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Alumina - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Small injuries of the skin become sore and inflamed,

The tetters (small white itching pimples in clusters) increase,

Pimples on the forehead and neck,

Itching of an already dry crust of a small uncured boil on the forehead; the itching disappears on being scratched,

The hairy scalp itches, and is covered with white scales,

A cluster of pimples on the scalp behind the right ear, with painful tension,

On the left lower eyelid a pimple, with a stinging pain,

On the right ear a transparent vesicle, without pain,

Boil on the nose,

Itching pimples on the forehead, the right side of the nose, and the left angle of the mouth; upon being pressed they run together (sixth to ninth-days),

Painful red spot upon the right cheek,

Small, red, painless pimples upon the right cheek, which feel rough (twelfth day),

Upon the right cheek a pimple, which is painful to the touch, like a sore,

Pimples on the left cheek and forehead (tenth day),

One boil after another on the left cheek,

On the internal surface of the lip a bright vesicle as large as a pea (second day),

Crusty eruptions on the lower lip,

Small pimples on the chin, which pass off again next morning (after eight and thirteen days),

Number of little ulcers in the mouth,

Blister on the right half of the chest and on the throat, with burning pain; with glowing heat in the face, and chills in the rest of the body; sleeps soundly, and without dreams,

Vesicles on the right side of the neck (eighth day),

Violent itching of the neck, nape of the neck, and chest, without visible eruption; on touching the skin, a hard pimple is felt here and there under the skin (fourteenth day),

Pimples upon the back,

Itching eruption of rash on the arms and legs, without any redness; upon scratching, watery blood,

Eruption, across the shoulders, of small, red elevations, with a pointed vesicle in the middle; they cause some burning, only in the evening (after six and fourteen days),

Rough, chapped, readily bleeding hands,

After violent itching of the hands the skin peels off, on the third day, like bran; at the same time a small round spot forms behind the left thumb and index, which burns violently, but lasts only one day,

On the tips of the fingers, a disposition to ulcerate; there is formed on them a white ulcerated spot, with stinging pain; it goes off without opening,

Boil on the right hip, which suppurates,

An ulcer in the sole of the foot, which is almost entirely cured, causes a stinging pain on stepping upon it; in the room, after walking in the open air,

The old, hard skin of the feet becomes very sensitive,

Herpes between the toes,

Biting in the tetters,

Stinging here and there of the whole body, especially in the evenings,

Intolerable itching of the whole body, especially when he becomes heated, and in bed; he has to scratch himself until the skin bleeds, which is painful after scratching,

Itching of the whole body, especially the face (seventh day),

Itching of single small places of the body here and there, mostly in the evening, and not going off by scratching,

Violent itching of the whole body, as if an eruption would break out (after five days),

Violent itching and gnawing upon the skin of the whole body; but little relieved by scratching,

Itching of the tetters, especially towards evening,

Stinging itching of the back and the side of the abdomen (second day),

Itching of (and fine eruption on) the inside of the right thigh,

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