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Alumina - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Blister on the right half of the chest and on the throat, with burning pain; with glowing heat in the face, and chills in the rest of the body; sleeps soundly and without dreams,

Rattling in the chest, caused by mucus (fifth day),

Feeling of dryness in both sides of the chest (fifteenth day),

Continual warmth in the middle of the chest (after five minutes),

Pinching pain in the upper part of the chest, in the evening when sitting (first day),

At night he is roused from sleep by a cramp, and oppression of the chest (having walked a good deal the day before),

His chest feels oppressed,

Oppression at the chest (first day),

Oppression of the chest,

Oppression, orgasm, and pulsation in the chest (after two hours),

Oppressive pain in the chest, the chest feels tight,

Oppression on the chest,

Oppression at the chest, when stooping while writing,

Oppressive pain in the middle of the chest, alternating with a constriction and violent palpitation of the heart, especially after a meal (eighth and ninth days),

When walking fast, sensation as of cutting and pressure in the chest, relieved by sitting (a fortnight) (after twenty days),

Painful sensation, as if the chest, became wide (first and ninth days),

The chest feels contracted, with apprehension (eleventh day),

Sensation of constriction around the chest when stooping, while the person is sitting; it passes off on becoming erect, in the afternoon (first day),

External pressure at the lower part of the chest (diminished somewhat by friction),

Pressure here and there in the chest,

Pressure in the chest, followed by empty eructations, without relief; the pressure sometimes reaches as far as the back, and is increased by walking, in the forenoon (first and twentieth days),

Pressure on the chest during an already existing cough, and after it; during which a paralytic pain extends through the arm, so that the arm becomes weary and powerless (after half an hour),

Sharp stitches in the upper part of the chest (third day),

When stooping, a stitch from the left side of the abdomen, to the middle of the chest; it comes with every inspiration; afterwards, also when standing erect,

Tearing stitches, like lightning, from the right loin to the left side of the chest, through the pit of the stomach, when inspiring,

Soreness in the chest and in the pit of the stomach, accompanied by fatiguing cough, lachrymation, and tenacious expectoration,

Feeling of soreness in the interior of the chest, when moving or turning the body,

Formication on the left clavicle (and over the right half of the chest, with biting itching); the spot burns on being scratched, and burning vesicles appear (sixteenth day),

Burning in the whole right side of the chest, with twinges and sticking in a false rib of the right side, in the afternoon (first day),

Disagreeable feeling of constriction below the right side of the chest, on a small spot (after two hours),

Sensation of hard pressure during active exercise, high up on both sides of the chest; less when sitting, completely disappearing on lying down, touching the parts does not affect it,

Fine stitches in the left mamma, at nine o'clock in the morning (second day),

During a violent effort, lifting, carrying, etc., pain in the chest on the left side of the sternum, with soreness of the place on being touched (after ten days),

Sensation of oppressive dryness under the sternum,

Chilliness in the interior of the sternum,

Pressure on the sternum, worse in the evening, when walking,

Stitches under the sternum, increased by talking; at the same time feeling of compression of the chest, as if she were tightly laced (thirty-fifth day),

At the lower part of the sternum, pain as from excoriation, which extends to the stomach, afterwards hoarseness,

Itching upon the sternum, which goes off by scratching (fifteenth day),


Heat in the forepart of the chest; she feels the heat when breathing,

Pressure on the chest, with shortness of breath, at night, when lying upon the back; passing off when lying upon the side (second day),

At night, violent oppressive pain in the chest, which disturbs the otherwise quiet sleep, and is not increased by breathing, but by bending the head forward, several days (after five days),

Weight on the chest, with shortness of breath, without cough, only in the afternoon (eighteenth day),

When stooping during some work, her chest felt constricted, so that she was scarcely able to breathe, as if she had been laced too tightly; this passed off when walking in the open air (ninth day),

Boring pain, sometimes in the middle, sometimes in the sides of the chest, aggravated by breathing, sometimes in the evening; relieved by becoming erect and walking,

Pressure on the chest, with shortness of breath and irritation to cough, which often goes and comes,

Pain in the chest, as if it were cut of sore, after dinner, until ten o'clock in the evening; relieved after lying down; next morning the pain returns, during the morning cough, with a feeling of weakness in the chest, and accompanied by empty eructations and short breath (seventh day),

Stitches in the chest, here and there, sometimes worse by breathing, sometimes burning,

Stitches high up in both sides of the chest, during active exercise; when sitting or walking there are none, but only pressure with arrest of breathing,

Phlegm in the air-passages, always adherent; it necessitates clearing the throat, whereby only a small portion becomes detached,

Whistling in the air-passages, and smothering in the chest, on breathing,

Irritation in the larynx induces cough,

Irritation to cough, with frequent spitting of saliva,

She takes cold easily, in the room; she gets hoarse, this decreases by walking in the open air,

Hoarseness in the morning (sixteenth day),

She is frequently attacked with sudden hoarseness, which caused a loss of voice, and could not be relieved by clearing the throat; mostly in the afternoon and evening,

Cough, with painful pressure in the occiput,

Cough, with scraping in the throat,

Short fits of cough, with tearing, shooting pain in the right temple and the vertex,

Cough, which makes the chest feel sore, in the forenoon (third day),

Frequent short, dry cough, in the forenoon and evening, ,

Dry cough at night, with dryness of the throat (after twenty-four hours),

Violent, short, dry persistent cough, with sneezing; and tearing, shooting, and pinching pain, extending from the nape of the neck as far as the right shoulder,

Dry cough, coming suddenly in the morning, and passing off quickly, or when walking in the open air, and then also continuing in the room (first and sixth day),

Continual dry, hacking cough, with vomiting and arrest of breathing, and sticking pain extending from the left side of the abdomen to the hypochondrium and the pit of the stomach,

Violent dry cough, during the day, every attack lasts a long time; only after two days, the cough becomes less frequent and looser,

Violent and dry cough in the morning after rising; later, some expectoration follows (fourth and sixth days),

Cough, with much expectoration, especially in the morning,

(Cough, with expectoration; the throat becomes rough and hoarse, with fluent coryza),

Cough, with secretion of loose mucus (curative effect),

Sudden violent, but short cough; by making an effort, he expectorates a piece of phlegm, mixed with blood, in the afternoon (fifth day),

The morning cough and expectoration ceased (curative effects), (fifth day),

Difficult breathing, in the forenoon,

Heart and pulse

Palpitation of the heart, daily on waking,

Frequent palpitation of the heart; a few irregular beats, large and small ones being intermixed,

Towards 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, waked by anxiety about the heart, as if sweat would break out, which, however, is not the case; after rising, the anxiety immediately disappears,

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