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Alumina - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Early on waking, depressed.

most symptoms appear. early, anxiety.

early, head confused. early, head feels cloudy, etc.

early, head feels heavy.

vertigo. quickly passing vertigo.

in bed, rhythmical beating in whole head.

early, painful spot in forehead.

early, on waking, headache in vertex, etc.

on waking, burning of eyes.

early, biting, etc. pain in eyes.

sensation of dry gum in eyes.

early, stitches in right side of head.

on waking, dry gum in eyes.

on waking, eyes agglutinated.

early, after waking, lachrymation.

early, sometimes, burning, etc.

of eyes. boring pain in ear.

early, roaring in ears.

early, after rising, roaring before the ears.

early, sour smell in the nose.

heat, etc., in left side of face.

spitting of saliva, etc.

early, flat, etc., taste in mouth.

on rising, bitter, etc., taste in mouth.

on waking, thick mucus in throat.

early, sweet taste in throat, etc.

on waking, thick mucus in throat.

early, sweet taste in throat, etc.

on waking throat rough, etc.

dull stitches in right tonsil.

contraction of the oesophagus, etc.

early, sweetish rising from the stomach.

inclination to vomit. retching in the throat.

faintlike nausea. nausea, etc.

oppression at stomach.

early, on turning in bed, soreness at pit of stomach.

early, before breakfast, pain from the bladder to the chest.

on waking, and while in bed, drawing, etc., in urethra.

early, urging to urinate, etc.

decrease of urine. dry cough.

violent dry cough. cough with expectoration.

early, stiffness of neck, etc.

pain in kidneys. early, pain in coccyx.

weakness of all the limbs, etc.

early, on waking, rigidity of the hands, etc.

on waking, pain in the lower arm.

early, pain in left hip.

early, beating in left calf.

burning stitches in right sole.

early, cutting in right big toe.

would like to sleep long.

upon remaining in bed, after 6 o'clock, begins to sweat.

(Forenoon), Depressed, etc.

indisposed to labor, etc.

heat rises into head. tearing in whole head.

tearing in forehead. tension in spot in right temple.

boring, etc., in temples.

beating, etc., in vertex.

tearing, etc., in right side of head.

drawing in right side of the occiput.

sourish taste in throat.

acid risings into mouth.

cold sensation in stomach.

tearing from hypochondriac region into hip.

sensation as if the hypochondriac regions were pressed together.

cutting, etc., in the hypogastric region.

cough. dry cough. difficult breathing.

pressure in chest. drawing in the muscles of the neck.

tension between scapulae.

twitches at the point of the coccyx.

tearing upper arm, etc.

cutting across the nates..

(Afternoon), Peevish, etc.

headache, etc. stitches in the head, etc.

beating in whole head.

stitch in the forehead.

stitches in the forehead, etc.

beating, etc., in forehead, etc.

in right temple. weakness of the eyelids.

boring in hollow of ear.

rattling, etc., in nose.

drawing, etc., in left cheek, etc.

watery saliva in mouth.

hoarseness, etc., of throat.

pinching at the stomach.

pressure, etc., across stomach, etc.

cutting in region of stomach, etc.

burning, etc., in right hypochondriac region.

worrying around the navel.

pressure in umbilical region, etc.

cold feeling in abdomen.

burning in abdomen. pinching in abdomen.

pinching, etc., in left side of abdomen.

abdomen seems to hang down heavily.

frequent and increased urine.

when sitting, numerous erections.

leucorrhoea. sudden hoarseness.

sudden cough, etc. weight in chest, etc.

sense of contraction around chest.

burning in right side of chest.

tension in back of neck.

tearing in the axillae.

distended veins of hands.

right thumb went to sleep.

tearing from knees to toes, etc.

cramp in calves. shaking chilliness in the back.

warmth in right side of face..

(Evening), Most of the symptoms appear.

throat symptoms. uneasiness.

external pinching, etc., in head.

headache, tearing, etc.

pressive headache. tearing in forehead.

boring into the right temple.

boring, etc., in left temple.

tearing, etc., in left frontal eminence.

redness of the eyes, etc.

pressure in right eye.

biting in left eye. sense of excoriation in the interior of eyes.

burning and dryness of the eyelids, etc.

inflammation of conjunctiva of the right eye.

dim-sightedness. eyes dull and dry.

heat and redness of ear.

stitches in ears. roaring of ears.

pains in the nose, etc.

sensation in nose as if a cold were coming on.

boring in the teeth. boring in the teeth of right side.

drawing in the teeth of right side.

on lying down in bed, cutting toothache.

in bed, saliva accumulates in mouth.

bitter taste, after eating apples.

everything tasteless, etc.

thick mucus in throat.

dryness of the throat.

sourish taste in the throat, etc.

sense of burning in the throat.

constrictive pain in throat, etc.

rawness, etc., of throat.

soreness in throat. aching sore throat.

stitches, etc., in throat.

bitter eructations, etc.

in bed, sour eructations.

hiccough. pain in the stomach, etc.

cold sensation in stomach.

in bed, griping in pit of stomach.

stitches in the stomach, etc.

stitches in left lower ribs.

pinching around the navel.

emission of flatulence.

pinching in the abdomen.

pressing in both groins.

varix of rectum enlarges.

weak feeling in the bladder, etc.

burning in urethra, while urinating.

numerous erections. sudden hoarseness.

dry cough. pinching in the upper chest.

boring pain in chest. pressure on sternum.

before falling asleep in bed, tearing, sticking in small of back.

twitchings in lower extremities, etc.

heat in the face. tearing in the left scapula, etc.

distended veins of hands.

formication in right fingers.

tearing on inside of left knee.

tearing in the knee. sticking, etc., in right knee.

legs feel bruised. in bed, stitches in right tibia.

tension, etc., on surface of right calf.

tearing in each tendo Achillis.

tension in sole of foot.

burning stitches in right sole.

itching of the toes, etc.

in bed, inclines to convulsive laughter.

lassitude, etc. pain in small of back, etc.

burning of eruption across shoulders.

stinging, here and there, of the whole body.

itching, here and there.

cannot fall asleep under an hour.

frequent repetition of chills.

chills over whole body.

feverish symptoms, etc.

alternate chilliness and warmth.

heat in whole body..

(Night), Throat symptoms.

in bed, headache. pressive headache.

agglutination of eyes.

burning, etc., of eyes.

stitches deep in right ear.

violent dry catarrh. in bed, throbbing of roots of teeth.

drawing in one side of throat, etc.

impeded deglutition. distension of the abdomen.

emission of badly smelling flatus.

when lying in bed, numerous erections.

when waking, painful erections.

priapism. leucorrhoea.

dry cough, etc. cramp, etc., of chest.

pressure on chest, etc.

violent pain in chest.

stitches in shoulders, etc.

pain in bend of knee. burning stitches in left big toe.

when waking, anxiety, etc.

sobs and groans in sleep.

uneasiness in all the limbs.

tosses about, etc. chilliness, etc.

heat, with anxiety, etc..

(After dinner), Immediately, all the symptoms become aggravated.

shortly after most of the symptoms come on.

surging in the hand. heat in the head.

pulsate headache. burning, etc., pain in forehead.

pressive pain in forehead.

pressing-in pain in right temple.

face seems larger, etc.

when walking in open air, skin of face tense.

immediately, tickling in the teeth, etc.

mouth feels burnt. clearing throat of phlegm.

rancid eructations. hiccough.

pain at stomach, etc.

drawing in stomach. gnawing in region of stomach.

stitches in stomach, etc.

much distension, with tenesmus.

fulness of abdomen, etc.

passage of badly smelling flatus.

violent attacks of colic.

pain in chest. drowsiness..

(Walking), Severe vertigo.

pressive headache. beating in head.

pain under ribs. abdomen seems to hang down.

varix of rectum enlarges.

dark-colored blood from rectum.

pressure in chest. pressure on sternum.

pain in loins. pain in small of back.

cracking of right knee.

pressure in bend of left knee.

legs feel bruised. gastrocnemii appear too short.

pain at inside of calves.

cutting in right big toe.

pain in legs and loins.

bruised pain in loins, etc..

On closing the eyes but lightly, they are often spasmodically closed with pain.

if he tries to open his eyes in the night, they pain him as if they were oppressed with a sudden flood of bright sunlight, even in darkness.

they become again drawn together.

these symptoms are accompanied by little sleep, and by frequent twitching during the day in the right upper eyelid,.

Gnawing pain in one of the front molar teeth of the lower jaw, with tearing behind the ear, as if the ear would be torn out.

worse at nine o'clock in the evening, and then slowly decreasing.

sitting up in the bed gives a little relief.

after midnight there is only gnawing in the tooth.

the pain remains the same under all circumstances.

in daytime it is dull,.

After dinner, much distension, with tenesmus.

this was afterwards succeeded by the passage of two hard balls of faeces.

afterwards she went to walk, during which the distension of the abdomen continued in spite of the copious emissions of flatulence.

no relief was obtained till a copious evacuation occurred after her walk (ninth day),.

After dinner, violent attacks of colic, the whole afternoon.

short sleep relieves. as soon as he moves, it seems as if they would return, with violent tenesmus and occasional expulsion of faeces.

this lasts until evening.

the anus feels sore, with stinging, so that he cannot sit down without pain.

on the following day, liquid mucus frequently passes off by the rectum, involuntarily (after fourteen days),.

Colic, followed by diarrhoea, this was succeeded by a violent pain in the abdomen, at the place where, when a girl, she had an internal ulcer, which opened.

the pain was like that felt after a violent blow.

she had to rub the place and lay the hand upon it, whilst the body was bent.

this relieved the pain somewhat, but it lasted uniformly the whole day, either sitting or standing (seventeenth day),.

Acrid leucorrhoea, with burning in the genital organs, and still more in the rectum.

these parts seemed inflamed and corroded, so that she found walking difficult.

washing with cold water relieved.

the leucorrhoea was abundant, and flowed almost over her feet.

at the same time blood, resembling meat washings, passed for two days.

three days after the menses (twenty-second day),.