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Alumina - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Feeling of weakness in the bladder and genital organs; he fears that he will wet the bed (in the evening),

Violent tenesmus of the bladder,

Pressure and drawing in the region of the bladder, especially at the neck of the bladder (fourth and fifth days),

(Clap for more than six weeks (after fourteenth day), with a violent and painful swelling of the inguinal glands of the right side, cutting pain during micturition, and pain in the perineum, especially violent at the end of the second week; the pain in the perineum is especially violent when standing, rising, or sitting down),

Sensation of heat in the urethra, which passes off by lying still,

(Feeling of dryness in the anterior portion of the urethra, as if the skin there were without sensibility, especially in the morning),

Tearings and shootings in the urethra when walking in the open air, ascending towards the hypogastrium,

Agreeable and voluptuous itching in the urethra and between the testicles,

Itching, burning in the urethra,

Early in the morning, on waking, while in bed, a drawing and biting sensation in the urethra,

Cutting in the anterior part of the urethra during micturition, and even awhile afterwards, as if the urine passed over an inflamed place (after eighteenth day),

After urinating the urethra became hot, then burning, and he had tenesmus of both rectum and bladder,

Urging and pressure to urinate, without increased quantity of urine,

Urging to urinate early in the morning, on waking, with difficult and tardy emission of the urine in a thin stream, from the female urethra (seventh day),

(When he wishes to urinate he has a sort of fright),

When urinating, burning like fire; much worse in the evening (first day),

He is frequently obliged to rise during the night to urinate (first and fourth days),

(After sitting a long time he feels no inconvenience in urinating, but as soon as he moves about he feels a burning),

(Urinating is followed by burning, which makes him low-spirited and desponding),

During her menses she was obliged to urinate frequently day and night, which corroded the genital organs (sixth day),

Frequent emission of urine in small quantity in the evening (first day),

Increased secretion of urine for several days,

Involuntary emissions of urine, occasioned by bearing down in order to evacuate the bowels, which can only be effected with great difficulty (second day),

(Involuntary emission of urine, at least twenty times a day; very little urine passes off at a time); (with a clap) (after four weeks),

Seldom, but copious emission of urine (sixth day),

Increased secretion of pale, hot urine, with burning,

Emission of much straw-yellow, clear urine (fourth and fifth days),

Large quantity of water-colored urine,

Frequent and copious emission of pale urine (preceded by burning in the urethra),

(Twisted stream of urine),

Decrease of urine (in the morning), with cutting in the anterior part of the urethra (fourth, fifth, and sixth days),

For a whole day there is no evacuation, either of urine or faeces,

No emission of urine in the forenoon, but, in the afternoon, frequent emissions of an increased quantity of a reddish urine, which becomes turbid during the night, and deposits a sediment (first day),

She passes but little urine, which deposits a sediment or red sand,

The deep yellow urine soon deposits a large and loose cloud (first and fifth days),

When standing, the urine deposits a thick white sediment,

Pale urine, with a turbid sediment,

White, turbid urine, as if chalk had been stirred with it,


Drawing from the glans through the urethra (after five days),


On moving his hand along the penis, has a drawing pain, which extends as far as the glans; with weak appetite,

Soreness on the inner surface of the prepuce,

Secretion of much smegma behind the glans,

Sensation as if the glans were compressed (for two minutes),

Formation upon the glans,

Itching of the glans (fourth day),

Itching of the scrotum; removed by scratching (second day),

Contractive pain in the right spermatic cord; the testicle of the right side is drawn up at the same time, and is also very sore and painful (second day),

The left testicle is hard, and indescribably painful to the touch,

During coition the semen passes thick and lumpy like jelly,


Jerking stitches on the left side of the pudendum, extending into the chest,

Pain, like the tick of a watch, on the left side of the vagina, with throbbing as in formation of pus in an ulcer, which continues for two days, unchanged under all conditions; however, nothing could be either seen or felt (thirty-sixth day),

Six days before the appearance of the menses, she has a copious flow of mucus from the vagina, accompanied by tremor, lassitude, and a sensation as if everything would fall out of her abdomen,


Numerous erections in the evening, and during the night when lying in bed, and in the afternoon when sitting (first to third day),

(When waking, during the night, almost constantly painful erections; they are not perfect, but cause a sensation as if the organ were ulcerated internally, with short, fine, piercing stitches in the whole organ, resembling shootings) (after four weeks),

(Priapisms during the night),

At first, the sexual instinct appears to be lessened, and the erections appear to be increased; whereas, in the reaction of the organism, the desire for an embrace increases, although erection is wanting,

Indifference to sexual inter-course,

Want of sexual instinct (immediately, for several days),

During the first weeks, the sexual instinct is more intense, in the following weeks decreasing, and more moderate,

Frequent and violent erections and emissions (after three and thirty-three days),

Emissions, two nights in succession (after fifteen days),

Emission during the afternoon nap,

Almost every other night an emission, with voluptuous dreams,

Emissions, the first four nights, with voluptuous dreams,

Pressure in the sexual organs,

Tickling of the sexual organs and the thighs,

Itching in the pudenda, during the leucorrhoea,


(The leucorrhoea with which she was affected, ceased),

Frequently acrid leucorrhoea,

Leucorrhoea, looking like meat washings, in the afternoon, when walking in the open air (and when sitting), also at night,

Profuse leucorrhoea of transparent mucus, only in daytime, without sensation or pain in the abdomen,

Leucorrhoea, quite clear, like water or transparent mucus; it made the linen stiff (after eight days),

Leucorrhoea of yellow mucus (after some days),


Leucorrhoea succeeding the menses, painless, lasting three days (after twenty-seventh day),

The menses appear four days too soon, preceded by violent headache, which ceased on the appearance of the menses; after they had flowed for one day, the headache came on again, and continued during the whole period, for five days; the menses were less copious than usual (after twenty-two days),

The period came on five days too early; a copious flow on the second day; lasted eight days, as usual; preceded by pains in the abdomen; diarrhoea on the sixth day,

Menses appear too soon (by three to eleven days), short and scanty,

The menses, which had gradually stopped, appear again (after seventeen days),

The period had already delayed ten days (after fifty-two days); during a walk and a desire for urinating, a little dark-colored lymph passed; the menses did not appear till the third month (in a woman of forty-eight years),

Appearance of scanty menses (after ninth day); four weeks later (after thirty-seven days), they flow copiously,

The menses are scanty, and last only three days,

Menses scanty and pale (after three days),

The menses appear on the sixth day, without any disagreeable symptoms; two days later, a cold comes on with pain in the nose, the head, and the forehead, increased on blowing the nose; in the later days; diarrhoea and colic intervene besides,

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