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Anatherum Muricatum - Modalities Etc

Cuscus - An East Indian Grass, Anantherum Muriaticum, Anantherum Muricatum, oenanthe, Anantherum, Anan.

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HPUS indication of Anatherum Muricatum: Boils

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anatherum Muricatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, secretion of phlegm.

(Afternoon), Headache; toothache; morbid hunger; itching, etc., in vulva.

(Evening), Headache; attacks of deafness; toothache; morbid hunger; pain in stomach; cough; cough, with fever, etc.; itching; burning, etc., pains; fever.

(Night), Sensation as of objects moving in head, etc.; pains in hollow teeth; toothache; morbid hunger; secretion of phlegm; pains in stomach; in bed, itching in vulva; cough when lying down; cough, with fever, etc.; itching all over; burning, etc.; pain; fever.

(Open air), Secretion of mucus, etc.

(Strong air), Vertigo.

(Draught of air), Pains in teeth, etc.

(Local application), Pains in eyes.

(Coffee), Toothache for awhile; aggravates at first.

(After coitus), All sufferings.

(Cold), Ulcerated spots on throat; pain legs.

(Cold air), Pains in hollow teeth; burning, etc., pains.

(Taking anything cold), Toothache.

(Least contact), Toothache.

(Before cough), Great debility.

(During cough), Sensation as of cord drawn through larynx.

(After cough), Great debility.

(Damp weather), Attacks of deafness.

(Drinking), Empty eructations; fainting.

(Before eating), Secretion of phlegm.

(Eating), Pains in hollow teeth; empty eructations; pains in stomach; fainting.

(Emotion), Suffocative attacks.

(During fever), Repugnance to sweet drinks, etc.

(Heat), Cough; burning, etc., pains; all symptoms.

(Lying on right side), Sensation as of objects moving in head.

(Light), Headache; itching in eyes.

(Strong liquors), The pains.

(Moisture), Burning, etc., pains.

(Moving eyelids), Feeling of roughness, etc., of eyes.

(Moving arms), Pains in shoulder-joints.

(Motion), Vertigo; headache; pains in stomach; all symptoms; stiffness in back, etc.

(Noise), Headache.

(Every occupation), Pains in stomach.

(Change of position), Burning, etc., pains.

(After shaving), Skin of face painful.

(After sitting still), Inability to move.

(During stool), Burning in rectum, etc.

(Eating vegetables), Eructations.

(Walking), Sensation like water in head, etc.; secretion of phlegm; general heat, etc.; contractions in tips of toes, etc.

(Changes of weather), Toothache.

(Wind), Burning, etc., pains.

(Wine), Toothache.


(Coffee), Relieves after aggravation.

(During coitus), All sufferings cease.

(Aromatic liquors), Ameliorate the pains.


Morbid hunger in the afternoon, evening, and even at night, when he wakes up to eat.

Hunger even after eating; he thinks of nothing else.

He likes everything, except what is insipid, watery or sweet; prefers salted or highly seasoned food.

Hunger, as if he had fasted a long time, with empty feeling, burning, and sensation, as if he had a tape-worm.

Hunger, with excessive weakness which seems to come from the stomach.

Burning, stitches, and roughness in the oesophagus.

Intense hunger, still he cannot eat.

Hunger, with sensation of fulness in the stomach; even the little he eats causes clenching of the teeth and contraction of the throat.

Contraction of the stomach and chest, so that he can take nothing and almost suffocates.

Burning, unquenchable thirst.

Desire for cold water, strong liquors, cider, and sour drinks.

Love of strong odors; desire for garlic, laurel, sweet basil, and all sorts of spices; he even longs for aromatic drinks.

Anorexia; excessive repugnance to all food.