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Alumen - Fever And Chill symptoms

Common Potash Alum, Alumen Crudum, Alumn.

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HPUS indication of Alumen: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Fever and chill

Sensation of cold water; running down the back


Very sensitive to cold, which was not the case before (third day),

Like after a severe cold, pain in limbs,

While washing and dressing, pain in chest,

Inclination to chilliness after attack of retching,

Chilliness with the sickness at the stomach,

She complained of being very cold, but did not shiver; it passed off, perhaps in an hour, but was succeeded by pain in the head, which lasted all the afternoon,

Chilliness, and feeling as if cold water were poured down the back,

Coldness in hands, ; of legs and hands,

Cold feet, even when covered up,

Creeping and coldness of the skin, soon after doses, followed by heat and tingling of the same parts,

Fever, accompanied by intense thirst; continued nausea and vomiting; sleeplessness; agitation; animated expression of the face; pain and distension of the epigastric region; frequent pulse, and burning pains in the mouth, pharynx, and stomach,

Sensation of warmth, soon after taking it,

Great heat throughout the body,

Sensation all forenoon, as of inward heat,

Heat and tingling following creeping and coldness,

Warm ebullitions in both sides,

He cannot get to sleep for a long time, on account of extraordinary ebullition of blood in the whole body (second day),

In the morning, after the fourth dose, very soon tired; warm ebullitions like spasms spread over the whole trunk, particularly in the back; no pains, but a trembling of the muscles; towards two o'clock the pains in the chest return; feels better when walking,

Flushes of heat to the head after attack,

Warm creeps run over the abdomen,

Cold sweat; breaks out over the whole body, ; covers her, with cramps in stomach,

Chilliness; at another time, great heat throughout the body,

Coldness, with pain in the stomach, gave place to heat, and the blood rushed to her head with such force that she scarcely could hold it up,

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