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Alumen - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Common Potash Alum, Alumen Crudum, Alumn.

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HPUS indication of Alumen: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Headache over eyes, etc.; itching burning on border of eyelid, etc.; tongue rough, etc.; dry feeling on tongue; sickness at stomach; nausea, etc.; nausea, with weakness, etc.; cough; bluish film on urine; sore pain in right chest; cramp in back; pain in left ankle-joint; very soon tired.

(Morning, when getting awake), Pains in head.

(Morning, on waking), Headache over eyes; rheumatic pain in bend of left elbow.

(Morning, after rising), Spits up coagulated blood, etc.; tickling in throat; severe pain, etc.; irritation to cough; cough; cough from tickling; twitching in limbs.

(Forenoon), Sinking sensation at stomach; most violent pains in rectum; twitching in limbs, etc.; twitching of lower lip; sensation as of inward heat.

(Noon), Most acute pain in stomach, etc.; sprained pain in right wrist.

(Afternoon), Headache difficult passage of hard stool, etc.; hard stool, etc.; sense of painful fulness of chest, etc.

(Afternoon and evening), Coldness of the limbs, etc.

(Evening), Contraction of abdominal muscles, etc.; itching of anus; itching on the scrotum, etc.; hoarseness with cough; tickling cough; pain on both sides of the spine; pain under big toe.

(Evening, after lying down), Dry cough.

(Night), More anxious; heat in side of face; itching of lump at anus; emission of very thick semen; pain in lower limbs; nausea and violent headache.

(Night, when awaking), Great pain in head, etc.; thick phlegm in throat, etc.

(Night, in bed), Stitching pain through upper chest; stinging pain through upper chest.

(Midnight), Heat in ears, etc.

(9 A.M. till noon), Very depressed, etc.

(Towards two o'clock), Pains in chest return.

(2 P.M. till evening), Tearing pain in back.

(3 P.M.), Sudden pain from stomach into the swallow, etc.

(Between 3 and 4 P.M.), Pain in right arm.

(About 3.30 and 4 P.M.), Pain in stomach.

(8 P.M.), Pain in left of the scrobiculus.

(Evening at 9.30), Headache over eyes, etc.

(Walking in open air), Pain to left of the scrobiculus.

(In bed), Coldness of feet, etc.

(Bending up double), Sore pain in right side of chest.

(Sitting bent forward), Pain in left chest.

(Before breakfast), Attack of nausea.

(During breakfast), Nausea, cough.

(After breakfast), Feels very full in stomach, etc.

(Coughing), Scratching in throat.

(Drawing breath), Pain under right clavicle, etc.

(Drawing deep breath), Pain on both sides of spine.

(At dinner), Erections.

(After dinner), Heaviness in stomach.

(After eating), Violent throbbing in stomach; distension of stomach, etc.

(Mental excitement), Heart begins to beat violently.

(When extending arm), Rheumatic pain in bend of elbow.

(Looking down), Vertigo.

(Lying on one side), Pains in anus and rectum.

(Lying on right side), Palpitation of heart.

(Lying on right leg), Numb sensation in it.

(Lying in one position for any length of time), Palpitation of heart.

(Lying on left side), Stitching pain through upper chest.

(Lying on back in the evening), Pain in pit of stomach, etc.; weakness in pit of stomach, etc.; throbbing sensation in pit of stomach.

(During menses), Hands weak, etc.

(After motion), Coldness in hands, etc.

(Moving eyelids), Bruised feeling on edge of lower orbit.

(Pressure), Tenderness before left clavicle.

Bruised feeling on edge of left orbit.

(After retching), Inclination to chilliness.

(When sitting), Pain in left chest.

(Sitting still), Tearing pain in back.

(Standing), Bruised pain in lower extremities, as after a severe cold.

(Standing for some time on one spot), Strong palpitation.

(With every step, while walking), Pain to left of scrobiculus.

(During stool), Pains in rectum; strong dyspnoea; tearing in rectum.

(After stool), Smarting and burning at rectum; pain in anus and rectum; beating in anus; stinging and tearing up the rectum; burning and throbbing in anus.

(After hard stool), Haemorrhoidal tumors.

(After solid stool), Smarting and burning at rectum.

(After supper), Sense of painful fulness in chest, etc.

(Swallowing), Soreness and dryness in throat.

(Talking), Soreness and dryness in throat, etc.; hoarseness; cough.

(Touch), Tenderness over left second rib.

(Beginning to think about her disease), Feels heart beating, etc.

(Walking), Pain in belly; pain in both knees, etc.; pain in left ankle-joint; pain under big toe.

(Going upstairs), Lassitude in lower limbs; pain in left ankle-joint.

(Washing and dressing after rising), Pains in chests.


(When going to bed), Heat in both ears, etc.; heat in ears and face disappears.

(Bending double), Pain to left of scrobiculus cordis.

(Bending forwards and sitting bent over), Pains in anus and rectum; stinging and tearing up the rectum.

(Bending forwards), Weakness in region of shoulder-blades.

(After breakfast), Attack of nausea; cough.

(Drinking cold water), Headache; thirst, etc.

(Eating something), Feels better; feels stronger in stomach.

(Exercise), Pains in left shoulder.

(Expectoration), Cough; scraping in throat.

(After lying down), Pain in breast.

(Lying on back), Tearing up the rectum.

(After lying down to sleep), Headache over eyes, etc.

(Motion), Tearing pain in back; pains in left shoulder.

(Opening eyes), Vertigo.

(Rising and walking about), Pain from stomach to swallow, etc.; pain in left elbow-joint.

(Standing still and pressing on it), Pain to left of scrobiculus.

(Walking), Feels better.



Desire to drink, with dryness in the throat,

Thirst intense,

Thirst, and good appetite, ; thirst and appetite increased,

Thirst, with heat in the stomach, relieved by drinking cold water,

Thirst and appetite increased after contraction of stomach,

Intense thirst, with fever,


Appetite was rather increased (Barthez).

Undisturbed appetite after two hours; increased in two days,

One drachm, dissolved in water, taken in small doses during the twenty-two hours, increased the appetite and digestion moderately, increased the secretion of urine, confined the bowels somewhat, but without injuring digestion,

Increased appetite,

Unusually good appetite, and thirst (third week),

Good appetite, with fulness of stomach,

Increased appetite and thirst, after a sensation of contraction in the stomach,

Appetite lessened,

No appetite; she eats little (twenty-first day),

Eating something, with sinking in stomach, she feels better,

After eating, violent throbbing in the stomach, lasting twenty-five minutes,

Qualmish in stomach, ; sickness at intervals, ; when awakening at night, prevents falling asleep again, ; continues in the morning, preventing him from going to his work,

She spits up a lump of coagulated blood in the morning after rising (second day),