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Anhalonium lewinii - General symptoms

, Anh-lew.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anhalonium lewinii in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Mescal buttons. N. O. Cactaceae. Tincture, extract, or infusion. Havelock Ellis says "I first cut up the buttons into small fragments and poured on boiling water twice; a single infusion is inactive."

The plant from which the mescal buttons are obtained grows in barren and rocky soil in the valley of the Rio Grande. It is used by some Indian tribes in their religious ceremonies. It has been recently tested scientifically, a notable proving having been made by Dr. Wier Mitchell. Dr. E. M. Hale has collected the facts about the drug in an article published in the Hahnemannian Monthly. The chief feature of the drug's action is the production of coloured visions of most over-powering brilliancy, associated with moving shapes of fantastic design, the motion being regulated somewhat in time by music. In the Indian ceremonies the constant beating of tom-toms is an essential feature. Other symptoms are loss of conception of time, occipital headache, tired feeling in head, nausea. Tremor of muscles, increased knee-jerk, and loss of power of co-ordination. One prover, Havelock Ellis, noted distinct slowing of the pulse, slight faintness and shallow breathing.

but there were none of the terrible heart symptoms of the other Cacti. The most prominent condition is agg. on closing eyes. The nausea and faintness were agg. on movement. There is great disinclination to move. amel. Lying down.


Brain-fag. Delirium. Headache. Hallucinations. Megrim. Mental weakness. Neurasthenia. Paraplegia. Senses, disordered. Visions, disordered, of; coloured.

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