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Ammonium Muriaticum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Ammonium Chloride, Sal. Ammoniac, Am m, Am-m.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Muriaticum: Acrid tears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Fatigue and weakness of the limbs,

Painful tearing here and there, (as, for example), on the inner surface of the left wrist, right and left upper arm, both hands, of the knee, only not on trunk and head; evenings, on sitting; disappears after lying (third day),

Stinging, jerking, and crawling in tips of fingers and toes; afternoons, 1 to 2 (seventeenth day),

A burning crawling, now in tips of fingers, now in tips of toes, as if they would go to sleep; on standing (third and fourth days and fifth night),

Stinging in tips of fingers and toes, when walking in open air; afternoons (twenty-second day),

In the evening, a shooting and tearing in the tips of the fingers and toes; then in the right upper arm, where the tearing is of an erratic nature; it is attended with anxiety, and passes off after lying down; evenings, 6 to 10 (sixteenth day),

Tearing, apparently in the bone of the left upper arm, and afterwards of the right thigh, from the hip downwards, when sitting (tenth day),

Tearing in the left arm and foot (first day),

Wakened, at 11 at night, by tearing pains in the middle of the right upper arm, and on the back of both lower legs, from the heels upwards, in the bones (twenty-fourth day),

The limbs of the right side appear to be more affected than those of the left,

Tearing in fingers and toes, evenings, at 8, on spinning, so that she must lie down; after awhile, in bed, it disappears (fourth day),

Frequent crawling in tips of fingers and toes; afternoons (nineteenth day),

Stitches and beating in left hand, worse when moving it,

Beating in palm of right hand, as with a little hammer, passing off by moving the hand (twelfth day),

Throbbing and beating, as from an ulcer, in left external malleolus (ninth day); on walking (and on eleventh day), also in right foot,

Upper extremities

Blisters, of the size of peas, upon the right shoulder, tensive and burning, and forming a kind of scurf, after three days (after two days),

Tearing in both shoulders, on awaking, before midnight (twenty-first day),

Rheumatic pain in the shoulder-joints, when moving them, first to the right, then to the left,

Burning and pressure in the right shoulder (second day),

Throbbing in the right shoulder, as with a finger, mornings, in bed, and also frequently by day (nineteenth day),

Drawing in the right shoulder-joints, as after a cold; when at rest,

A swollen gland in the axilla, resembling a hard, red ulcer, which separated, however, constantly into parts, like a large pimple (after eighteen days),

Sudden throbbing in left axilla, which frequently disappears and returns, while sitting (twelfth day),

Violent itching at night, between the shoulders and on the left lower arm, so that he would like to scratch the skin off (after two days),

Her right arm is very heavy and feels rigid; the upper arm seems paralyzed, in the evening, when spinning, and early in morning (sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth days),

Tearing in the left arm, as if in the tendons, reaches into the fingers, passing off during active motion (ninth day),

Compressive pain in the left upper arm, when leaning it against the table, passing off during motion of the arm (twenty-second day),

Tearing in the upper arm, a hand's breadth below the shoulder, as if in the marrow, as far as the wrist-joint (thirteenth day),

Tearing in the upper arm, the arm being very sensitive to pressure (nineteenth day),

Drawing in the lower arm, from the right elbow to the left finger; it becomes a tearing pain, and passes off by motion (second day),

Pressure in the left lower arm, when lying in bed, which passes off by motion, but is renewed by leaning the arm upon the table when writing (eleventh and twelfth days),

Itching and burning in left lower arm, under the bend of the elbow (thirteenth day),

Itching of the inside of the lower arm, early in the morning, and pimples in the bend of the elbow (thirteenth day),

After scratching the internal itching side of the left lower arm, small pimples are formed there, which soon disappear again (fourteenth and fifteenth days),

Pimples on the right lower arm, which force him to scratch continually, on account of violent itching,

Heaviness and sense of having gone to sleep in the right forearm (third day),

Tearing and twitching in the tendons of the internal surface of the left wrist (twenty-fifth day),

Tearing in the tendons of the internal surface of the left wrist, so violent as if they would be torn out, afternoons (first day),

Twitching, tearing on back of left hand, behind the thumb, with swelling of it, which, however, disappears in a few hours (twenty-fifth day),

Small vesicles on the wrist-joint, which first vehemently itch, and then burn, when scratched (after twenty days),

Large vesicles, with a hard base, first itch, then burn; new vesicles appear daily, while the first ones, after a few days, partly disappear and partly become scurfy from scratching; they remain long inflamed; on and about the right wrist, though mostly on its upper surface (nineteenth day),

Violent lancination through the hands, while walking in the open air (twenty-second day),

Feeling of paralysis in the right hand, and the first phalanx of the right middle finger; when sitting and knitting (fifteenth day),

Itching pimples on the dorsa of both hands, in the evening and at night, attended with desquamation of the skin at those itching places on the following morning (after twenty days),

Peeling off of the skin between the thumb and index of both hands (after fourteen days),

Twitching in last joint of right little finger, evening (second day),

Twitching, tearing on external surface of right thumb, evenings (fifteenth day),

Tearing pain in last phalanx of left thumb (fifteenth day),

Violent tearing pain in ball of right thumb, and on pressing on it, a painful stitch, which, however, disappears on long pressure (fourteenth day),

Painful tearing in last joint of right index finger, worse on pressure or rubbing, and extending over the whole back of the hand; for ten minutes, evenings (fifteenth day),

Tearing in left index-finger, below the nail, afternoons (twenty-sixth day),

Tearing in last joint of right middle finger (sixteenth day),

Painful tearing in left little finger, from behind forward (first day),

Tearing in middle joint of thumb,

Cramplike pain in right middle finger, as if in the tendons, upon bending the fingers inwards (eleventh day),

Sticking in last joint of left thumb, for five minutes, evenings, while sitting (fifteenth day),

Some sharp, transient stitches in last left thumb-joint; afternoons, while at rest,

Sensitive stitches in the tip of the thumb, frequently renewed (thirteenth day),

Coarse stitches at the tip of the left little finger, for one minute (fourth day),

Painful throbbing in left thumb, under the nail, from 1 to 5 P.M., when it suddenly leaves (eighth day),

Painful aching in first joint of left index-finger on stretching it out, while knitting, which goes off on bending it (fifteenth day),

Crawling in tip of right thumb and index-finger, as from going asleep, evenings, on sitting (fifteenth day),

Vehement, long-lasting itching in the tip of the index-finger, which cannot be stopped by scratching, early in the morning (twelfth day),

Lower extremities

Very severe boring pain in the lower limbs, .

Pain in the left hip, as if the tendons were too short, so that she is obliged to limp when walking; when sitting there is gnawing pain in the bone,

Sticking on external surface of left hip, in all positions, at night, from 12.30 till 2, relieved by pressure, with copious passage of flatus, and it seems as though the violent pain was caused by the flatulence,

Violent itching around the hip, at night, and early in the morning; also of the thighs, legs; and around the bend of the knee, with rash pimples,

Weariness and weakness of the legs, the whole day, only ceases at night (first day),

The hamstrings of both legs are painful when walking; they feel too short; not so when at rest,

Trembling of the left leg, with sensitiveness to the touch (tenth day),

When sitting, tearing down the thighs from the left hip; first, it is relieved by rising, and comes on again when sitting down; afterwards, motion no longer relieves the pain (sixteenth day),

Tearing pain in front of the thigh, when sitting,

Painful tearings in the *exterior surface of the right thigh, in the evening, *when sitting down (fifteenth day),

Excessively painful stitches in the knee-joints, in the evenings at nine, *when sitting; can hardly be endured (third day),

Stinging and tearing in the left knee, when walking (eleventh day),

(In a child that had been affected with swelling of the knee, and whose knee, after the swelling had been cured, remained stiff, and curved from before backwards, the mobility was very soon restored),

Twitching in left popliteal region; on walking, the cords seem too short; disappears after long walking (second day),

Early, when rising, the thighs were contracted about the popliteal region, as if dried up, or too short, so that she was unable to go downstairs; this symptom passed off after long and violent exercise (fifteenth day),

Drawing tension in the legs when sitting or lying; this obliges him to walk crooked, after which the symptoms pass off,

Tension and traction in the tendons of the legs, so that he finds walking difficult, with lassitude in the legs,

Spasmodic contraction around the lower part of the left leg (fifth day),

Insensibility of the left leg, when sitting (it feels dead), (twelfth day),

Slow, fine stitches in the lower leg, just below the knee, on the inner surface, while sitting (thirteenth day),

Sore stitches in left calf, while sitting (fourteenth day),

Stinging pain in left calf, after four hours' walk, when at rest (third day),

The ankle-bones are very painful when walking and stepping on them; they feel bruised and contracted,

Spasmodic contraction or tearing below and around the right inner malleolus, on sitting (fifteenth day),

Frightful ulcerative pain in right heel, relieved by vigorous rubbing (nineteenth day),

Frequent tearing and ulcerative pain in right heel, so that she must cry out; nights, at 3 o'clock in bed; relieved in no position (sixteenth and seventeenth days),

Spasmodic, painful contraction in right heel, evenings in bed (fourteenth day),

Tearing in the external border of the foot, when standing; it passes off by motion (seventh day),

Sensation in the right foot as if it had gone to sleep, at night; and also in the left, the next forenoon (nineteenth and twentieth days),

Cold feet, in the evening, when in bed; it takes her a long time to get them warm (fourteenth day),

Pain is excited in a paralytic foot, which had already been much improved,

Itching of the sole of the right foot, in the evening (second day),

Tearing in left great toe, while standing (fifth day),

Tearing in external surface of right great toe, while sitting (fifteenth day),

Tearing in right great toe (afternoons on sitting) (twenty-sixth day),

Fine sticking in right little toe, on standing and walking (fourteenth day),

A slowly increasing and decreasing sticking in left great toe, afternoons,

Pinching itching of the forepart of the right big toe (seventh day),

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