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Alumina - Relationships - Hering

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Compare with the following in clergyman's sore throat Argentum Nitricum Arg. nitr., Kali Bich Kali bich., Lycopodium Lycop., etc.


Alum. and Bryonia Bryon. are complementary.


Similar to Bar. carb. (hypochondriasis of aged; constipation); Bryonia Bryon. (peevish, irritable; gastric and abdominal symptoms; constipation; throbbing headache; dry cough with vomiting; stitches in chest; dryness of mucous surfaces; fever; etc.); Calc Carb Calc. ostr.; Chamom. (useful as an intermediate remedy); Conium Mac Conium (old people; loss of power of internal recti of eyes); Ferrum Met Ferrum (chlorosis; relaxed abdomen; disgust for meat, etc.); Ferrum Met Ferr. Iodium iod. (profuse, transparent leucorrhoea); Graphit. (chlorosis; skin rough, chapped, itching; nails, blepharitis, etc.); Ipecacuanha Ipec. Lachesis Laches. (sad on waking; climaxis); Pulsatilla Pulsat. (tearful, peevish; heat, etc.; better in open air; ozaena taste lost; averse to meat; chlorosis; scanty menses; complaints at puberty; lack of animal heat; soles of feet sore, worse walking; toes red, itching, etc.); Plumbum Metallicum Plumbum (colic; constipation, etc.); Ruta Graveolens Ruta (loss of power of internal recti of eyes); Sepia Sepia (irritable, tearful; ozaena; scanty menses; puberty, prolapsus uteri; inactive rectum; weakness in urinary organs, etc. Silica Marina Silic., Sulphur Sulphur, Zincum Metallicum Zincum (inner canthus; granular lids).

Alum. follows Bryonia Bryon., Lachesis Laches., Sulphur Sulphur; and is followed by Bryonia Bryon.

Chamom. is useful as an intermediate remedy.


Antidotes to Alum. Bryonia Bryon., Camphora Camphor., Chamom., Ipecacuanha Ipec.

Alum. antidotes lead poisoning, as in painter's colic; ailments from lead.


These are relationship sections of other remedies that refer to Alumina. Where the text is greyed out, a relationship with that remedy is already described above.

Argentum Metallicum > relationship
After Argent. met. follows well Calc Carb Calc. ostr., Pulsatilla Pulsat., Sepia Sepia, Argent. met., follows after Alumina Alum., and Platin.

Bovista > relationship
Alumina Alum. followed Bovist. well in rheumatic pains after asthma.

Bryonia > relationship
After Bryon. are frequently indicated Alumina Alum., Kali Carb Kali carb., Nux Vomica Nux vom., Phosphorus Phosphor., Pulsatilla Pulsat., Rhus Tox Rhus tox., Sulphur Sulphur.

Bryonia > antidotes
Antidotes to Bryon. Aconite Acon., Alumina Alum., Camphora Camphor., Chamomilla Chamom., Clemat., Coffea Tosta Coffea, Ignatia Ignat., Muriaticum Acidum Mur. ac., Nux Vomica Nux vom., Pulsatilla Pulsat., Rhus Tox Rhus tox., Senega Seneg.

Chamomilla > antidotes
Antidotes to Chamom. Aconite Acon; Alumina Alum, Borax Borax, Camphora Camphor., Cocculus Indicus Coccul., Coffea Tosta Coffea, Colocynthis Coloc., Ignatia Ignat., Nux Vomica Nux vom., and especially Pulsatilla Pulsat.

Ferrum Met > complementary
Complementary to Alumina Alum., Cinchon.

Ipecacuanha > antidotes
Ipec antidotes Alumina Alum., Arnica Arnic., Arsenicum Album Arsen., Cinchon., vapors of Cuprum Metallicum copper, Dulcamara Dulcam., Ferrum Met Ferrum, Laurocerasus Lauroc., Opium, Tabacum Tabac., Antimonium Tartaricum Tart. em.

Natrum Muriaticum > relationship
In dry mucous membranes, similar to Alumina Alum., Graphit.

Plumbum Metallicum > antidotes
Lead poisoning is antidoted by; Alumen Alumen, Alumina Alum., Opium, Petroleum Petrol., Nux Vomica Nux vom., Platin., Ant. crud., Cocculus Indicus Coccul., Zincum Metallicum Zincum.

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