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Alumen - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Common Potash Alum, Alumen Crudum, Alumn.

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HPUS indication of Alumen: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The pain in my head was worse than any other symptom (worse in the morning when getting awake).

at one time it was acute, shooting from one temple to the other.

at another, heavy, and pressing on the top of my head, as if a great weight were placed thereon, with nausea.

this continued all day without cessation, but the sickness of the stomach left me, and returned at intervals only.

it was accompanied by chilliness and feeling as if cold water were poured down my back.

at another time great heat throughout my body in fact I felt exactly like I did the time I was attacked with small-pox,.

Wakes in the morning with pressing headache over the eyes, which lasts until 10 A.M.

headache is relieved by drinking cold water.

the following morning the same symptom (first and second days).

in the evening, at half-past nine, the same headache as in the morning, with vertigo, lasts until bedtime.

lessens after lying down to sleep,.

At times quite well as if nothing ailed her, then, when beginning to think about her disease, she feels the heart beating, so that it seems to move the whole chest.

and yet, when she places her hand over it, it seems to beat very little stronger than natural, and at other times its motion in scarcely perceptible.

sometimes the contractions are frequent, sometimes seldom. The contraction seems to end with a snap, as if the valves of the heart were jerked suddenly shut,.

this was also attended by faintness and flashing to the head, which made assistance necessary to remove me to a chamber. I think the symptoms lasted a full hour, and were succeeded by partial loss of voice, soreness of throat, and occasional throbbing of the heart,.

The next day at noon, just as she returned from school, she was seized instantaneously with the most acute pain in the stomach.

her mother saw her looking perfectly well, and in less than five minutes, found her sitting drawn together with her knees against her breast, and a face like a corpse.

she complained of being very cold, but did not shudder.

great weakness, as after long illness, with headache lasting all afternoon,.

they were quite cold. her sight grew dim, and she became so faint that she expected every moment to fall from her seat.

In frequent attacks, first hard, then soft stools, and after it, for three hours, the most violent pains, burning, shooting, and particularly cutting in the rectum upwards, lasting from morning till noon.

with the stool passes a great deal of blood, without any relief.

sometimes a sensation as if the anus would protrude. After the patient had carried a piece of Alumina Alum in his breeches pocket, he never had it again. (Reported to Dr. Neidhard).

Severe pains in the anus and rectum, appearing several minutes after stool.

stinging and tearing up the rectum, relieved by bending forward and sitting bent forward.

particularly worse when lying on the side.

not so much when lying on the back.

burning and throbbing in the anus.

after five days better, but then a stitching pain from the upper part of the left chest through to the back, between the shoulder-blades.

worse at night in bed.

it wakes him. increases when lying on the left side.

not increased by taking a long breath.

at the same time, sudden attacks of flutterings at the heart, disappearing as quickly as they came. A man with chronic asthma (Dr. J. Husmann),.

Had had several days three or four diarrhoea discharges, and while damp weather favored this state, after taking Alumina Alum in solution, no stools appeared.

the next day only one scanty, consistent evacuation.

the following day, in the morning, a copious, mushy stool. After omitting the Alumina Alum, soon a light looseness returned four or five times a day,.

After a week, repeated the proving with precisely similar though less violent effects, except that her voice was entirely lost for a full week, and the soreness of the throat became so troublesome, as apparently to give her doctor some uneasiness.

he called repeatedly and administered medicine several times during the ensuing fortnight. This aphony lasted for months,.

Between three and four o'clock I felt a pain in my right arm as though a cord were drawn tightly around it, just below the shoulder, occasioning great fulness of the bloodvessels and deprivation of strength. The pain was dull and heavy, not general throughout the arm, but rather in lines, extending in different directions from the ligature which apparently bound it.

the weakness was such that I could scarcely hold the needle which I was using when the pains commenced.

it began suddenly, continued for a few moments, and then abated, although it did not leave me entirely, and returned at irregular intervals during the remainder of the day and evening. Renewed doses increased the pain in the arm, which is this evening quite severe,.

Sensation as if a cord were tied around the leg, under the right knee.

the pain extends downward and upward, but is confined to the lower leg. To-night a similar feeling, though much slighter, in the lower limb on the same side, as though a cord were bound round it below the knee, the pain extending both below and above, on the under part of the limb only,.

Wakes at night, with nausea and violent headache.

lay awake about a quarter of an hour, when he went to sleep again.

next morning, when he was called, he was unable to attend to his business on account of nausea, with violent headache.

now sharp stinging, from temple to temple.

now heavy pressure on the vertex, as of a heavy weight lying on it.

continued all day long,.

In the night, half waking, half dreaming, she hears what happens around her, but dreams on, of dead bodies, that her father had died.

with it great fear. would like to turn on her side, but cannot do it, feels so heavy in her bones.

in her dream it seems to her as if the dream would soon pass over if she could turn on her side, but she is not able to do it (at 4 A.M., fourth day),.

Chill. metallic taste, slight nausea, palpitation.

pain striking from the heart across to the lower extremity of the right lung.

a sensation as of cold water poured down the back, and numbing coldness of the feet, though covered warmly in bed (returned repeatedly after taking the 12th).

in the last attack the chill was general.

I was immediately sensible of a metallic taste, and slight nausea, but soon feel asleep, being greatly fatigued, and slept heavily until near five.

I arose without more effort than usual, and about six, while standing at a table making some arrangements for breakfast, was suddenly seized with the most overpowering nausea, as though my whole stomach were rising to my throat.

I tottered to a chair, when a cold sweat broke over me.

the effort to vomit ceased, though the nausea continued, attended by a flushing to my head, extreme faintness, and a disposition to shiver.

I reached my chamber with much difficulty, and on lying down felt some relief, chiefly in the faintness, and after taking some Ipecacuanha Ipecacuanha was able to rise and attend to my family, though feeling very weak.

strong palpitation of the heart, intermitting pulse.

the pain shoots from the heart to the region of the lower right lung,.