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Aloe Socotrina - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Passage of blood from the urethra,

Discharge of blood from the urethra (Borichius).

At times, painful burning in the neck of the bladder on urinating,

Burning on urinating (Richter), (Wickard), (Schreger, Fechner).

Burning and urging on urinating, and general agitation (Wickard).

Rising to urinate (seventh day),

Wakened to urinate at 2 o'clock (fifteenth, sixteenth, and following days),

Wakened many times by urgency to urinate,

Urgency to urinate on waking,

Frequent urging to urinate,

More urgency, less urine (first day),

Increased urgency through the day, with no increase of quantity (fifth day),

One is driven to urinate so quickly that he can scarcely retain it (forenoon at 11 o'clock, third day),

More frequent, quicker urgency in the afternoon, with smaller quantity than in the morning (third day),

Increased quicker urgency, and more copious discharge (seventh day),

Must run quickly to urinate, on rising at 5 o'clock, then at 8 and 9.30, with no increase of quantity (third day),

On rising, quicker urgency to urinate (fourth, sixth, and eighth days, evening of twenty-third day),

Bloody urine (Bartolinus).

Deep-colored yellow urine,

It passes only sparingly; is deeply reddened,

Transparent, dark, not increased (first day),

Highly colored urine, of strong odor, remaining clear (third day),

Urine scanty, dark, with a slimy sediment (sixteenth day),

In the afternoon, frequent copious discharge of light-yellow urine (third day),

Urine, for the first time again, clear as water (eighteenth day),

Secretion of a greater quantity of urine (Greenhow).

Copious urination (after 15 grains),

Urine increased and more deeply colored (fourth day), ; much at one time (sixth day),

Urine copious and cloudy (from 8 to 10 grains),

Copious urination and burning therewith,

Increased pale urine after the stool,

Passage of urine increased after the stool,

Urinating in children increased in quantity and frequency,

The urine passes more easily; formerly he had always to wait awhile before it came,

Urine passed with some difficulty (Richter).

Urine passes with difficulty (Richter).

With the last stool, at 10 in the evening, the passage of urine is somewhat impeded; it passes out from the bladder a few seconds before it appeared; then with interruptions, and every time with some urgency, which the urine does not immediately follow (tenth day),

Urine in small quantity and hot,

Scanty urination,

Urination at 3 o'clock (fourth day),

Urination with the stool (second day),

Urgency to stool on urinating,

The afternoon urine becomes cloudy on standing, with a whitish coat at the bottom of the vessel, a fine granular cloudiness in the urine; smell putrid, ammoniacal (first day),

The urine deposits a yellow sediment, like bran,


Drawing forward in the urethra on sitting, midday (fourth day),


The member is fallen away small; scrotum drawn up (seventh day),

Itching of the prepuce after a stool (second day),

Tickling, crawling, and spotty redness of the prepuce,

The right testicle feels cold in the night (third day),

With a lax scrotum, he wakes with urgency to urinate; an erection at 2 o'clock in the morning (third day),

He awoke at 1 o'clock at night with active desire; without being wide awake, he seized hold of the parts until the emission of semen; he had to make water, and on fully awaking it seemed as if the time must be much later (fourth day),

Towards morning, pollutions with amorous dreams, which had not been the case for a long time (twelfth and seventeenth days),


Painful sensation in the female genitals, as if they were torn,

Increase of the Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor-albus,

Menstruation appears, very copious, though it had occurred not long before,

The menses appear six days too early, with sensation of coldness,

The blood shows as in menstruation, in the case of a woman nursing a child two months old,

It often produces a large evacuation of the monthly purification (Hahnemann).

Given for too copious menstruation, it increased it,

Increase, with colic,

Profuse menses,

Flow deep-red and clotted,

Long-lasting menses,

With the menses, earache,

With the courses, flatulent distension of the intestines,

During the monthlies, dragging down in the rectum, with sense of fulness in the pelvis,

With the monthlies, pain in the loins,



Ill-looking blisters on the genitals (Galen).

Erections without occasion (first day),

Erections waken at 2 A.M.,

The left epididymis is very painful on walking and handling, the whole forenoon (1/1000),

Increased desire,

Sexual excitement, with erection after urinating (2 o'clock at night),

He awakes at 4 o'clock with great sexual desire (thirteenth day),

Desire more active after eating,

Rather an inner sensuality than irritation of the parts compels him to satisfy himself (at evening, on going to bed, fifth day),

Active desire at evening, and uncommon thirst for water (eleventh day),

The increased desire relieved; the amorous mood removed (fifth day),

Probably one of the best remedies to repress a too lively desire, especially in children, which only a few remedies do,

Small quantities cause frequent erections, and increase the sexual desire (Rust's Mag).

Pollution during the midday nap (second day),

Pollution at 3 o'clock at night; then strong sexual desire,

After the seminal emission, he had to go to stool immediately, the first time at night (thirteenth day),

After the seminal emission, urinating,

After the seminal emission, restless sleep,

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