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Alumen - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Common Potash Alum, Alumen Crudum, Alumn.

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HPUS indication of Alumen: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



When inhaling, pain under the right clavicle and right shoulder (second day),

Since yesterday, stinging from the upper part of the left chest, through to the back, between the shoulder-blades. Worse at night in bed, when it awakens him; not aggravated by deep inhalation,

Stitching pain down the middle of the chest; later in the right side,

From upper left of chest stitches through to the back,

Pain from heart to lower part of right lung,

Sore pain in the right side of the chest under the nipple, especially when bending up double (contracting the body) in the morning (second day),

Pain in the left chest when sitting, especially when bending forwards,

Pains in the chest to the left, near the middle of the sternum, after rising, when washing and dressing, lasting until 9 A.M. The following morning the same and worse (Trbg.). Pains in the chest; on side of chest,

Rawness on the chest,

To the middle of sternum, scraping, scratching,

Sensation of fulness in the chest; in the afternoon, particularly after supper, painful, as if distended in the chest and arms,

Soon after taking it in the evening, felt a slight pain or binding sensation in her breast, especially on the right side, retiring to rest almost immediately, it disappeared after lying down,

Tightness across upper part of chest,

Feeling of weakness in the lower part of the chest and in the abdomen, b,


Half an hour after the second dose he feels very warm in the left side, opposite the shoulder, inside, and feels also very tired, still he slept afterwards very good,

To the heart a throbbing from epigastrium,

From the heart a pain shooting to the lower part of right lung,

Fluttering of heart, sudden attacks, disappearing as quickly as they came,

Rapid and violent palpitation, worse when lying on the right side; also when lying in one position for any length of time; has to throw himself about in bed (twenty-first day),

Perceptible strong palpitation and strong pulsation through the whole body, when standing for some time on one spot,

Was in about an hour seized with a throbbing of the heart, similar to heavy blows of a hammer, with long intervals; in ten or fifteen minutes the violence abated, and gradually subsided,

Violent palpitation; intermitting beating of the heart,

The palpitation of the heart and other symptoms, except the constipation, were better during the first week until Saturday, when owing to a sudden excitement, the heart began to beat violently, and continued to do so for a few moments, and the palpitation then passed off.

Since that time all symptoms have been increased,

Had but little trouble with the disease in heart since, and the few slight attacks have been immediately relieved by it,

Pulse, intermittent,

Throbbing, as in an abscess, in the stomach, ; after a pressing pain there, ; then throbbing in arms,

Strong pulsation through the whole body,

An intermitting sore pain along the course of the third rib of the left side, which continues sometimes a minute (but more frequently less than a minute), and is sometimes accompanied with a more stinging pain in the region of the sixth or seventh rib of the same side, which is sometimes felt in the elbow, at long, irregular intervals,


Oppression of chest; tightness across the upper part; sense of heat and burning,

Sensation as if ligated in chest,

With every deep inhalation, pain on both sides of the spine, in the middle,

When inhaling, pain in clavicle,

Rapid short breathing with uneasiness in stomach,

Respiration rapid,

Ineffectual urging to take a deep breath, by fulness in pit of stomach,

Not increased by deep breathing, stitches from chest to back,


Hoarseness, voice shrill, cannot talk loud; at times she feels as though she had lost her voice; altogether the sound of the voice varied when talking, it is sometimes high, sometimes low; cannot talk loud enough,

External chest


Tenderness over the second rib of the left side when touched; tenderness upon pressure, later above the left clavicle,

In the morning, sore pain in the right chest under the nipple when bending forward, in sitting (second day),

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