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Alumina - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs

Twitchings in all the limbs,

Involuntary twitchings here and there; movements of one foot, of the fingers, etc.,

In the evening, twitchings in both of the lower extremities together, especially in the legs and feet, followed by a disposition to turn the arms and stretch them upwards,

In the morning, paralytic weakness of all the limbs, with stupefaction of the head, in paroxysms of some minutes (tenth day),

The fourth and fifth fingers, the right knee, and at last the heel, go to sleep after sitting,

Rigidity of the hands and feet, as if they had gone to sleep, early, on waking; the symptom disappeared after rising and walking a little,

When engaged in some bodily labor, a cramplike sensation, like numbness, ascending the whole of the left leg, also in the left arm, with dizzy stupefaction of the head, in paroxysms (fourteenth day),

Sensation as of burning tension in the dorsa of the feet and hands, as from a swelling,

Sense of contraction in the right index and foot, as if the tendons were too short; when he touches something with his finger, he feels as if he were being electrified,

Pain in the limbs as if the bones were squeezed narrower, with pressure in the joints,

Sensation in the limbs as if he had caught cold, accompanied by frequent chilliness during the day and heat in the face in the evening,

Tearing in the left scapula, in the arms, hands, and legs, especially in the evening (third day),

Painless beating or throbbing in the left calf like pulsations, early in the morning (fourth day),

Upper extremities

Tearing, at different periods, in the arms and all the parts thereof, in the shoulders, axillae, upper arms, elbows, forearms, etc.,

Stitches in the shoulders, axillae, and arms, also at night,

Frequent tearing, occurring at intervals, in both axillae, in the afternoon (fourth day),

Pain as from a sprain, in the shoulder-joint, especially on raising the arm,

Sudden jerk or concussion in the right shoulder (after two hours),

(Soft red), swelling of the arm, and violent stitches in it,

Lassitude of the arms,

Great lassitude in the arms, which the person is scarcely able to lift (third day),

Great weariness of one arm,

Burning (and tension) of the arms (upper arms) and fingers, and of the left elbow, as from glowing iron,

Continual burning and stinging in the arms, with stiffness in the back, so that she cannot well move,

Heat in the right arm, from time to time, which may be even felt externally,

Sense of tightness in the arm, as from cold,

Tearing in the arms, from the upper arm to the fingers, and from the fingers and wrist-joints to the shoulders,

Paralytic pain, as from a bruise, in the arms, sometimes across the small of the back, coming to the right upper arm, and going to the left lower arm, and vice versâ,

Itching of every part of the arms, which disappears by scratching,

Pain in the left upper arm, as if it were dislocated,

Drawing pain in the left humerus (second day),

Tearing pain in the back part of the upper arm, extending as far as the scapula, when sneezing and coughing,

(Sticking) tearing in the upper arm and elbow; it seems to be in the bone, in the forenoon,

Stitches in the muscles of the left upper arm (after some hours),

Almost constant boring pain in the point of the elbow,

Pain above the point of the elbow, especially on leaning upon it, as from a sharp pressure on the upper arm,

Sticking pain, as from a sprain, in the elbow and wrist-joint,

Continual (visible) twitching in the right forearm and the lower joint of the left thumb,

Excessive heaviness in the forearms and hands; her arms seem shorter,

Her left lower arm goes to sleep every day; there is a pricking sensation in it from the hand to the elbow,

Painful drawing in the lower arm, when at rest,

Drawing and tearing pain in the lower arm, extending as far as the hand, in the morning on waking,

Painful tearing in the lower arm, apparently upon the bone, lasting one minute and occurring three times,

Tearing in the forearms, as far as the wrist and the fingers,

The left wrist is so sensitive that he cannot lift anything with this hand without the greatest pain,

Distended veins of the hands in the afternoon and evening,

Rough, chapped, readily bleeding hands,

After violent itching of the hands, the skin peels off, on the third day, like bran; at the same time a small round spot forms behind the left thumb and index, which burns violently, but lasts only one day,

Continual troublesome coldness of the hands,

On waking, his right hand has gone to sleep,

Itching upon the hands, the back of the hands, and between the fingers; relieved by scratching,

Swelling of the fingers,

In the tips of the fingers, a disposition to ulcerate; there is formed in them a white ulcerated spot, with stinging pain; it goes off without opening,

The middle fingers are painful on motion,

Sensation in the right index as if it were dislocated,

His left thumb went to sleep in the afternoon twice in succession; then crawling, which lasted for some time,

Drawing pain in the thumb and index,

Tearing in and between the fingers,

Formication in the fingers of the right hand, in the evening, with burning stinging (sixth day),

An eschar upon the finger, which was formed nine years ago in dissecting, begins to itch (ninth, twelfth day),

Itching on and between the fingers, which goes off by scratching,

Itching on the right fingers, which increases by scratching and rubbing,

Itching around the lowest joints of the fingers, which increases by friction; this is succeeded by an insufferable pain in the bones of the fingers,

Burning itching, with crawling, between the index and middle fingers of the left hand,

Extreme brittleness of the finger-nails; they break on being cut,

Gnawing beneath the finger-nails, with crawling along the arm, as far as the clavicle,

Lower extremities

Great heaviness in the lower limbs; he can scarcely drag them; when walking he staggers and has to sit down; in the evening (fifth day),

Pain in the legs and loins during motion,

After a walk, pain in the legs and loins; it prevents her from sleeping,

Great weariness of the legs when sitting,

Staggering walk as in intoxication,

Drawing in the extremities,

The right hip-joint gives him pain,

Tearing pain over both hips and on the upper brim of the pelvis,

Tearing and sticking in the hip-joint, and just above the knee, in paroxysms,

Stitches in the left hip, extending to the small of the back and to the loins; when breathing repeated,

Pain in the left hip as from a bruise; it becomes worse on pressure, early in the morning (fourth day),

When sitting the nates go to sleep,

Cutting, as with a knife, transversely across the right half of the nates, in the forenoon (second day),

Burning and biting itching of the thighs, passing off by scratching,

In the thighs and legs, long-continued tension, almost like a cramp, extending downwards; only a few minutes, but frequently returning,

Tearing in the legs, the thighs and legs, when sitting and lying, especially at night,

Trembling of the knees,

Cracking of the right knee in walking,

At night, violent pain in the bend of the knee, extending down to the heel,

Pain in the bend of the left knee; the boy cannot tread upon the foot,

Her knees appear to her to be longer during the pain,

Painful boring in the right knee (after two hours),

Drawing pain in the bend of the knees, on ascending, not descending the stairs,

Drawing in both knees on ascending the stairs; the pain is not felt on simply bending the knees, nor is it felt on touching them,

Sensation of pressure into the bend of the left knee, when walking, after having risen from the seat,

Sharp, twitching pressure from without inwards at the patella,

Tearing in the knees and patella,

Violent tearing, beginning at the knees and coming out at the toes, with a sensation of swelling of the knees; in the afternoon, until evening (relieved by walking), (twenty-first day),

Dull tearing on the inside of the left knee, in the evening (nineteenth day),

Sticking-tearing pain in the knee, in the evening, before falling asleep,

Stitches in the left knee, only when sitting; they disappear when walking in the open air,

Sticking and tearing in the right knee, in the evening (first day),

Pain in the patella on pressing the hand upon it or upon bending the knee,

Feeling of uneasiness in the legs for several evenings, at seven o'clock, lasting half an hour, before she went to sleep,

Drawing in the legs,

Heaviness of the legs; she can scarcely lift them,

Weariness of the legs, especially in the middle of the tibiae; they feel bruised when standing or walking; she feels as if she would sink down, for then the pain is worse, especially in the evening; less when sitting and lying,

Tearing drawings in the leg, extending up from the malleolus externus,

Tearing in the legs at different periods,

Gnawing pain in the legs,

Cramplike sticking pain, in the right leg, with a sensation of numbness; during the afternoon nap, when sitting, and also after waking,

Stitches in the right tibia, when in bed in the evening,

Pain, as from a bruise, in the left tibia, especially during motion,

Upon laying one foot across the other or stepping upon the toes, she is attacked with painful cramps of the calves,

When walking the gastrocnemii muscles appear too short; they seem tense (after twenty hours),

Before taking the drug he had tension of the calves (soles of the feet and toes, with spasm and paralysis of the legs); this symptom is increased by the drug, and extends over the knee, so that he cannot keep himself straight; afterwards a burning, shooting, sometimes cutting pain in the calves and soles (the first day),

Tension and burning, on the external surface of the right calf, in the evening (second day),

Tensive pain at the inside of the calves when walking,

Frequent cramps in the calves,

Cramp in the calves, as if the tendons were too short, after rising from his seat, passing off on walking about; previously his feet became suddenly so languid that he was afraid of rising, in the afternoon (second day),

Painless drawing down along both calves (after two hours),

Tearing in the calves,

Violent formication in both calves, after super (fifth day),

Itching of the calves,

On trying to step upon the foot severe stitches in the malleolus of the right foot, and violent cutting from the left big toe to the heel, so that he is not able to step upon the foot (second day),

Sensitive drawing pain in the tendo Achillis, when at rest, not when walking,

Tearing in each Tendo Achillis, in the evening (fifth day),

Numbness of the heel on stepping upon the foot,

Sensation in the left heel as if it were compressed from both sides (second day),

Heaviness in the feet, with tearing,

Heaviness in the feet, with great lassitude of the legs (third day),

The right foot goes to sleep, with crawling in it,

Painful drawing below the malleoli (tenth day),

Tearing in the feet and malleoli at different periods,

Pain in the bones on the dorsum of the foot on touching them, accompanied by itching (first day),

An ulcer in the sole of the foot, which is almost entirely cured, causes a stinging pain on stepping upon it; in the room, after having walked in the open air,

Pain in the sole of the foot, on stepping upon it, as though it were too soft and swollen,

Tension in the sole of the foot, in the forenoon (second day),

Burning stitches in the sole of the right foot, in the evening and in the morning, disappearing by rubbing,

Painful sensitiveness of the sole of the right foot,

The old hard skin of the feet becomes very sensitive,

The hard skin of the sole of the foot is very sensitive to the touch; but even without being touched it is affected with a violent aching pain,

Stinging, titillation, and pricking in the soles of the feet, ,

Tickling itching in the sole of the foot,

Itching and titillation in the sole of the foot,

Herpes between the toes,

Cutting in the big toe of the right foot, as if he walked upon knives, early in the morning, when walking (fourth day),

Burning stitches in the left big toe, close to the nail, at night,

Stinging pain in the ball of the big toe,

Crawling in the big toe, as if it had been frozen (second day),

Itching of the toes, after staying in the open air,

Itching and shining redness of the great toes; they are painful upon external pressure (after fourth day),

Itching of the toes and feet, when the feet have become warm by walking; after walking the symptoms disappear immediately (after thirty days),

Itching of the toes, with redness, as if they had been frozen worse after scratching, in the evening (third, fourth, sixteenth days),

Corns are very painful,

Smarting stitches in the corns,

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