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Anacardium Occidentale - Generalities symptoms

Anacardium, Cashew nut, Anac-oc.

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HPUS indication of Anacardium Occidentale: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anacardium Occidentale in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Paralysis of some parts (Matthiolus-dacosta); panting, languishing condition, like paralysis, as if obliged to sink down, after a short walk in the afternoon; in the evening he can walk fast and a good deal, without feeling tired; he then sweats considerably (sixth day),

After a short journey on foot, which he found very difficult, he felt so worn out, tired, and exhausted that he was obliged to sit down at once, and would prefer lying down; resting the head upon something, and closing the eyes, afford him a feeling of comfort,

Sleep and dreams

After a meal, sleepy, and indisposed to work,

After dinner, irresistible desire to sleep,

Sleepiness and weariness in the afternoon, when sitting or reading, as if he had exerted himself too much by mental or bodily efforts (after three hours),

Tired and sleepy in the evening sooner than usual; early in the morning he would like to stay in bed and sleep on; also, after dinner, he would like to take a nap,

Deep and sound sleep at night; he can scarcely arouse himself early in the morning,

Sound sleep until 9 o'clock in the forenoon (first night),

Slumber, day and night, with great heat and thirst, with a skin which feels hot, and with grumbling and anxious sighing when asleep,

Constant stupor, without dreams; after waking he is quite stupid; the skin feels frequently hot, with red cheeks and cold forehead, although he complains of heat in the head; at the same time violent thirst, and sore, painful dryness in the throat,

Light sleep, with frequent waking,

Could not sleep well at night on account of the itching,

He feels so uneasy that he can scarcely sleep a little, every other night,

Uneasy sleep at night, with frequent tossing about; his head lay either too high or too low, which caused a sensation of confusion,

At night, he is often awake for half hours; in the intermediate periods he enjoys a sound and refreshing sleep,

He is without sleep at night until 2 o'clock in the morning; he was constantly obliged to shift his position (second night),

Nights totally sleepless (from wearing the nut),

He screams anxiously when asleep,

Twitches of the mouth and fingers when asleep,

After waking, early in the morning, anxiety drives him out of bed,

Startings, as if from fright, when lying in bed awake, in the evening (after fifteen and sixteen hours),

He lies in a dreamy state night and day, without sleeping, full of anxious thoughts about his daily business,

Vivid dreams, accompanied by great mental exertion; this causes a bruised headache on waking,

Vivid dreams at night, which seemed to him, during the day, as if the things dreamed of had really happened; first day, it seemed a long time ago; the following days, as if they had just happened,

Vivid dreams about old events,

His nightly dreams are mixed with the plans he had made,

He dreams that he has to preach without having committed his sermon; this induces a state of anxious meditation, without being able to accomplish it,

Anxious dreams, full of danger,

Dreams about fire, the sleep being otherwise sound,

Anxious dreams about fire,

He dreams that he smells tinder and Sulphur sulphur; on waking up the illusion continues,

He dreams that his face is covered with white, ugly pustules (after twenty-one hours),

She is dreaming about the loathsome diseases of others,

Dreams about dead bodies, about a near tomb, or a steep precipice,


He makes all motions with greater energy and perseverance; his muscles contract more vigorously; but, on motion, the fibres seem put upon the stretch too much, or as if there were not sufficient fluid in the joints (after one hour),

Continual indolence after the siesta; he can scarcely move his limbs, and he loathes speaking,

Excessive weakness; he can scarcely move his hands; he trembles at every motion,

Weakness in the body; he wants to lie down or sit all the time,

During a short journey on foot he becomes so worn out that he can scarcely go on, and even long afterwards, when sitting, he is not able recruit,

Very faint on going upstairs,

Faint and exhausted; at first walking is inconvenient, and his feet feel heavy; by continuing to walk this feeling of faintness becomes less, and he feels better,

She grows thin, without, however, feeling indisposed,

Such a swelling of the affected parts that the patient looked like a hogshead (from wearing the nut),

The swelling passes gradually down from the eyes to the thighs,

When sitting quietly, he perceives the beating of the pulse in the arms, which had been loosely crossed, and even in the whole body (after some bodily effort),

(Any part which he does not move immediately goes to sleep),

The skin of the body is insensible to itching irritants,

Most violent burning pain of the affected parts; violent fever (from wearing the nut),

He feels a heaviness and fulness of the body from playing on the piano,

General aching in the interior of the whole body,

All the tendons of the body ache so much that he cannot walk, and is forced to sink down,

Violent drawing in the abdomen and extremities, with subsequent burning, then pain in the bones on being touched, so that she cannot fall asleep,

Drawing and pressive pains in almost all parts of the body,

Sensation as if all the bones were bruised, early in the morning, when lying quietly in bed, with stiffness of the nape of the neck and small of the back, and headache in the forehead and temples; all relieved on rising,

Pain, like a boil, in the affected parts; he dares not touch them; stitches externally, at several places of the body, for example, at the pectoral muscles, forehead, wrist, etc.,

Severe coryza, with fever, she was unable to get warm, with heat in the head, and icy coldness of the hands and feet, in the warm room; afterwards dry heat; the tendons of the legs seem too short; cramp of the calves, and uneasiness about the heart (eighth day),

The attacks cease for one or two days, and then continue again for a couple of days, so that a certain periodicity many be observed in the appearance of the symptoms,

The open air is unpleasant to him, and feels too rough,

When sitting, he feels well; but standing causes an uneasiness in the lower extremities, as if they ought to be drawn up, with anxiety,

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