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Aloe Socotrina - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head; the first day, ; the second day,

Confusion of the head and discontent,

Confusion and heaviness.

The whole head feels affected,

Attack in the head, with nausea, as from indigestion,

On rising before five in the morning, the head feels completely aroused; an excited condition of the whole brain (sixth day),

The brain is again somewhat excited on the eleventh day,

On rising, the brain is aroused and excited (twenty-first day),

Tension in the head,

Continued and severe congestion of the occiput and sinciput, whereby the eyes are pressed out,

Congestion of the head, ,

Disposition to congestion of the head, in lunatics, (Trousseau).

It often produces congestion of the head, if administered with existing haemorrhoids (aa.).

Tearing in the head, here and there,

Sensation as if the head were widened, being pressed out on all sides (after four hours),

Throbbing in the middle of the brain,

She received a shock from the arm up into the head; thereupon the sensation of a wind from the head into the abdomen (Kerner).

Confusion of the sinciput, especially with chilliness,

Pressure in the forehead, immediately after licking Aloes (in a girl nine years of age),

Dull drawing and sticking over the right side of the forehead; the head feels murky; it compels one to make the eyes small; at the same time, the desire for labor continues longer (fourth day),

Pulling every evening, from above the right eyebrow to the bottom of the right side oft the forehead,

Dull stitches in the supraorbital region (the first and fifth day),

Stitches over the brows and in the frontal prominences,

A single darting drawing over the left eye and outward through the same (after four hours),

Pressive tension, sometimes pulsating, in the sinciput,

Pressing outward to the temples with periodic heat of the face, and flickering before the eyes (the first day),

Pressive boring in the left temple, soon thereafter a sticking, drawing outwards to the left eye, from above, out of the brow downwards, afternoon and evening (second day),

Drawing stitches over the right temple, not deep (the third day),

First transient, then severe stitches in the left temporal region, aggravated by every footstep,

Dull stitches through the left temple into the brain,

Pressive sensation at the crown,

Sense of weight on the vertex,

On the left side in the scalp, near the vertex, a feeling as if it had been beaten, so that pressure thereon is painful, but yet feels good (the fifth day),

Pressure on the left side at the top of the parietal bone (after one hour),

Beating in the left wall of the head, at first painless,

Stitches in the right side between the forehead and vertex, from the top inward (the first day),

On the right side of the head, sudden blunt shootings from below upwards, in the evening and on the following morning, after trituration,

Pressure in the middle of the right half of the brain, after trituration, ,

Severe pressure in the occiput, after a pressing asunder,

Pressive ache in the angle of the right occiput (evening),

Dull drawing in the left side of the occiput,

In the occiput (and abdomen), beating at night, when lying down; stitches after stooping; external soreness,


Painful confusion of the head every morning,

Murky pain in the head and forehead,


Headache, after griping of the bowels, and after stool,

Headache in the morning, following an incomplete evacuation of the bowels, lasting until a second stool follows, a few hours after,

Periodic headache, alternating with pains in the loins, ; with sacral pains,

Headache relieved by cold applications,

Headache, worse in arm, better in cool (air),

(Headache from the heat of the sun),

After eating, the headache is better for awhile,

Headache worse in the dark, ameliorated in the light,

Headache aggravated by motion, especially by stooping (the first day),

Pains on contact,

Sluggish, drawing, sensitive pain in the head, more externally (the first day),

Throbbing headache, 1/100,

Pressive pain in the forehead, from the third to the fifth day, thereafter relief,

Downward and inward pressing pain (down towards the nose), in the middle of the forehead (in a mesmerized person),

Dull headache across above the forehead, with heaviness in the eyes, and nausea,

A dull, pressive pain in the forehead, in the afternoon,

Headache in the forehead and on the vertex, as from a weight (fourth day),

Headache in the forehead, with abdominal symptoms,

Painfulness of half the face, arising from the forehead,

Pressive pain in the forehead, involving the orbits (the third day),

Pain on right side of forehead,

Pain in the forehead, pressing outward towards the temples; appears soon after taking Aloes, and continues,

Dull pressive pain in the supraorbital region (first day),

Dull pressive pain in the sinciput (second day),

(Slight pressive pain in the right temple; sour food produces an inclination to vomit and lassitude),

Pressive pain in the left temple especially, appearing now and then,

At midday, a pain as of subcutaneous suppuration, on a spot as large as a half-dollar, on the right side of the top of the head (between organs 16 and 12, according to Combe), so that even touching the air is very painful (afternoons); also in the evening, in another spot of the same size (the second day),

Painfulness behind the top of the head, as of subcutaneous ulceration; the air stands up more on this spot, continuing from midday, the seventh day; tenth and eleventh days, again a sensitive spot behind on the vertex,

Headache on the left side,

Leaping pain in the right parietal bone toward the vertex,


Whilst sitting, after meal, he feels as if he sat upon a high chair; a kind of vertigo (the fifteenth and subsequent days),

An ache, like a pressure in the scalp of the occiput,

On combing the hair in the morning, a sensitive spot on the left side on upper part of the occiput; towards evening, on the right side of the head, on the top (twelfth day),

Frequent feeling of heat in the scalp,

A sensation of numbness moving over the scalp, with warmth,

Dry hair (ninth and tenth days),

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