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Alumen - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Common Potash Alum, Alumen Crudum, Alumn.

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HPUS indication of Alumen: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Mouth very dry after five hours, but the thirst not increased,

In mouth burning pains, burning,


Roof of the mouth thickly coated with phlegm,

After the powder of Alumina Alum was blown in the throat, to cure a redness there, the lower half of the uvula was like a berry hanging on a string from the upper part,

Pains in gullet, extending up into the swallow, pain from stomach,

Very severe pains in the pharynx; burning in the mouth, pharynx, and stomach,

Thick phlegm in the throat, and the roof of the mouth is thickly coated with it,

He spit up a lump of coagulated blood in the morning after rising (third day),

Tickling in throat after rising,

In throat, scratching, with the cough,

Heat and burning in the throat and larynx,

In pharynx, burning pains, burning down the oesophagus,


Dryness in the mouth and throat,

Very severe pain in mouth; burning sensation and dryness of the mouth,

Prickling sensation in both sides of the throat, and great dryness, with constant desire to drink; the dryness extended to the posterior nares, and rose into the throat (after two weeks),

Soreness and dryness in the throat, on both sides, when talking, and when swallowing (two weeks after taking the last dose),

Dryness in the throat, with desire to drink,


Accumulation of saliva in the mouth, with feeling of dryness on the tongue; qualmishness in the stomach, and accumulation of wind in the abdomen (third day),

Burning, sourish feeling on the right side of tongue; after taking 30th,

In the evening, after taking it, burning, sourish feeling on the tongue,

Stitches in the tongue, especially on the tip,

Tongue rough, and as if scraped, in the morning,

Feeling of dryness on the tongue, especially on the forepart, as if it had been scraped (notwithstanding there being sufficient saliva in the mouth), in the morning (second day),

In the evening, immediately after taking it, burning on the tongue (second day),



Immediately after taking it, metallic taste in the mouth, and slight nausea, she was very sick, and went to sleep soon, and slept until 5 A.M.,

Immediately after taking it, metallic taste in the mouth, and slight nausea, more like qualmishness,

Taste sourish, astringent, with a disgusting sweetish after-taste,



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