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Alumina - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great lassitude of the body, especially after walking in the open air, with yawning, stretching and extension of the limbs, sleepiness and inclination to lie down, which however increases the weariness (1st and 3d d.).

Lassitude throughout the whole body, with dullness of the thinking faculty, flying heat in the face and anxiety (4th d.).

A little talking and a little walk fatigues him.

Excessively tired and weary; he must sit down.

Very weary in the whole body, with chilliness and headache (33d d.).

Weary, dizzy in the head, the pulse often feverish, and in disposed to work, for several days; also little appetite; after dinner sleepy; heaviness in the body, frequent inclination to eructation, which however does not take place at all or only imperfectly (aft. 4 w.).

Fatigued, weary, so that she can hardly lift her feet, at the same time sleepy and lazy (22d d.).

Weary and sleepy.

Much yawning, with sleepiness (only passing away in the open air).

Constant yawning, also before dinner, without sleepiness.

Great drowsiness in the evening, even while standing.

Great drowsiness in the evening, as early as 6 o'clock.

Sleep and dreams

She goes to sleep early in the evening.

In the morning when rising, she feels as if she had not slept enough; weary, with yawning.

In the morning after a restless sleep, he is still tired and does not want to rise.

He always desires to sleep late in the morning.

He always has to sleep longer in the morning than usual, and can not rouse himself; on the other hand, he can not at once go to sleep in the evening.

In the evening, he is late in getting to sleep on account of frequent fantastic imaginings (2d d.).

Can not go to sleep for a whole hour in the evening, but afterwards he sleeps well.

He can not go to sleep before midnight, hindered as it were by a heavy feeling in his arms.

He can not go to sleep before midnight, and throws himself from one side to the other (2d d.).

At night, restless in all the limbs, this prevents his going to sleep.

She can not find rest at night anywhere, she throws herself about and everything hurts her, for several nights (aft. 15 d.).

Restless sleep he throws himself about in the bed; he feels hot and anxious; at the same time twitches of the limbs, and starting before going to sleep.

During the first nights, a very restless sleep.

Restless sleep; she often turned over; she felt hot, she mostly lay uncovered; her sleep was only a slumber without refreshing her, with many dreams and frequent awaking (7th d.).

Restless sleep, with toothache.

Frequent awaking at night, for 8 days (12th d.).

Awaking before midnight from a dry cough, first with chilliness, and later with a dry heat.

After midnight a restless sleep, he awakes often and tosses about in his bed.

At night in bed, beating at the roots of his teeth like pulsation.

At 12 at night, he awakes from violent griping and rumbling in the abdomen, which passes away toward morning (aft. 12 d.).

At night in bed, headache.

In the evening in bed, griping in the scrobiculus cordis.

Violent pains at night, in the hough and down to the heel.

He awakes at night with cramps and tightness of the chest (after a long walk on the day before).

Early about 4 o'clock, waking up from chilliness of the whole body, with violent contraction in the stomach, constant empty eructation which relieves; then four fluid stools in succession, with continual chilliness and with subsequent burning in the anus; the chilliness lasts till evening (32d d.).

At night on awaking, anxiety, oppressed breathing and copious perspiration.

Is waked up about 4 or 5 in the morning by anguish in his heart, as if perspiration would break out, which does not appear; on rising, the anguish immediately disappears.

Awaking in the morning with depression as from sorrow, without clear consciousness.

Awaking early, with nausea and qualmishness in the stomach, and fatigued as if the sleep had in no way refreshed her; at the same time a quick feverish pulse with internal heat (3d d.).

Early in bed on awaking, a drawing, smarting sensation in the urethra.

Starting up after midnight from an anxious dream (that a horse pursued him and wanted to bite him) (10th d.).

Violent starting from sleep, before midnight, and a complete awaking (7th d.).

She talked aloud in her sleep, laughed and wept.

Much talking in sleep, as if he had anxious dreams.

Before midnight great restlessness during sleep with violent weeping and disconsolate grief, without any proper consciousness, for some minutes.

She moans and groans at night as if she were weeping, but she is unconscious of it, soon after going to sleep (7th d.).

He rises at night unconsciously from his bed and with his eyes firmly closed, he walks anxiously from one room into the other, rubbing his eyes; being brought again to bed, the boy went straight to sleep again.

The sleep is too sound, she has to be waked up.

Sound (dreamy) sleep with erections.

The sleep is deep toward morning, with dreams that tire the head (aft. 10 h.).

Good sleep with many (agreeable) dreams.

Agreeable dreams about receiving money and the like.

Confused dreams.

Shameful dream.

Many dreams, but all of a disagreeable kind.

Dreams of quarrels and vexation.

Dreams of falling stars, of a conflagration, of marriages.

Dreams of thieves, with anxious awaking.

Dreams of committing a theft or that she had fallen among robbers.

Tormenting dreams, which on awaking leave behind them a deadly fear.

Distressing dreams with restless sleep.

Anxious dreams towards morning, the sleep being otherwise good (aft. 12 d.).

Frightfully anxious dreams and nightmare.

Anxious dreams, e.g., the flayer forces dog's meat into his mouth.

In his dream he has to descent from a height, and thinks that he must fall.

A dream, that she is in a ferry-boat sinking in the river, with anxious awaking.

A dream that he is going about in a river, in which he sees snakes and other animals of which he is afraid.

He dreams of ghosts, and makes a noise in the night, so that he wakens.

The whole night, chilliness and restless sleep (33 d.).


An attack in the evening she fells sick and things turn around with her, with constant palpitation and severe anxiety, lasting the whole night till the next forenoon.

On entering the room after walking in the open air, anxiety and nausea during speaking ensues.

An attack in the evening; violent pain in the small of the back and vertigo, then urging to stool with a discharge of mere blood; she felt as if paralyzed in the small of the back; it gave her no support in sitting up straight.

An attack rush of blood to the head, black before the eyes, vertigo, ringing before the ears and sleepiness.

An attack first he sat still without answering, then anxious groaning for 5 minutes, then for 10 minutes severe convulsive laughter, then again weeping; then alternately laughter and weeping.

In the evening in bed, inclination to convulsive laughter (5th d.).

Tremulous excitement of the whole nervous system.

Shaking pulsation through the whole body.

Sensation of contraction in the right index finger and the foot, as if the tendons were too short; if he touches anything with the finger, he feels as if electrified.

During the siesta, when he is about to go to sleep while sitting, a jerk through head and limbs, like an electric shock, with stupefaction.

His arm and also his head are jerked backwards several times, with anxiety.

In the evening, twitches in both legs at once, especially in the legs and feet, then an inclination in the arms to turn about and to stretch upward.

Involuntary twitches now and then, and movements of one foot, of the fingers, etc.

Involuntary movements of the head and of other members.

Twitchings in all the limbs.

Tortures in the limbs as if the bones were compressed, with pressure in the joints.

Restlessness, obliged always to move the feet and to walk about.

Restlessness, both while sitting and lying down, she has to move the hands and the feet, now here, now there.

Most of the troubles seem to come while sitting and to be alleviated by walking.

All the symptoms are aggravated immediately after dinner.

Most of the troubles appear soon after dinner and in the evening.

Many of the troubles come after dinner and last till evening, while they vanish in the forenoon and at night.

Potatoes seem too aggravate or to again call forth the symptoms.

He feels best after meals.

He feels somewhat better every other day.

He feels pretty well during the day; most of the troubles come on in the morning and evening.

The patient appears better in the open air and in the evening.

Disposition to colds; even in the room she becomes hoarse; improved by walking in the open air.

Perspiration at every motion and afterwards shuddering from chilliness, as if the person had taken cold.

Sensation in the limbs, as if cold had been taken; during the day frequent chilliness and in the evening heat in the face.

Unbearable itching of the whole body, especially on getting warm, and in bed; he has to scratch until he bleeds and after scratching the skin is painful.

Itching on the whole of the body, especially in the face (7th d.).

Itching here and there in small spots of the body, mostly in the evening; does not disappear from scratching.

Violent itching of the whole body, as if an eruption would break out (5th d.).

Severe itching and fretting of the skin of the whole body, relieved but little by scratching.

Stinging itching of the back and also of the side of the abdomen (2d d.).

Stinging, now here, now there, on the whole body, especially in the evening.

The tetters (small, white, itching pimples in groups) multiply.

Itching of the tetters, especially towards evening.

Violently itching miliary eruption on the arms and legs without redness, with bleeding of serum after scratching.

Itching stinging in the tetters.

Little injuries of the skin become excoriated and inflamed.

Especially much wearied by talking.

Tremulous weariness.

Weariness in the forenoon and severe chilliness; in the afternoon she shook from cold in the back.

Irresistible inclination to lie down (aft. 3 h.).

Sleepiness during the day.

With great weariness, she is irresistibly overcome in the forenoon by sleep; she lies down and sleeps soundly for 1 hour, when the weariness has disappeared and she feels very well.

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