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Alumina - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Tremulous lassitude,

Lassitude in the forenoon, and great chilliness; in the afternoon shaking chilliness in the back,

Great lassitude of the whole body, with chilliness and headache (thirty-third day),

Lassitude; dizziness; frequently a feverish pulse and want of disposition to work for several days; little appetite; drowsiness after dinner; heaviness in the body; frequent disposition to eructations, which, however, either do not take place at all, or but imperfectly (after four weeks),

Lassitude in the whole body, accompanied by obtuseness of the thinking faculty, flushes of heat, and anxiety (fourth day),

Physical depression, lassitude, so that she can scarcely lift her feet, accompanied by drowsiness and laziness (twenty-second day),

Great exhaustion of strength, especially after walking in the open air, accompanied by yawning, stretching, drowsiness, and inclination to lie down; lying down, however, increases the lassitude (thirteenth day),

Great fatigue, especially upon talking,

Excessively faint and tired; he is obliged to sit down,

Rush of blood to the head; black before the eyes; giddiness; ringing in the ears, and drowsiness,

Sleep and dreams

Much yawning, accompanied by drowsiness (which goes off only in the open air),

Constant yawning, also before dinner, without drowsiness,

Snoring during the afternoon nap (sixth day),

Drowsiness by day,

Great drowsiness in the evening, even when standing,

Great drowsiness in the evening, already at six o'clock,

She falls asleep very early in the evening,

Tired and drowsy,

Great lassitude, accompanied, in the forenoon, by an irresistible inclination to sleep; she lies down and sleeps soundly for an hour; this sleep caused the lassitude to disappear, and made her feel very comfortable,

She sleeps too soundly and has to be waked,

Deep sleep towards morning, with dreams which fatigue the head (after ten hours),

Early on rising she feels as if she had not slept enough; she still feels tired, and yawns,

Early in the morning, after an uneasy sleep, he still feels tired, and does not wish to rise,

In the morning he would like to sleep longer,

In the morning he is obliged to sleep longer than usual, and he cannot wake up entirely; at the same time, however, he falls asleep later on going to bed,

In the evening he falls asleep late, on account of images crowding upon his fancy (second days),

In the evening he cannot fall asleep under an hour, but afterwards he sleeps well,

He cannot fall asleep before midnight, hindered apparently by a heaviness in the arms,

He cannot fall asleep before midnight, and tosses about from one side to another (second day),

When asleep, she spoke loud, laughed and wept,

Great uneasiness during sleep, with violent weeping and disconsolate grief, without being fully conscious, for a few minutes, before midnight,

She sobs and groans at night, as if she were weeping, although she is not aware of it, shortly after falling asleep (seventh day),

Violent startings when asleep, before midnight, which rouse him completely (seventh day),

At night uneasiness in all the limbs; this prevents him from falling asleep,

She cannot find rest anywhere at night; she tosses about and feels pain all over, for several nights (after fifteenth day),

Uneasy sleep; he tosses about in bed, feels hot and anxious accompanied by twitchings in the limbs and startings, before falling asleep,

Uneasy sleep during the first nights,

Uneasy sleep; she often turned from one side to another; she felt hot, lay most of the time uncovered; her sleep was a mere slumber, which did not afford her any rest, accompanied by many dreams, and frequently interrupted by waking (seventh day),

Uneasy sleep, with toothache,

Waking frequently at night, for eight days (twelve days),

Wakes up before midnight, on account of a dry cough, first accompanied by chilliness, then by dry heat,

After midnight his sleep is uneasy; he often wakes, and tosses about in the bed,

At night he rises from his bed without being aware of it, and with firmly closed eyes; he goes anxiously from one room to another while he is rubbing his eyes; when brought to bed again, the boy fell asleep immediately,

Uneasy sleep before the appearance of the menses; many dreams; on waking she has orgasm; heat in the face, headache, and palpitation of the heart,

Sound sleep (full of dreams), with erections,

Sound sleep, with many pleasant dreams,

Pleasant dreams, about money which he had received, etc.,

Confused dreams,

A number of dreams, all of them of a disagreeable nature,

Dreams causing anxiety, with uneasy sleep,

Anxious dreams towards morning, the sleep being otherwise sound (after twelve days),

Fearfully anxious dreams and nightmare,

Anxious dreams, such as that the tiler forcibly thrusts a piece of meat into one's mouth,

He talks much when asleep, as if he had an anxious dream,

After midnight he starts up from an anxious dream (that a horse is pursuing him, and intends to bite him), (tenth day),

Dreams about quarrelling and vexations,

Dream, full of shame,

In a dream he imagines he is obliged to descend from a height; he thinks that he will fall,

She dreams that she is upon a ferry-boat which is foundering in the river; she wakes up with anxiety,

He dreams that he is walking about in a river, in which he sees serpents and other animals, of which he is afraid,

He dreams about ghosts, and makes so much noise that it wakes him,

Dreams about falling stars, fires, marriages,

Dreams about thieves; she wakes with anxiety,

She dreams that she has committed a theft, or that she has got among robbers,


Shaking pulsations through the whole body,

Involuntary motions of the head and other parts,

His arm and head are jerked backwards several times, with apprehension,

Tremulous excitement of the whole nervous system,

Even the weakest spirituous drink intoxicates him,

Inclines to convulsive laughter, in the evening when in bed (fifth day),

First he sat still without answering; this was followed by anxious groaning for five minutes; after this a convulsive laugh for ten minutes, then again weeping; then weeping and laughing in alternation,

When he attempts to take his after dinner nap in a sitting posture, a jerk through the head and limbs, like an electric shock, with stupefaction,

Uneasiness; she constantly had to move her feet and to go about,

Uneasiness when sitting or lying; she had to shift the position of her hands and feet,

All the muscles feel paralyzed,

His strength fails, even after a short conversation or walk,

After the menses had ceased body and mind felt exhausted; a little work and moderate walking prostrated her and made her spiritless,

Slow, tottering gait, as after a severe sickness,

Unconquerable disposition to lie down (after three hours),

Walking in the open air is succeeded by excessive cheerfulness and staring look; afterwards, at every motion, cold shiverings and sweat, with chilliness of the head; when going to sleep, head, hands, and feet are hot,

At night, when waking, there is anxiety, dyspnoea, and profuse sweat,

Upon entering the room, after a walk in the open air, dread and nausea when talking,

Towards evening she feels sick at the stomach, and her head turns, with constant palpitation of the heart and great anxiety; this lasted the whole night until the next forenoon,

Orgasm of blood, with increased pulse, and trembling of the hands when writing; also after a meal, with heat of the whole body, and sweat of the face (first day),

In the evening violent pain in the small of the back, and vertigo, followed by a desire for stool, during which pure blood was passed; feeling of paralysis in the small of the back; when sitting straight she had no support,

Pain, as from bruises, in the loins, over the hip and in the muscles of the calf, when walking,

Lightning-like shooting to and fro in the right shoulder, the small of the back, and the abdomen; afterwards feels bruised (second day),

(Dull, pressive pains in the bones, especially of the legs, the chest, and the back),

Pain, as from bruises, in the back and all the extremities, as in fever and ague,

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