent cutting and twisting about the umbilicus, so that she lies upon the abdomen, but she cannot remain lying quietly, because the pains do not decrease in severity,

Cutting about the umbilicus after going to stool (second day),

In the morning, on rising, severe raking in a small circle about the navel, just as if he had received a blow from a fist upon the abdomen.

But he felt the pain plainly in the intestinal canal, and a pressure, upon the umbilical region increased it very much.

Boring pain in the umbilical region,

Dull stitches in the umbilical region; sneezing,

Itching at the umbilicus,

Drawing in of the navel,

Distension of the abdomen, moving about along the intestinal canal (fourth day),

Distension of the bowels, ; of the upper part of the bowels (second day),

Mornings, flatulent distension of the bowels, especially in the hypochondrium (third day),

Flatulent distension during menstruation,

Some flatulent distension, with predominating ill-humor (second and third days),

Periodic movements and distension in the abdomen, chiefly after eating (third day),

There is moving about in the bowels frequently audible to him; swashing and gurgling (twelfth day),

Severe pains in the abdomen,

Increased heat in the abdomen,

Unpleasant warmth in the abdomen, as well as also a throbbing,

Sense of fulness, distension, and heat in the whole abdomen,

Burning throughout the whole abdomen,

Enteritis from its long-continued use (Greenbow).

Inflammation and ulceration of the intestinal mucous membrane,

Chilliness of abdomen,

Cuttings in the abdomen, after a powerful dose (Shreger).

Cuttings in the abdomen, as from taking cold (by a mesmeric woman),

Drawing, cutting pains, across through the abdomen, the whole day; with ill-humor, fretfulness, anthropophobia, not disposed to go into the open air, although it is even made better thereby,

In the afternoon, slight cutting in the upper abdomen which, by means of motion, especially by stretching the body outwardly, is increased; it is relieved by sitting bent (first day),

Fine cutting in the upper abdomen,

Cutting pains in the small intestines (second day, a); (first day, c); (second day, c); (first and second days, d),

Cutting and gurgling in the small intestines (second day), cutting pains (third day),

Sense of fulness in the bowels, ; in the abdomen (second and fourth days),

Congestion of the abdomen,

It causes ebullition of the blood in the organs of the abdomen (Gesenius).

Anxious feeling in the abdomen (Richter).

Griping of the bowels, with diarrhoea, after midnight,

Griping of the bowels, as after taking cold,

Griping in the abdomen, as after taking cold, from 10 to 12 o'clock A.M., after a thin stool (first and second days),

Griping pains (Gren.).

Griping before going to stool,

In large doses, Aloes produces small stools, but very troublesome abdominal gripings (Hahnemann).

In the morning, after waking, aching in a large spot in the middle of the abdomen; thereby is compelled to lie bent, and to press upon the abdomen, which relieves it.

After rising, the pain passed into mild cuttings, and he had two naturally colored pappy evacuations.

(On the morning succeeding, an afternoon dose of five grains),

Aching in the bowels, partly across the upper part, partly in the middle, going downward.

If she lies upon the abdomen there seems to be a stone therein, and it hurts.

On lying on the side, the stone seems to be in the side.

She sweated very much through the night, and on the next day was taken with dry coryza and diarrhoea. (From rubbing the tincture on the abdomen),

Painful sensation in the abdomen; yellowish diarrhoea towards morning; dull pain across under the ribs, with distension, as if were too narrow; therewith, some headache in the forehead (from two grains, immediately),

Painfulness in the whole abdomen, especially in the sides and in front, down along both sides of the navel, which parts also cannot endure being touched; on making a false step on stone pavement, it hurts very much in the pit of the stomach (many days),

The abdomen is painful to pressure (first day),

Abdomen very sensitive to touch,

On lying on the abdomen, feeling of a stone in the abdomen; on lying on the side, in the side,

(Slight throbbing, like palpitation, in the abdomen, during rest, especially nights, lying down; sometimes, also, in the occiput) (after four weeks),

Crawlings in the abdomen,

Pleasant crawlings in the bowels, and diarrhoeic stools,

Pricking in the intestines before stool,

Sensation as if he had taken cold in the bowels, after the morning stool (third day),

Dull abdominal pain, as after taking cold, morning and evening repeatedly, still without inclination to stool (twenty-third day),

The pain in the abdomen compels one to bend the body, which nevertheless aggravates the sticking pain through the left breast (third day),

The abdominal muscles pain, when rising from a recumbent posture, with pressing to stool,

Blotches on the abdomen,

Transient moving about and writhing in the intestines (second and third days),

Moving about in the bowels, with continued urging to stool,

Moving about in the bowels towards the lower part, especially the lowermost parts,

Soon after supper, growling moving about in the abdomen, as if griping of the bowels would take place (sixth day),

There is moving about in the bowels, frequently audible to him; swashing and gurgling (twelfth day),

Sometimes growling, moving about in the bowels (tenth day),

Rattling in the abdomen, mostly in the hypogastrium, as from movements of the uterus,

Gurgling in the bowels, and rumbling or blustering,

Growling in the bowels, with constipation,

Growling in the abdomen before a thin stool,

Gurgling in the abdomen, ; in the small intestines, with cuttings,

Growling here and there in the abdomen (fourth day),

Only wind from an attempt to go to stool,

Much wind with evening stool, ; between the stools,

Inflammation of the lower portion of the intestinal canal (Vogt.).

Pains in the hypogastrium as if the menses were coming on (in a nursing woman, delivered two months before),

Cramps in the hypogastrium and right groin, passing beyond the right thigh, and beyond the knee,

Rumbling and pinching in lower abdomen,

Great tension and peculiar sensitiveness of the lower abdomen,

Unendurable tearing and tension deep in the bowels, sometimes single, transient stitches through the abdomen,

Heaviness in the hypogastrium, ; in the rectum,

Dragging down in the abdomen,

It produces local plethora in the hypogastric region (Hahnemann).

Sharp pain drawing down through the flank into the middle of the thigh (after three to four hours),

Determination of blood to the large intestines and uterus (Arnemann).

Stitches from the rectum up into the abdomen,

Affection of the lower end of the intestinal canal and of the pelvic organs (in very many cases, after its continued use for a longer or shorter time),

Periodic drawing in the right inguinal region,

Shocks from the hips towards the inguinal region, preceded by chilliness,

Pain in the loins, involving the pelvis,

Pain, as if tired, in the inguinal region,

Pains in the groins and abdomen (Hong).

Pain in the groin, and heaviness in the uterine region,

Sticking pain over the arch of the pubis (fourth day),


After a meal, flatulence distends the abdomen (fifth day),

Excessively painful cuttings in the intestines during a meal, preventing further eating,

Cutting in the abdomen is very severe, after eating food containing some vinegar,

A twisting and griping pain in the upper abdomen, soon after dinner and supper (first day),

Passage of flatus after every meal (third day),

After dinner, much offensive flatus (sixth day),

Frequent appetite; ate apples out of regular meal times (third day),

Longing for juicy food, fruit, but not for water (tenth day),

Great appetite for stimulating food, with fulness in the stomach,

Much thirst immediately after dinner and supper (fourteenth day),

Empty eructation, empty or tasting of food,

Acrid eructation, after dinner,


Pain in the left hypochondrium, better after passage of flatus,

After passage of flatus, the distension in the hypochondria, and the pains in the left hypochondrium disappear,

A twisting and griping pain in the upper abdomen, and around the umbilicus, compelling to sit bent up, which relieves; therewith, repeated urging to stool, but only flatus passes off, which is very offensive, and produces burning in the anus, with short relief from the pain (second day),

At 6 A.M., moving about in the umbilical region, with urgency to stool and hunger; second stool, with flatulence, and a kind of tenesmus (fourth day),

Distension of the abdomen, especially of the whole epigastric region, with flatus moving about in the abdomen (third day),

Flatulence moving about in the abdomen, which is distended (first day),

Flatulent distension along the colon, with a pain which presses outward, is increased by motion, and suddenly disappears on passage of hot flatus (morning of second day),

Copious cutting in the abdomen, with watery, long-continued diarrhoea; not seldom, also, with passage of flatus; tenesmus and inflammation chiefly of the lower part of the intestinal canal (Vogt).

Griping in the abdomen before, with, and after the stool; with the stool loud flatus (sixteenth day),

A feeling of weakness in the abdomen as if diarrhoea would result; not till after eight hours, a copious evacuation, amid the passage of much flatus,

Moving about of flatulence in the abdomen (second day),

In the evening, copious passage of flatus, every time after distension, moving along the colon (seventh day),

Growling of flatulence (first and second days),

It drives away flatulence,

Passage of much flatus,

Frequent loud flatus without smell (during the tenth day), (morning of eleventh day),

Discharge of a good deal of flatulence,

In the midday repose, flatus with little smell (first day),

In the evening, copious passage of flatus (third day),

Frequent and loud flatus (evening and morning of third day),

Offensive flatus with the stool,

Very offensive burning flatus,

Throughout the whole day passage of much offensive flatus,

In the evening, much offensive flatus, loud and still,

In the evening much offensive flatus, with relief (first day),

After the midday nap, much offensive flatus, just the same toward evening (ninth day),

In the evening, loathsome-smelling flatus (third day),

Copious offensive, or inodorous flatus (third day),

After the stool, much loud, long, lazy flatus, with an uncommonly strong, loathsome, offensive smell, which diffuses itself very rapidly (nineteenth day),

The whole day very much offensive flatus, mostly in the morning. The harder and more delayed the stool, the more copious; the more copious and easy the stool, the more seldom (twenty-third day),

Passage of hot flatus (first day), burning in the anus,

Relieved by the passage of hot flatus upward and downwards (third day),

Copious passage of hot flatus (eighth day),

Much flatus and little faeces,

Easy passage of flatus, with inclination as for a soft stool (5 P.M.),

Vigorous passage of flatus, evenings,

Very copious passage of flatus, during the whole night,

Soon after taking it, troublesome sense of fulness in the region of the stomach, followed by distension of the epigastrium and both hypochondria; with a pain in the first hypochondrium, which goes away after a passage of flatus, but returns with renewed distension,


Therewith, yellowish pappy diarrhoea, and occasionally some nausea (third day),


Nausea, with empty feeling in the stomach,

Neither nausea nor a change in condition is observed therefrom,

With the nausea, pains extend from the stomach towards both sides of the chest,

Nausea with headache,

Some nausea, with pain in the umbilical region increased by pressure, and diarrhoea,

With the nausea, pains which draw from the stomach up into both sides of the chest, worse on motion (third day); still the same pains drawing from the pit of the stomach to both sides of the chest,


Rising of flatulence towards the throat, with sensations as if vomiting were coming on,

Inclination to vomit, after sour things,

Nausea rising into the stomach, with inability to vomit,

Nausea, immediately after taking it; must sit completely still in order not to vomit; also, other days,

Once, after half a drachm for headache from heat of the sun, vomiting a quantity of thick mucus on going to stool, which returns a half hour after a glass of water.


Increased appetite,

Great appetite the second day,

Appetite not diminished, in many cases, rather increased,

Feeling of hunger in the stomach, after a few minutes, from olfaction (second day),

Great appetite for bread (ninth day),

Appetite more for fruit and bread (fourth day),

Meat diet was (to jaundiced persons) welcome after the use of Aloes (W.).

At noon he ate well and much (first, second, eleventh, and twelfth days),

At noon, good appetite, then it seemed to him as if he was not yet satisfied as the first day; still he did not eat again, and on working it went away; it seemed again as if something ailed him, he knew not what; this took place many times before long-enduring hunger (fourth day),

Appetite good; in the afternoon again hunger, continued eating, as after long abstinence (tenth day),

Appetite good in the morning,

Frequent appetite, but not great (thirteenth day),

The child preserves a good appetite during the diarrhoea,

After that he had for many days only a very small appetite; on one afternoon he had a very great longing; he ate a double supper; that night he had pain in the back,

Warmth and sensation of hunger in the stomach (after one hour),

Canine hunger, forenoon (second day),

He awoke at 7 A.M. with feeling of hunger, and urgent inclinations to urinate (third day),

Soon after breakfast feeling of hunger in the stomach, so that water accumulates in his mouth (fifth day),

Canine hunger, soon after morning stool (eleventh day),

Hunger with yawning (evenings),

Some hunger in the evening and long wakefulness (ninth day),

Feeling of hunger, with weak and changeable pulse,

A very urgent need to eat,

Generally a few eructations tasting of Aloes, and immediately increased feeling of hunger; after taking one to three grains, lasting,

Increased desire to feed, otherwise no change (after three ounces of the resinous extract, in oxen), (Viborg).

Diminished appetite, etc.

No appetite, and febrile sensation,

At noon, very little appetite, and a feeling as if one does not oneself know what is the matter, whether one has appetite or not, so that two hours later he again ate more apples; a kind of torpidity of the stomach; he did not know when he was satisfied; the stomach showed no decided will; after one to three hours,

Little appetite in the morning (twelfth day),

Loss of appetite and dyspepsia, with coexisting constipation (N. N.).

No appetite for meat (sixth day, ; fourth and fifth days),

Thirst, with dryness of the mouth, (evenings),

He drinks while eating, as he is not accustomed to do (nineteenth day),

In the afternoon uncommon thirst for water (twelfth day; not the thirteenth day),

Thirst awakens at night; sweat after drinking,

Severe thirst, with fever,

Thirst, especially for beer, which seems to alleviate the pains in the anus,

Aversion to drinks, especially to cold drinks (second day),

Eructations, tasting of aloes, lasting two hours, frequently recurring (after four grains),

Bitter eructations (first day),

Bitter eructations, many days,

Bitter eructations after drinking water,

Empty, tasteless eructation, with sense of fulness in the pharynx (second day); again (seventh day),

Eructations from time to time, part of the time without any taste (morning of eleventh day),

Easy eructation of wind, with oppression of the stomach (second day),

Eructation of flatulent gases,

Eructation relieves the oppression of the stomach,

Sour eructation (W.).

The pulse and strength were thereby sunken till the next day,

In a city where one had begun to adulterate beer with Aloes, haematemesis was almost endemic.

The use of Alumina alum-whey gave almost sure relief (Neumann).

Fulness in the epigastrium, with great appetite for stimulants (second day),

Fulness of the stomach after drinking water, and bilious eructations,

Crawlings in the stomach and abdomen,

Immediately, pain in the stomach on the right side,

Slight pressure in the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach with a feeling of warmth therein (first day),

The pit of the stomach pains very much on making a false step,

Pressure in the epigastrium and up into the pharynx (fourth day),

Painful pressure under the sternum (fourth day),

Some pressure in the pit of the stomach after breakfast, relieved by eructations,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach through to the back, like a weight, with sore pain; sometimes this pain rises higher up into the chest and then sinks down again; accompanied by copious eructations,

Feeling of weakness in the pit of the stomach, like a weight and burning there,

Snatching under the pit of the stomach (in a mesmerized person),

Jerks in the epigastrium,

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