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Aloe Socotrina - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Amorous thoughts, present themselves, which are very annoying (first day),

Before taking it, the disposition is apprehensive, speculative, amorous; after taking it, quiet, immovable, contented, joyful, reflective; mind is more self-sufficient, more inclined to labor; no sleepiness after a meal (first to third day),

Contented, happy humor in the evening, as well as all the following day (fifth day),

Towards evening, uncommonly aroused by inspiriting, joyful news (fifth day),

Merry, self-contented; fraternized with the whole world (fifth day),

At evening, in a happy mood, he feels completely happy and contented,

Great serenity and good humor (in a patient),

The child is very much enlivened and vivacious, it plays and prattles uncommonly, with much mischievousness and laughter (from sucking Aloes),

Contented with his station in life; it involuntary occurs to him, that he is really much better off than many other people (seventh day),

Quiet and serene humor (curative effect),

In the forenoon, he is disposed to become reconciled, where he would not other wise have been so (second day),

Despondent, with flatulent distension,

Anxiety, anguish, and ebullition of the blood,

A certain anxiety (after one scruple),

Anxiety produced by vertigo,

Anxious startings up,

Great anxiety, timorousness, restlessness, dread of death, and great anguish, so that she cannot stay anywhere,

Oppression and apprehensiveness,

After a nocturnal emission of semen, fright at the rattling of the windows by the wind (fourth day),

Little inclination to labor; discouraged, apprehensive about his success (fourth day),

Irritable, he cannot endure the visit of many people, they are repugnant to him (twenty-fourth day),


(Immediately, strong exhibition of will; he quarrels with every one who contradicts him; it seems as if he would permit himself to be torn in pieces, sooner than give up his will),

The weather is cloudy, cold, rainy (in December), and his humor morose, thoughtful, discontented (fifth day),

Ill-humor; peevish about himself, so that he insults and blasphemies; worse afternoons (third day),

Very discontented and unhappy mood, since the forenoon, with confused head and lack of inclination to labor; better in the evening (twenty-four day),

Moroseness (first day),

Peevish towards himself, without reason (second day),

Peevish and morose (second day),

Ill-humor, with pain in the sacral region, aggravated at evening, lasting one week,

Very ill-humored, seldom moderated by sadness (second day),

Ill-humor and incapacity for labor, with peevish restlessness (third day),

The child is hard to please, and cries on the least provocation,

A condition of mind that is intolerable, and without stool (ninth day),

Ill-humor, peevishness, and anthropophobia, with cuttings in abdomen,

During pain, everything disgusts him,

Indifference and sleepiness evenings,

After meal, no sleepiness, but a forbidding and unconcerned humor; about half-past three, he is better and much inclined to joke, continually mocking the remarks of others; in the evening is inclined to work (twelfth-day),

Lassitude, alternating with great mental activity; eight day,

Great restlessness and excitement (second day),

Inner restlessness and excitement (third day),

Excitement of mind and body, afternoons (third day),

At an early hour, quick, complete awakening, with inclination for mental labor, good appetite (second day),

He believes on awaking that it must be later,

In the afternoon, he works with a will, without a midday nap (fourth day),

In the morning, good appetite and inclination to work (fifth day),

Much inclination for continued labor (first day),

Especially inclined to mechanical labor (first day),

In the forenoon, he is much excited, works hastily and yet well (fifth day),

Inclined to work, with pain in the forehead,

Excited, nights, with warmth and redness of the face,

Head confused, and indisposition for every employment,

Labor already begins to be tedious to him (third day),

Great laziness in the middle of the day (second day),

Much exhaustion and laziness (seventh day),

Disinclined to more (second day),

An anxious restlessness deters him from mental labor (first day),

Great disinclination to mental labor (second day),

Speedy fatigue from mental labor (second day),

Disinclination for much mechanical or intellectual labor; instead of this, great disposition for desultory thinking (fourth day),

Exhaustion, alternating with activity,

Smelling Camphora camphor relieves the troubles quickly and considerably. There even follows for awhile inclination and ability for mental labor, which requires clear thinking. After an hour, however, all the troubles return (eighth day),

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