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Alumen - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Common Potash Alum, Alumen Crudum, Alumn.

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HPUS indication of Alumen: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Upper extremities

Great weakness in the region of the shoulder-blades, with inclination to bend forward, which relieves,

Severe pain in the left shoulder,

Pains in the left shoulder, which disappear from motion and exercise,

Itching on the right shoulder,

Drawing-tearing pains particularly in left shoulder,

Feeling of weakness, a kind of numbness in the left arm, and particularly in the left shoulder,

In arm, lack of power and dull pain,

In arms, fulness, ; of bloodvessels,

Pain in the right arm as if a string were tied tightly around it,

Half an hour after the second dose pains in the arms and pains over the left eye.

Rheumatic pains in the bones of the arms, particularly in the right; the right side of the chest and under the left shoulder-blade,

In the morning, for an hour, unpleasant sensation in both arms, afterwards heat, more in the left hand,

In arm, pain from elbow, ; in elbows,

In the morning, when awaking, rheumatic pain in the bend of the left elbow-joint, when extending the arm; disappears after rising and going about,

Bruised pain in the joints of the arm, hand, and feet,

Pain as if sprained in the right wrist, at 12 M., from thence the pain goes into the first phalangeal joint of the right forefinger, where it is a tearing, which disappears soon, but returns quickly (third day); felt weak in the hands, during catamenia; she drops things easily that she holds in her hands,

Rheumatic pain in the left hand and all the finger joints,

Hands pain, ; cold, ; heat, ; trembled very much,

Finger-joints pain, first phalangeal joints,

Lower extremities

Great lassitude in the lower limbs when going upstairs; the whole of the third day,

In lower extremities, lassitude,

Down into thighs, pain from rectum,

When standing, bruised pain in the lower extremities, as after a severe cold,

Uneasiness in the knees, with pain right above them,

Pain in both knees, particularly in the right, when walking,

In the evening a kind of numb sensation in the right leg, from the knee down into the foot, when lying on it (one hour), (first day),

Legs, from knees down, cold,

Pain in the left ankle-joint when walking, and particularly when going upstairs; in the morning (third day),

Pain in feet,

Coldness of the feet, with numbness, in bed, even if the feet are covered up warm,

In the feet, coldness from the knee,

Feet are very sensitive to pressure, and when walking, particularly the soles,

Pain in the sole of the foot between the ball of the little toe and the heel; also, drawing, tearing pain, particularly in the left shoulder,

In the evening, when walking in the street, stitch pain in the under part of the right big toe; felt each time when pressing on it, all evening (second day),

Stitches in the right big toe,


Rheumatic pain in the whole body,

Pain in the right side of the neck and forehead, then in the left foot and ball of the foot, then on the vertex,

Bruised pain in the whole body,

Slept well; in the morning, an hour after rising, tiredness, and for three hours a twitching in the limbs, particularly in the arm, and with it much excited,

Coldness of the legs from the knees down to the feet, and coldness of the hands, in the afternoon and evening,

Coldness of the hands and rheumatic pain in the left shoulder; worse after motion,

Cold hands and feet, as if all the blood had left them, with pain in stomach,

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