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Anacardium Occidentale - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Anacardium, Cashew nut, Anac-oc.

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HPUS indication of Anacardium Occidentale: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anacardium Occidentale in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In an hour the skin was destroyed (by applying the juice),

Destruction of the epidermis, leaving an inflamed surface covered with small, miliary pustules, with unbearable itching, and discharging a yellow liquid, forming crusts (from applying the juice),

During the healing of the skin, excessive desquamation,

Appearance of hypertrophy of the skin, with swollen and indurated papillae and wheals, and formation of thick folds, which impede the motion of the joints (from applying the juice),

Bright scarlet eruptions of the whole body, especially of the thigh in contact with the nut, and of the abdomen,

Several blisters opened, and discharged a yellowish, transparent liquid, which hardened to a crust in the open air,

Chest, neck, axillae, upper arms, abdomen, scrotum, thighs, were not only covered with raised crusts, discharging a thick, yellowish liquid, but these had partly changed into wartlike excrescences, with thickened epidermis, the whole intermediate skin being of an erythematous redness, and the itching fearful (from wearing the nut),

The hands looked like those of a mulatto, white, with black spots (from applying the juice),

Many little boils upon the hairy scalp of the size of a flaxseed; they feel sore when touched or scratched,

Painless pimples, with red areolae, at the top of the left temple (after nine hours),

Rough, exfoliating, herpes-like skin around the mouth, with crawling-itching,

In the evening, in bed, heat of the skin of the whole body, with burning-itching and irritation, such as arises from much scratching; after scratching, the burning increases,

Sensation as of burning of the skin here and there, which induces one to scratch, and which passes off by scratching,

Burning and stinging of the tetters, which had itched before,

The burning changes to an extremely painful itching, combined with stitching, like the stings of insects (fourth day),

Such a fearful itching in the swollen parts, that he could not refrain from scratching the skin sore in several places,

Extremely disagreeable itching, forcing him to scratch, even when in company (from wearing the nut),

Burning-itching at the one place, increased by scratching,

Corrosively stinging itching upon the body here and there, especially upon the back and thighs, with desire to scratch; scratching relieves for a short time,

General voluptuous itching over the whole body, which spreads still more by scratching,

Desire to scratch, without itching, in many places; after scratching it immediately disappears,

The itching showed itself especially in the evening, and when he went to bed,

The cutaneous irritation was accompanied with feverishness, loss of appetite, and constipation,

Itching of the forehead,

Violent itching of the hairy scalp,

Pimples, with red areolae, at the angle of the right wing of the nose,

Red pustules on the septum, in the right nostril, with soreness when touched,

White, scaly herpes on the right cheek, close by the upper lip (after four hours),

Small blisters on chin, discharging liquid when broken,

Suppuration and painfulness of a place under the chin, where there was a boil two years before,

Painful vesicles in the mouth,

Itching and tickling in both axillae, forcing him to rub (after one-quarter of an hour),

The hands, even the palms of the hands, are covered with warts,

Small blisters on the backs of the hands,

On the side of the left index-finger a pimple, which opens on the day following, and then passes off, is formed, after nightly itching in the hollow of the hand and between the fingers; violent friction relieves without removing it,

Itching eruption around the knees, as far as the calves,

Itching, with scratching, as if rubbed with a woollen cloth, upon the back of the foot (after six hours),

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