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Alumina - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Redness, inflammatory, in the back part of the throat (nine days),

Inflammation of the throat, terminated by a marked livid border round the buccal cavity, several days (after two days),

Thick viscid mucus flows into the throat from the posterior nares,

He cannot hawk up the phlegm in his throat, because it is too far down,

A piece of phlegm gets into his throat, which chokes him until he swallows it (after ten minutes),

Collection of thick viscid mucus in the throat, especially in the evening, and morning on waking, which increases the soreness of the throat; it induces frequent clearing of the throat, and can only be expectorated in little lumps, with great effort (first day),

Clearing the throat of saltish phlegm, after dinner (two days),

In the evening, dryness of the throat, which induces frequent clearing of the throat (three days),

Dryness of the throat and mouth (shortly after taking it),

Dryness and scraping of the throat (one day),

Great dryness of the throat, mouth, and lips, as if the parts were parched, attended with torturing thirst,

Sourish taste in the throat, then bitter eructations, shortly after having eaten his milk soup in the evening (four days),

Sourish taste appearing suddenly in his throat, without eructations, in the forenoon (four days),

Sweet taste in the throat, with vertigo, followed by expectoration of mucus mixed with blood, early in the morning (twenty-eighth day),

On waking in the morning, his throat is rough and his chest oppressed; he cannot raise anything from his throat, and is obliged to sneeze a good deal (after twelve hours),

In the evening (and at night), roughness of the throat, which causes-hawking, with secretion of mucus, several days in succession,

Rancid and rough in the throat; this obliges him to clear the throat (four days),

Hoarseness and rancidity of the throat, the whole afternoon (after five days),

Sense of burning in the throat, in the evening (three days),

Burning in the throat, like heartburn, with a sense of roughness (five days),

In both sides of the neck, sensation as of an external swelling, with stinging pains,

Sensation in the throat as if it were narrowed, and the air cut off, as in a violent sore throat after a cold, or in an inflammation of the throat; this always lasts only a few minutes (first seven days),

Constrictive (pressive) pain in the throat and pharynx, with much mucus in the mouth, in the evening (one, two days),

Scraping high up in the throat,

Drawing and tensive pain in the right side of the throat, especially on moving the tongue (nine days),

At nights, spasmodically drawing pain in one side of the throat and in the ear, disturbing the sleep, and increased by deglutition (nine days),

Pressure in the throat as from a lump, with soreness, rough voice, and dryness of the throat,

Pressive and tensive pain in the inner right side of the throat, as far as the ear (one day),

Sense of scraping in the throat, as if he had swallowed pepper (after three hours),

Constant griping scraping in the throat (five days),

After eructation, scraping in the throat, which obliges clearing the throat (two days),

Rawness and roughness of the throat, which induce coughing, in the evening (four days),

Sore throat in swallowing,

Burning soreness in the throat during and after deglutition, in the morning, for several days in succession (four days),

After clearing the throat, which she finds very difficult, it feels very sore,

Aching sore throat during empty deglutition, in the evening, for several days in succession (caused by a swelling in the throat) (four days),

Sore throat, pressure in the throat, even when not swallowing, with internal heat in both hands (after two hours),

Transient stitches in the throat, shooting here and there, on swallowing, and something pointed sometimes seems to stick in the throat in the evening (two, four days),

Stinging in the throat, on empty deglutition,

Violent tickling in the throat, exciting frequent cough (four days),

Pressive pain in the left tonsil, during and after swallowing (one day),

In the morning, dull stitches in the right tonsil (four days),

Swollen tonsils (six days),

Sense as of constriction from the oesophagus down to the stomach, every time he swallows a morsel of food,

Contraction of the oesophagus, and want of action, in the morning, on waking,

Violent pressive pain, as if a portion of the oesophagus were contracted or compressed, in the middle of the chest, especially during deglutition, but also when not swallowing, with oppression of the chest alternating with palpitation of the heart, especially after a meal (eight, nine days),

Impeded deglutition at night, as from a spasmodic constriction of the throat (one day),

Spasmodically pressive pain in the middle of the chest, on swallowing food and drink,

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