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Alumen - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Common Potash Alum, Alumen Crudum, Alumn.

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HPUS indication of Alumen: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A stitching pain runs straight down the median line of the abdomen into the penis, as though it followed a thread,

Warm creeps running from the pit of the stomach down over the abdomen, followed by jerking contractions of the abdominal muscles, from sides towards the linea alba (fifteen minutes after),

Relaxed feeling in the abdomen (third day), b.


Accumulation of wind in the abdomen,

Distension of the bowels,

Burning pain in the small intestines,

Fearful burning in the lower part of abdomen and small of back; can scarcely get up; she feels as though her back would break (third day),

Colic, with pain in stomach,

Pain in the belly when walking, with fulness and heaviness,

In the evening, jerking contraction of the large abdominal muscles, from both sides below towards the linea alba (fifteen minutes after taking),


Nausea and faintness, accompanied with a sick, griping pain in the stomach, and loathing food,

While at dinner, erections,

After the meal, heaviness in the stomach, and a throbbing like in an abscess; distension of the stomach and epigastrium,

Loathing of food, ; with pain in stomach, ; nausea with it, ; sickness,



Immediately after taking a dose, each time some eructations,


Without producing either nausea, pain or constipation, it relieved colic pains,

Immediately acute pain in the stomach and gullet, burning in the mouth, and nausea; symptoms of a severe attack of inflammation in stomach and bowels ensued; for several days not out of danger. After a single dose of a solution of ten to twenty grains,

Pain and nausea in the stomach, and pain and rushing of blood to the head, with drowsiness, which lasted several hours,

Nausea in the morning, and so weak that she could not sit up; she felt a heat in the stomach, with great thirst, relieved by drinking cold water (twenty-second day),

Before breakfast, attack of nausea; worse during breakfast, better after it, ; during breakfast, cough worse, ; after it, full in stomach,

Slight nausea immediately after taking the 12th,


Two hours after taking it in the morning, she was taken with nausea, faintness, and weakness, lasting until the afternoon,

Nausea and faintness in the morning, together with nervous restlessness and excitement, which seemed more like that produced by agitation of the mind than by illness of the body. The pain returned about the same time in the afternoon, and I have not been entirely free from it since,

Nausea in the morning, with such a weakness that she is unable to sit up (twenty-second day),

Nausea and vertigo, ; and headache, ; and metallic taste, ; and faintness, ; and chilliness,

Nausea, with retching, as if everything would come up the throat,


Taken internally in large doses, Alumina Alum excites nausea, vomiting, griping, purging, and even an inflammatory condition of the intestinal canal; effects which may perhaps be induced by small quantities, in persons endowed with unusual or morbid sensibility of the stomach and bowels (Pereira).

Pain in stomach, nausea, vomiting, colic, more frequent discharges from the bowels,

After breakfast, fourth day, feels very full in the stomach, and yet good appetite; she thinks it she could vomit she would feel better, but has no nausea,

Inclination to vomit, fifteen minutes, but no vomiting (after two and a half drachms); vomiting easy, and not preceded by much nausea; same time with constipation after (three drachms) (Barthez).

Nausea and vomiting, ; with fever,

Vomiting and disturbed digestion after large doses (Sundelin).


The pain in the stomach felt as though it would draw her double. Having no friend near her she feared to make the attempt to leave the pew, lest she should not have strength to reach the door unaided, much less her home. The attack lasted, she thinks, about half an hour, after which the violence of the pain gradually abated, the faintness passed off, the chilliness gave place to heat, and the blood rushed to her head with such a force, that she could hardly hold it up, or keep her eyes open, though quite conscious of the services going on about her. After services she was able to walk slowly home, though very weak, feeling very much as if she had been ill for a month. She felt the weakness especially in her back, although she had no pain there, but during the rest of the evening, whenever drawing a long breath, it appeared to come from a spot on each side of the spine, about the middle of the back, on a line with the inferior angles of the scapulae (fifth day). The effects passed off with a night's rest, and she had no further return of the symptoms (nor has she had such an attack since, two years after),

At 3 P.M., while sitting, a sudden jerking pain from the stomach up into the swallow, at the same time a twitching of the lower lip, and weak feeling in the pit of the stomach; he has to rise and walk about when all the symptoms vanish,

At 8 P.M., when walking in the open air, a severe pain to the left of the scrobiculum, somewhat relieved by standing still and pressing on it, disappearing when bending double; when continuing his walk the pain returns, but a little lower than in the first place, and becomes more perceptible with every step,

Pressing pain in the pit of the stomach, followed by throbbing sensation, when lying on the back in the evening (first day) (second day),

In the forenoon, at 11 o'clock, a sinking sensation at the stomach; after eating something she felt stronger, but had for fifteen minutes a violent throbbing, fifteen minutes after which it got better (twenty-second day),

Every morning, as often before, some cough,

Fainty weakness in the pit of the stomach, as she had it during pregnancy,

Weakness in pit of stomach, with vertigo in the evening, while lying on his back, ; when sitting, has to rise,

Feeling of uneasiness in the pit of the stomach, with rapid; short breathing,

Unpleasant feeling in the stomach,

Sense of contraction in the stomach, lasting for fifteen minutes, followed by acute aching in the stomach; half drachms in an ounce of water (Barthez).

Pressing or contractive pains in the stomach (T. W.).

Feeling of a strong contraction of the stomach; soon after, increased appetite and thirst, more active digestion,

A sensation of a fulness in the pit of the stomach urges him to take a deep breath, but he cannot, Jen.,

Heaviness in the stomach,

Distension of stomach, ; epigastrium,

From pit of stomach warm creeps run down,

Stomach, burning pains, burning,

Heat and burning in the pit of stomach, and a feeling of fulness there, Jen.,

Tenderness to the touch, and with burning in the pit of stomach,

Burning heat and tearing pains in the stomach,

A distension of the stomach and of the scrobiculum, after eating (several weeks),

Throbbing as in an abscess, and heaviness in stomach; throbbing sensation in pit of stomach while lying on his back (evening in bed),

Habitual hemorrhages from the stomach, such as are sometimes observed in hard drinkers; repeated doses of the first decimal trituration are highly serviceable,

Much gas in the stomach, at once,

A throbbing in the epigastrium, extending to the heart, with violent palpitation,

Distension of epigastric region, ; and pain,

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