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Alumina - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Protrusion of a varix of the rectum; it enlarges by walking, and decreases during a night's rest,

Varices of the rectum always enlarge in the evening; they become moist, and burn,

The rectum is inactive, as if it were deficient in peristaltic motion, and had not strength enough to press the contents out; the stools are soft and thin, and can only be pressed out by straining the abdominal muscles (after sixteen hours),

The rectum seems paralyzed (second day),

The varices become moist, and sting,

When walking, dark-colored blood passes out of her rectum,

Tenesmus of the rectum and the bladder, passing off after an evacuation,

Tenesmus (third day),

Tenesmus (first day),

Tenesmus, lasting a long while, succeeding a troublesome pressure in the lower abdomen; the evacuation comes on slowly, and can only be passed by straining the abdominal muscles; the whole of the intestines appear to be inactive for want of peristaltic motion; stools are not hard (after second day),

Tenesmus preceding an evacuation,

Bearing down during an evacuation; the stools are very firm, knotty, and scanty, preceded by tenesmus (second day),

Itching, burning of the anus,

During an evacuation it seemed as if the rectum were dried up and constricted; however, the stool was regular,

Pricking, as with pins, in the anus, after a difficult evacuation,

Crawling in rectum, as from worms,

Itching, burning, and stinging of the rectum,

Sensation of excoriation in the anus, after an evacuation attended with contraction of the rectum and constriction of the anus,

Pressure in the anus (third day),

Itching in the anus for a long while (after thirtieth day),

Itching of the anus, as if it would pulsate,

Severe itching in the fold between the nates and the anus; scratching aggravates it (first and second days),

Sweat of the perineum, with an intolerable itching, which increases, and becomes painful after rubbing,

Sensation as if the perineum, between the scrotum and anus, were inflamed,

Momentary pressure in the perineum on blowing the nose,

Painful pressure in the perineum, which passes off quickly,

Violent pressure in the perineum, at the commencement of coition and during erections,

Pressure in the perineum during coition,

Soreness of the perineum during clap (after four weeks),

Colic preceding an evacuation, which is sometimes solid, sometimes soft, but always scanty,

After an evacuation, much ineffectual desire for stool in the upper abdomen, and in the sides of the abdomen, without tenesmus,

Attacks of slight diarrhoeic stools, with colic, lasting for two and three days,

Diarrhoea succeeding colic,

Diarrhoea succeeding a retention of stool, which had lasted six days; six evacuations a day, preceded by colic, which sometimes continued even after the evacuation,

Twice a diarrhoea in the evening; the stools at last become lumpy (second day),

Diarrhoea, with tenesmus in rectum,

For some time she had three or four ordinary evacuations a day without any trouble,

The evacuation which generally took place in the evening, took place in the morning,

Liquid stools, preceded by pain in the abdomen, or attended with colic (third and fifth day),

Stools soft, almost liquid, with burning in the anus, also an evacuation in the evening, preceded by tenesmus; another in the night (second and fifth days),

The first portion of her stools is liquid, and is expelled with a jerk; the last portion appears burned (fifth day),

Stools covered all over with a whitish mucus, firm, preceded by oppression in the region of the stomach, which ceased immediately after the evacuation (after thirtieth day),

Bright-colored stools,

Bloody mucus passes during and between the evacuations and without it,

Dropping of blood during an evacuation,

Alumina is succeeded by a stream of flood, followed by soreness in the anus, and along the rectum (after seventeenth day),

Blood passes during a firm evacuation (ninth and thirtieth days),

Retention of stool (eighth and eleventh days),

Stool only once every two days, solid, sometimes mixed with blood,

No stool during the first days,

Stools too scanty,

Evacuation of a small quantity of hard faeces, with pressure and a sensation of excoriation in the rectum,

Hard and difficult stools, with pain in the anus,

Difficult evacuations, the stools being hard and of the shape of laurel berries, with cutting pain in the anus, as if it were too narrow,

Firm, hard, scanty stools, with pressure and pain in the anus, and difficult evacuation (the first day),

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