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Ammonium Muriaticum - General symptoms

Ammonium Chloride, Sal. Ammoniac, Am m, Am-m.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Muriaticum: Acrid tears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Early in morning), Head feels dizzy, etc.

pressure in forehead, etc.

bitter taste in mouth.

hawking of phlegm. grinding, etc., in stomach.

frequent desire to urinate.

cough, with expectoration.

beating in left cavity of chest.

right arm very heavy, etc.

itching in inside of lower arm.

itching in tip of index-finger.

itching around hip. sweat..

(Forenoon), Irritable and peevish.

tearing in right temple.

stitch in left temple.

stitches in left side of head.

sensation of body rising in left eye, which prevents sight.

pain in upper part of face.

tearing in right malar bone.

coated tongue. bitter eructations, etc.

nausea, etc. turning sensation in stomach.

grippings in lower abdomen.

dry, hacking cough, etc.

stitches come out of left chest.

tearings in right index-finger.

left foot goes to sleep.

burning, etc., at several places.


(Afternoon), Stitching in left side of forehead.

stitches in vertex. tearing in upper border of right eye.

fine stitches in left ear.

tearing in root of tooth.

unquenchable thirst. gulping up bitter, sour water.

burning, etc., at stomach.

stitches, etc., in region of right ribs.

burning in right flank.

rumbling in bowels. griping in bowels.

hoarseness, etc. cough loosens.

expectoration of tough mucus.

pressure in middle of chest, etc.

stitches in forepart of chest, etc.

stitches below right female breast.

stitch in left chest. stinging, etc., in finger-tips, etc.

crawling in tips of fingers, etc.

tearing in tendons of left wrist.

tearing in left index-finger.

stitches in thumb-joint.

tearing in right great toe.

sticking in left great toe.


(Evening), Ill-humor, etc.

heat on right side of head.

pinching in occiput. pimples on occiput.

burning of eyes, etc.

tearing in right side of face.

want of appetite. thirst.

pain in both groins, etc.

pain in perineum. dry cough.

pressure in chest. stitches in left chest.

sensation of fleabites in left mamma.

tension and stiffness in nape of neck.

tearing in both sides of neck, etc.

shooting, etc., in tips of fingers, etc.

right arm very heavy, etc.

pimples on backs of hands.

twitching in right little finger.

twitching-tearing on external surface of right thumb.

sticking in joint of thumb.

stitches in hand. crawling in tip of thumb.

tearing in surface of right thigh.

itching of right sole.

itching, etc., over the whole body.

itching on front of chest.

chilliness, sweat, etc.

a little thirst. heat, without thirst..

(Sitting), Tearing in upper right head.

tearing in upper border of right eye.

noise in right ear, etc.

tearing in right side of face.

tearing in decayed root of tooth.

sensation in stomach as if everything were turning around.

burning in right flank.

stitches in left side of abdomen.

stitches in right groin.

sense of distension in left groin.

stitches in left chest.

sticking-crawling in left side of chest.

tension in back. tearing here and there, etc., throbbing in left axilla.

sticking in joint of thumb.

stitches in hand. crawling in tip of thumb, etc.

*pain in left hip-bone.

*tearing down the thighs.

*tearing in front of thighs.

stitches in knee-joints.

drawing tension in legs.

insensibility of left leg.

stitches in lower leg, etc.

stitches in left calf.

contraction, etc., below the right inner malleolus.

tearing in outer surface of right great toe.

tearing in right great toe, painful twitching, etc., in calves..

Tolerably large nodes, deeply seated in the skin, appear around, and also below, the right wrist.

they itch violently at first.

after scratching they burn and become inflamed, and seem about to suppurate, but disappear without doing it.

only those that are much scratched form a reddish-brown scurf after a couple of days.

while inflamed the place is also swollen (twelfth day),.

Cough nights when lying on the back, with sticking in the left middle false ribs, extending down to the last false ribs.

he could not "cough out," on account of pain, though the cough was loose.

more severe on turning on to side (on fourth day). On the following evening the cough returned, but without the sticking.

each attack lasted only a few minutes,.

Tolerably large nodes, deeply seated in the skin.

appear around, and also below the right wrist.

they itch violently at first.

after scratching, burn and become inflamed, and seem about to suppurate, but disappear without doing it.

only those that are much scratched form a reddish-brown scurf after a couple of days, which remains several days.

while inflamed, the place is also swollen (twelfth day),.

Pain, as from a sprain, in the dorsa of both hands, at the lower ends of the metacarpal bones, especially on the last thumb-joint, when seizing something.

the pain is not felt when making any other motion.

upon extending the hand, the pain decreases.

and, upon pressing upon the joint of the thumb, the pain passes off with a cracking sound (afternoons, at rest),.

Stitches in tip of right thumb.

when it left that place, it stuck in the left index-finger, in the last joint.

then spread over the whole left hand, where the pain became throbbing and violent.

soon it intermitted, but returned and soon disappeared entirely.

on moving the hand, it disappeared entirely.

while sitting, evenings, at six (eleventh day),.

"In passing, let me call your attention to my verifications under Ammonium muriaticum, of aggravations of sciatic pains while sitting, pain on the left side. These symptoms have led me to use Amm. mur. in several cases of severe and long-continued sciatica with complete success. (Comparative case when walking; complete freedom from pain while lying down, until in the course of time the 'painful spots' were developed)" Dr Dunham had underlined in Amm. mur., S., 285, 297, 392, 400, 460, 467, 468, 469, 474, 552.

Fat and puffy with thin limbs (Antimonium Crudum Ant-c)

Irregular circulation; ebullitions, burnings or localized throbbings Symptoms accompanied by cough or PROFUSE SECRETIONS



Tightness, as if too short; tendons, hamstrings, lumbar region, etc

Tired and sore

Festering pain

Brain paralysis

A rough body obstructs upper nares

Acrid, watery coryza; closing one nostril


Slimy mouth and pharynx

Pulsation in tonsils

Tense, sprained feeling in groins; must walk bent

Scanty, hard, crumbling stools; changing color


Menses flow more at night

Albuminous leucorrhoea

Blood from anus or diarrhoea during menses

Prolapsus uteri

Cough, with salivation (Ammonium Carbonicum Am-c---- ) or liver symptoms

Can't breathe for coughing

Noisy, rattling, tenacious mucus in chest


Hoarseness, with burning in larynx

Pulsating, burning spots in chest

Swelled cervical glands

Sore sprain or cold between scapulae Lumbago

Bleeding eruptions

Desquamation between fingers

Contracting sciatica [left]; worse sitting better lying Pain in or ulcer on heel

Chilly as often as he wakes

Senses of heat; better open air; alternating with chill

Sal ammoniac. Ammonium chloride. NH4 Cl.

Ammonium Muriaticum Am. mur. is less prominently a right-side medicine than Ammonium Carbonicum Am. c..

Guernsey regards it as rather left-sided. It acts specially also on the forehead. It causes ulceration and ulcerative pains.

also dislocation-like pains and tension as if tendons were contracted. Both cause paralytic weakness.

both are agg. in open air. Ammonium Muriaticum Am. mur. has amel. from warm bath. Am. carb. has greater sensibility to cold and to damp weather than the muriate. Both have itching eruptions of all kinds.

drowsiness by day with indolence.

shivering in the evening. The mental state is very similar in the two. The muriate has perhaps more melancholy and disposition to tears than the other, and it has peculiar to itself "antipathy to certain persons." Ammonium Muriaticum Am. mur. has fear of darkness, like Stramonium Stram., which is not noted under Am. carb. The muriate has fulness in head.

weight in forehead. Burning in eyes in twilight or in morning with photophobia. Keratitis. Ulceration in corners of mouth. Sensation in stomach as if fasting, which nevertheless feels full.

agg. after breakfast. Intermittent pains in both hypochondria. Stitches and burning in liver region, stitches in spleen agg. sitting. Tension in either groin. Shootings in scapula and ice-cold sensation between scapulae, unrelieved by external wraps. In the fever chilliness predominates. Choudhury cured with it a case of intermittent characterised by absence of thirst in all stages. Constipation and piles with bleeding at stool. Sore, smarting haemorrhoids. Hard stool covered with mucus.

mucous secretions generally increased. Menses too early and too copious (Am. c.), with pains in loins. Vomiting, diarrhoea, and neuralgic pains in feet during period. Coryza, acrid, watery.

scalding hot. with cold feeling between shoulders. Loss of smell. Cough and asthmatic symptom agg. evening and at night and agg. in open air. Pain as from ulceration at tips of fingers. Neuralgic pains in stumps of amputated limbs (Al. cep.). Ulcerative pains in heels (ulcers from friction Allium Cepa Al. cep.). (Panaris.) Sciatic pain as if tendons were too short. agg. Sitting or walking. Tension in legs on lying. Large buttocks. Fatty tumours. Obesity. Body fat.

legs thin (Am. c., fat all over). There is amel. walking crooked, agg. on walking erect. Most symptoms are agg. at night and from two to four a.m.


Sal Ammoniacum Gummi ammoniacum depuratum.

We takes one drachm of sal ammoniac in lumps, as being the purest.

Ammonium Muriaticum is dissolved in 1 ½ drachms of boiling distilled water, filtered through white printing paper and then set in the cellar to quietly crystallize.

Of the crystallized and dried salt one grain is then triturated three times with one hundred grains of sugar of milk within three hours to the millionfold powder-attenuation, and then in dilution is diluted and potentized to the 30th development of power, as has been taught concerning the other dry drugs at the end of the first volume.

Ammonium muriaticum, first appearing here, has its pathogenesis mainly made up from one published in 1833, in Hartlaub and Trinks' Annalen, Vol. iv. It is a joint one as will be Hahnemann's observation will have been on patients, as shown in the preface; Rummel's are probably from provings with 30th dilution.

Ammonium Muriaticum natural salt, which has been abused by allopathy so frequently and in such large doses, in diseases of every kind, shows itself in homoeopathic practice as an excellent anti-psoric, even in a dose of one or two of the smallest pellets moistened with a potency of high degree, and administered in dilution of more or less water (according as it is desired to act more or less strongly), or also by smelling of such a larger or smaller pellet.

Ammonium Muriaticum salt deserves in a high degree further provings as to its pure effects.

Ammonium Muriaticum medicine has proved itself particularly efficacious where one or more of the following symptoms appeared

Lugubrious, peevish, indifferent mood.

, in day-time and in the evening at candle-light.

(hard hearing). Ringing and buzzing in the ears.

ulcerated corners of the mouth.

tensive pains in the articulations of the jaws, during chewing and opening the mouth.

empty eructation. lancinating pains in the left hypochondrium, early on awaking in bed, with dyspnoea compelling the person to sit up.

the groin, on being touched, feels as if it were festered and swollen.

tendency to constipation.

discharge of blood during stool.

pain as of soreness in the rectum and passing upwards in sitting.

during the menses vomiting and diarrhoea.

pressive and contractive during the menses.

during the menses, pain in the small of the back.

tearing in the feet during menses.

while sneezing, tearing stitches in the nape of the neck into the shoulders.

severe cough. tightness in the chest during manual labor.

stiffness in the small of the back.

stitches in the right shoulder-blade in respiring.

tearing stitching pain as of spraining in the left hip.

. paralytic weakness in the limbs, with dizziness.

drowsiness in the day-time, with indolence and indisposition to work.



* * * * *




Sal Ammoniae. Nenning. Ammonium chloride, NH4 Cl.


The patient frequently feels a boiling throughout the body as if in the blood vessel.

Sensitive to cold. Many complaints increase while in the open air. Flushes of heat, ending in sweat.

Tearing pains and smarting prevail extensively. Burning and excoriation of mucous membranes.

Drawing or sensation of shortening of tendons. It is a long-acting remedy.

For these troubles in olden times the large chunk of sal ammoniac was produced, a few crystals shaved off with a common jack knife into a glass of water. All got the same thing, regardless of symptoms.

Some were cured promptly of these bad colds, with or without fever. It is now an overlooked remedy. Ammonium Muriaticum's symptoms should be carefully studied.

All the salts of ammonia, like this one, have painful hemorrhoids. It cures diarrhea when the stools are like scrapings, bloody and watery; also green slimy stools in the morning. Diarrhea and vomiting during menses, like Am. c It has cured enlarged prostate, also enlarged uterus.

Copious uterine haemorrhage. Copious white painless leucorrhoea. With all the abdominal and menstrual symptoms there is copious flatus, with rumbling and colic.

These symptoms especially in pale, sickly, feeble women.

Hoarseness and loss of voice, with burning in the larynx. Constantly scraping white mucus from the larynx. Difficult breathing when using the arms or from manual labor. Weight on the chest in open or cold air. Dry cough from constant tickling in the larynx. Daily recurring suffocating cough. In weakly people going toward phthisis, with daily dry cough and fast pulse.

Stitching, drawing, tearing in limbs. Drawing in the limbs. Tension in the muscles and tendons of the lower limbs.

Tension in posterior part of thighs when walking. Cold feet at night in bed. Copious night sweats latter part of night. Flushes of heat and fever.

If the reader will take up the provings and study them carefully he should be able to use Ammonium Muriaticum in the direction pointed out, and most likely would see uses not mentioned.

Burning and excoriation of mouth and lips, like Ammonium Carbonicum Am. c. Tongue swollen. It is a very useful remedy for nondescript sore throat.

but especially useful where there is marked burning and much viscid mucus, pulsating in the neck and glands of neck, great swelling, pale face, stitching in the throat, great pain on swallowing, with or without thirst.

One symptom of Ammonium Muriaticum that has proved to be a valuable keynote for its administration is "Sensation of coldness in the back, between the shoulders." It is generally found in chest affections, such as cough or pains in the chest without cough. I have found it as reliable a keynote as is the burning between the shoulders of Lycopodium Lycopodium or Phosphorus Phosphorus. It is also a remedy for constipation, the stool being hard, dry and crumbling and also very difficult to expel. Sometimes the stool is covered with mucus, something like Causticum Causticum, which has stool covered with mucus, shining, as if greased. There is also a resemblance between these two remedies affecting the muscles and ligaments. Ammonium Muriaticum Ammonium mur. has pain with a sensation as if the muscles were contracted or too short, while Causticum Causticum goes a step further and has actual contraction of these parts, producing what is known as arthritis deformans. (Cimex, Nat Mur Nat. m.).

There are two remedies that have menses, or flow of blood from the uterus, at night. They are Ammonium Muriaticum Ammonium mur. and Bovista Bovista, the other symptoms, of course, deciding the choice between them (Kreosot. menses flow only on lying down, cease when sitting or walking about; Lilium Tigrinum Lilium tig. flows only when moving about, ceased to flow when she ceased to walk; Magnesia carb. flows only at night or when lying, ceases when walking). Ammonium Muriaticum is also sometimes useful in sciatica. Here we have the sense of contraction in the tendons and the patient is worse while sitting, some better when walking and entirely relieved when lying down. It also has pains in the heels as if ulcerated. For pains in the heels see also Phytolacca Decandra Phytolacca, Cyclamen Europaeum Cyclamen, Manganum Metallicum Manganum, Ledum Palustre Ledum and Causticum Causticum. I once cured a case, very severe and long lasting, with Valeriana Valeriana.


Anosmia. Bronchitis. Constipation. Coryza. Cough. Diarrhoea. Eyes, inflammation of. Feet, pains in. Glands, enlarged. Haemorrhoids. Liver, affections of. Melancholia. Menstruation, disorders during. Pneumonia. Sciatica. Scurvy. Spleen, pains in. Sprains. Stumps, neuralgia in. Tonsils, swelling of. Ulcers.






Female organs

Tips of fingers and toes

Between scapulae