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Aloe Socotrina - Modalities Etc

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Unhappy mood since the forenoon; much excited; pressure in head, after 11 o'clock; earache; bad taste at the root of the tongue; canine hunger; griping in bowels from 10 to 12 o'clock; burning in the nape; epididymis sensitive; the hand asleep; chilliness, etc.

(Before midnight), Sleeplessness.

(Open air), Pain in the soft palate, after skating; red nose in the open air; averse to walking in the wind.

(Just after getting into bed), sudden explosion and cracking in the left ear, etc.

(Bending body forward), Stooping aggravates the headache; stooping forward increases pain in liver; pain in breast-bone; burning in the neck; *stitches in the middle of the "croupe," when stooping.

(Cold), Cloudy weather causes ill-humor; very sensitive to cold weather; less endurance of cold; fresh cold air increases the headache; raw voice returning in the open and cold air; pain in abdomen a from taking cold.

(On chewing), The palate painful, etc.

(Contact), Pains in head; pullings, etc.

(Darkness), Headache.

(After dinner), Small stool, etc.

(Lying), Lying on the abdomen, with cuttings around the navel, but not relieved; on account of pain in back, cannot lie on back, only on side; on lying in a warm room, cold legs; on lying down (and awhile afterward), throbbing in the head.

(Moving the arm), The arches from the arm to the chest pain.

(Pressure), The abdominal pains; abdomen sensitive to touch; seems to aggravate the symptoms.

(Pressing the teeth together), Sensation of numbness behind the ears; pain.

(Raising the body), On rising up from lying, the abdominal muscles pain; on rising up from stooping, jerks in the chest; on rising in the morning, pain in chest as if sprained.

(Rest), Beating in the abdomen and palpitation; pain across the loins; in the midday rest, cold feet.

(Sitting), While sitting, pulsating in the anus; while sitting, more pressing in the loins; heaviness in the loins; after sitting, stiffness in the loins.

(Spitting), Raw pain in larynx.

(Standing), Pain in liver.

(After stool), Pain in anus.

(Stretching the body), Pains in the abdomen; sticking, drawing in chest.

(Stretching out the hand), Pain therein, as if too short.

(Warmth), Headache.

(Writing), Drawing in the left forearm.

from heat and relief from cold runs through Aloe


From stepping hard and heat.


Sitting or lying on back.

Stepping hard, heat, afternoon, especially the symptoms of mucous membranes.

WORSE, early morning; summer; heat; in hot, dry weather; after eating or drinking.

HEAT; damp


Early A

(in bed)

After dysentery

Stepping hard



(Afternoon), Easy passage of flatus.

(Evening), Unhappy mood better; conciliatory mood; inclination to work; not vexed; aroused; happy mood; dryness of lips; chilliness; hands and feet again warm.

(In cool air), Headache.

(Open air), Feels better; especially the headache and ill-humor abate; exercise in open air relieves; all the symptoms disappear or are ameliorated on exercise in the open air; walking in open air relieves pain in bowels.

(Bending body forward), Pains in abdomen compel him to sit crouched together; crouching relieves cuttings in the abdomen.

(Light), Headache.

(Motion), Drawings; burnings in the neck; sacral pains.

(Pressure), Beaten feeling in head; he is compelled to press on the abdomen, which relieves him; relieves.

(Rest), Must sit still, else he would have to vomit.

(Sitting), Must sit down and sleep, with anxiety of the chest.

(Stretching out straight), Pain in breast-bone.

(Walking), Better than when sitting; pain in loins; cold feet become warm; hands less so; relieved by going about.

(Warm weather), Chilliness.


After eating and from cold. Scalp sensitive to touch, yet pressure feels good.

Bending forward or emission of flatus.

Pressure and discharge of flatus.


Extremities.-- Jerking, drawing and dull sticking in finger, knee and elbow joints. Weariness and heaviness Weak ankles and wrists. Bruised pain in tendo achilis.

Open air, cold applications.

After eating and from cold.

Scalp sensitive to touch, yet pressure feels good..

Extremities.-- Jerking, drawing and dull sticking in finger, knee and elbow joints.

Weariness and heaviness Weak ankles and wrists.

Bruised pain in tendo achilis..

BETTER, from cold, open air.

Cool, open air

Cold applications

Desires and aversions

Aversion to meat.

Longing for juicy articles; fruits, especially apples.

Thirst with dryness of mouth; awakens at night.

Position etc

Lying 6. Sitting 31. Standing 18, 19. Must sit up 3. Bending forwards 18, 19. Rising 19. Walking 20, 22, 23. Every step 3. False step 17. Ascending stairs 2. Turning quickly 2. Motion 2, 6, 11, 19, 28, 31.

Morning 13, 15, 20, 22, 37. Afternoon 21, 29. Evening 13, 20. Night 15, 20, 21, 37, 40.