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Ambra Grisea - Modalities Etc

Ambergis, A Morbid Secretion Of The Whale, Ambra Ambr.

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HPUS indication of Ambra Grisea: Nervousness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ambra Grisea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Headache; sweat.

(Early in morning), Pain in eyes, etc.; tearing in right ear, etc.; bleeding at the nose; hawking of mucus; weight in abdomen; increased urine; tearing in right arm; skin of finger-tips wrinkled; great lassitude in legs; tearing in left leg; stiffness of bend of knee; great weakness, etc.

(Early on waking), Tongue, etc., numb and dry; dryness of mouth; bitter taste in mouth; violent erections.

(Early after waking), Badly smelling breath; skin feels numb, etc.; very weary, etc.

(Early in bed), Sense of pinching in hypogastrium, etc.; weakness.

(Early after rising), Urgent desire to urinate.

(Forenoon), Vertigo; chilliness, etc.

(Noon), Tension in left foot.

(Afternoon), Vertigo; vertigo, etc.; roaring in the ear; insipid eructations; had to lie down, etc.

(Evening before falling asleep), Tearing in fingers.

(Evening in bed), Pain in molar teeth; itching of legs; pressive tearing from occiput to forehead.

(Night), Pressure below pit of stomach; frequent micturition; profuse leucorrhoea; cough; twitching in all the limbs, etc.; right arm numb, etc.; cramp in the calves; internal chilliness; sweat; profuse moisture; cannot sleep; headache; uneasiness; anxious dreams.

(Before midnight), Sleepiness.

(After midnight), General perspiration; pain over eyes; uneasiness in the occiput.

(On waking about midnight), Weakness; nausea, etc.

(Soon after midnight), Wakes with distended abdomen, etc.

(After midnight in bed), Cutting colic.

(2 A.M.), Long-lasting uneasiness, etc.

(Every other day), Downward pressing pain in forehead.

(In open air), Pain in hollow tooth.

(Walking in open air), Vertigo; heartburn, etc.; palpitation of heart, etc.; uneasiness in the blood, etc.

(After draught of air), Sore throat.

(After breakfast), Nausea.

(Blowing nose), Headache.

(Coughing), Tickling in throat, etc.

(Before dinner), Slight chills.

(During dinner), Tearing in back part of throat, etc.

(After dinner), Anxiety; pain in hollow tooth; pressure in pit of throat; violent eructations.

(Empty deglutition), Sore throat.

(Drawing abdomen in), Stitching pain around navel; prickings in hypogastrium.

(Drinking), Tension and inflation of abdomen.

(After eating), Confusion of head.

(After eructations), Weakness about pit of stomach.

(After evacuation), Pressure deep in hypogastrium.

(After two diarrhoea-like evacuations), Chilliness.

(Exertion), Lancinating and cutting headache.

(When not exercising the parts), Stiffness of finger joints, etc.

(During strong expiration), Pressure in right chest.

(Lying on abdomen), Pressure in epigastrium.

(Lying on back), Sense as of pinching in hypogastrium, etc.

(During a meal), Feeling of contraction in salivary glands, etc.

(After a meal), Shootings, etc.; tension and inflation of abdomen.

(During menses), Left leg becomes blue, etc.

(Motion), Confusion of the head; stitches in small of back.

(Moving tongue), Pain in throat.

(Music), Rush of blood to head.

(Pressure from without), Sore throat; prickings in hypogastrium.

(After rising), Feels like fainting.

(After rubbing the parts), Soreness of legs, etc.

(Sitting), Stitches in small of back; the symptoms.

(Sitting down), Pressure in epigastrium.

(After having been seated), Pain above knees.

(After hard stool), Burning in genital organs.

(Slight touch), Pain in tip of left thumb.

(After ineffectual urging), Pinching pain in hypogastrium.

(When walking), Tension in thigh; pain in articulation of left foot; pain in heel.

(After a walk), Burning in genital organs.


WORSE, music; presence of strangers; From any unusual thing; morning, warm room.

Slight causes Presence of others Music




Thinking of it

Old age





After eating; in the cold open air; cold food and drinks; rising from bed, resting upon affected parts

(Walking in open air), Pressure on epigastrium; the symptoms; headache.

(Taking dinner), Chilliness, etc.

(After eating), Oppression of chest, etc.

(Eructation), Pressure and burning below pit of stomach; cutting in epigastrium; aching in chest.

(After lying down), Headache.

(Lying upon back), Tearing in small of back.

(After a meal), Drawing pain in teeth.

(Pressure), Pain in tip of left thumb; tingling in tip of thumb.

(Rising from bed), Sense of pinching in hypogastrium, etc.

(Rubbing), Itching and biting of the rectum.

(During sleep), Accumulation of flatus, etc.

(Touch), Pain in region of liver.

(Walking), Lassitude.


BETTER, slow motion in open air; lying on painful part; cold drinks.

Desires and aversions


Position etc

Lying 23. Must lie down 2, 36. In bed, early in morning, weakness. Exercise 40. Walking 23; in open air 16, 29. Motion of tongue 13. Desire to bend and stretch limbs. Lifting heavy weights 27.

Morning 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 21, 27, 34. Forenoon 40. Afternoon 6. Evening 27, 40. Night 1, 21, 23, 32, 33, 34, 37, 40. After midnight 40. Day 34. Day and night 32. Every quarter hour 40.