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Aloe Socotrina - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pale over night (as if up all night), sickly look (sixth day),

He is very sensitive to the coldness of the weather, has a very pale look, sunken, and sickly (thirteenth day),

Pale, wretched color of the face (first to third day),

The countenance is sickly, suffering, and pale (tenth day),

Increased warmth and redness of the face; wide-awake, excited (after half an hour),

Turgescence of the skin, especially of the face; it is very red, and its temperature is increased,

Periodic heat of the face, with pressure in the temples,

Burning heat, especially in the face,

Confusedness and painfulness of the whole left half of the face, proceeding from an inflamed spot in the mouth, and from the forehead (fourth day),

Redder lips than usual,

Dry and cracked lips,

Dry lips

the dried epidermis has a white appearance if it is not frequently moistened by the tongue (second and third days),

the epidermis is white, scaly; he continually licks them with the tongue (from the sixth to the eight day, and on the sixteenth day),

Dry lips, and hour after dinner, together with dryness in the mouth; the lips are parched and white, without thirst; better in the evening (fifteenth day),

Dry lips, scurfy, swollen, and painful (ninth day),

Dryness of the lips; they are very red and hot, sometimes trembling,

The under lip is swollen, with a thick-skinned long vesicle, in the red part of the lip where it turns inward, of the size of a flaxseed, smooth, yellowish, covered with hard skin; it makes the whole part of the lip thick (sixth and seventh days),

Spongy scurf upon the lips, which exudes moisture, looks ugly (tenth day); on the eleventh day the lips are very dry, the spongy scurfiness is moist,

Superficial cracking on the inner side of the upper lip, when laughing,

A painful little crack on the under lip, near the angle of the mouth (second day),

A blackish point (maggot), on the edge of the upper lip, on the left side, becomes inflamed; it is the next day a yellow pustule; goes away the eight to the eleventh day,

Breaking out around the mouth,

Red, round spot on the left border of the lower jaw, between the lower border, the angle of the jaw, and the chin,

Pimples under the lower jaw,

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