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Antimonium Arsenicicum - Abdomen symptoms

Arsenite Of Antimony, Antim, Antimonium, Arsenicicum, Antimonium Arsenicosum, Arsenicosum, Ant-a.

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HPUS indication of Antimonium Arsenicicum: Cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antimonium Arsenicicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Dulness over the liver, increased one finger's breadth at the base,

Epigastric and liver region some what tense (fifth day),

Liver sensitive to contact,

Warmth about the navel, gradually extending over the whole abdomen (after quarter of an hour),

Colic around the umbilicus, early in morning,

Inflammation of the abdomen,

Inflated abdomen,

The abdomen is somewhat distended, and there is gurgling in it, perceptible externally,

Abdominal meteorism,

Upper abdomen distended and painful,

Bowels relaxed (second day),

Rumbling in abdomen as if water were in it, relieved by passage of wind, up and down,

Much rumbling in the not-distended abdomen, before the diarrhoea,

Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen,

Rumbling in abdomen, after eating,

Much commotion in the abdomen, soon after taking,

Slight moving about in the whole abdomen, with fine pinching, as if stool would occur (after one and a half hours),

Pains in abdomen, after eating,

The pain in the abdomen, though not so very severe, is yet so distressing, that he is in an extremely restless mood, and disinclined to do any work,

Must lie and stretch out long, on account of discomfort in the upper and lower abdomen; at last he goes to sleep (11 A.M.),

Violent pain in epigastrium, and over the whole abdomen (one hour),

The pain in the abdomen causes great restlessness in the body; one must constantly move a limb or change position,

The abdomen seems stuffed full of stones, though he has eaten nothing, and it does not feel hard; a sensation that he feels after long-continued sitting at work,

Violent pressive tension in the abdomen, especially over the bladder, which decidedly increases toward 6 P.M., and lasts toward six days (second day),

(Spasmodic pains in the abdomen; when they begin his eyes close forcibly, and he is obliged to sleep whether he wishes or not),

Pinching pain in abdomen below navel,

Waking at 4.30 A.M., with some pinching and commotion in the abdomen, followed by soft stool (second day),

Painful drawing, now in the right side of the abdomen, now in the left so that she can only sit stooping, returning frequently,

Violent pressure in the abdomen, as from stones, as if full; much worse on sitting, especially on stooping; at times it changes into griping about the umbilical region (one hour),

Pressive and griping pains in abdomen,

Hard pressure in upper abdomen,

Pressive pain in abdomen, in evening, after eating, relieved by bending backwards and stooping,

Pinching pressure and tension in the abdomen (eighth day),

Dull pain in abdomen,

Dull bellyache in the mesogastric region, with slight horripilation, and goose-skin,

Cutting in the abdomen, evening, toward 9 o'clock (fourth day),

Stomach-ache, as if the intestines were cut,

Cutting and griping in the abdomen, as from wind,

Violent colic,

Colic in the abdomen,

Colic precedes the purging (forty-eight hours),

Short, tearing pain in the left side of the upper abdomen, frequently repeated,

Stitching in intestines,

Stitches in the upper abdomen,

Abdomen sensitive (eleventh day),

Abdomen sensitive to contact,

Increased sensitiveness of the abdominal walls (eighth day),

Abdomen sensitive to touch (fifth day),

On drawing in the abdomen, a small spot in the left side of upper abdomen hurts,

Frequent sensation of pulsating in the abdomen,

Violent, rheumatic, long-lasting pain in the whole left side; this pain is repeated,

A stitch extends downwards from the stomach, in the left side of the abdomen, and again upward; on expiration and on touch it aches,

Warmth in the lower abdomen, as if she had drunk something very warm; it wanders about, and finally up toward the stomach (after half an hour),

The tension in the abdomen seems to draw more toward the bladder on the third day,

(Spasmodic drawing from the thigh to the abdomen),

Pressure in the hypogastrium and aching, with cold shivers, as if menses would appear,

Stitches over the pubis,

Very violent burning soreness in the right groin,

Slight sticking, tearing pains in a small spot on the left side of the lower abdomen,

Slight rheumatic sensation in the left pelvic bones,


After a meal, violent griping and cutting in the abdomen, which is not relieved by a stool at 3 o'clock; it lasts till 4 o'clock (third day),

Though food tastes good and he has some appetite, yet he can only gradually get some food into his stomach, from which he feels better, and the pressure in the abdomen is somewhat relieved (first day),

Some appetite, but food was quickly rejected,

First eructations, then frequent risings of fluid (as of food), which she again swallows, after which a sour taste and scrapy sensation down the throat remain,

After dinner, qualmishness in the stomach of some duration,

Nausea, and great aversion too food (eighth day),

Great nausea, with aversion to the accustomed food, and with pinchings in the abdomen,

Intolerance of food and drink,

Vomiting of some tough, watery mucus, then pasty food, and at last fluid mixed with bile, with most violent exertion of the chest and abdomen, and anxious sweat,

Vomiting of food,

Vomiting of food, from the cough,

Sensation after dinner as if one had overloaded, with nausea, griping in the region of the navel, and sticking headache in the forehead and occiput,


Around, below the short ribs, sensitive painful tension, so that he can hardly sit, but would rather lie, from incarcerated flatulence, which passes off from time to time,

Distension and tension in the abdomen, relieved somewhat by discharge of flatulence, but often returning,

Astonishing amount of flatulence, with rumbling in the abdomen, and only slight griping; the easy passage of it relieved (second day),

Frequent offensive flatulence, preceded by rumbling and uneasiness in abdomen,

Gripings in the bowels, with development of flatulence,

In sitting, a crawling in abdomen, which becomes griping and flatulence, (afternoons),

The pressure in the abdomen becomes sometimes more severe, and presses toward the rectum, when soft, boiling, hot flatus passes, which relieves the pressure,

In the region of the pit of the stomach, a sensitive aching as from incarcerated flatulence, late in the evening; sometimes forcible expulsion of flatus with relief,


As the nausea paroxysmally increases, and slight retching motions arise in the throat, a spasmodic motion is perceptible in the upper abdomen,

A kind of cramp in the upper and lower abdomen, between nausea and tendency to diarrhoea, in which now one now the other seems to predominate; at times relief from empty eructations, and inclination to pass wind, or actual passage of wind,

Griping and cutting, and repeated nausea, with empty eructations, and passage of flatus with relief,

A transient nausea repeatedly in the abdomen, like an approaching griping, as if diarrhoea would set in,

Violent cutting and twisting in the abdomen, and tearing from the hypogastrium down through the thighs to the knees, like labor pains, with fine but severe stitches at the navel, with nausea and waterbrash; soon afterward diarrhoea, preceded by rumblings, and moving of wind in the abdomen,

On eating, soon satiated, almost nauseated, must stop eating,

He eats at noon with appetite, but after he is satisfied a kind of nausea attacks him at times,

Cannot eat, on account of nausea and aversion,

Empty eructations relieve the nausea for a very short time,

Qualmishness, a reminder of nausea, rises from the stomach,

An especially disgusting sensation in the stomach; she believes it would do her good to eructate; with frequent attacks of nausea in the stomach, which extends into the chest (after three-quarters of an hour),


Nausea (one hour),

Continued nausea,

Nausea from swallowing the saliva,

Nausea after eating,

Nausea after eating or drinking,

Nausea rises suddenly from the umbilicus and epigastric regions, in repeated attacks,

Nausea, causing anxiety (fifth day),

Nausea, which causes a particularly disagreeable feeling in the throat,

Nausea, with slight pressure in the pit of the stomach, followed by headache in the forehead,

Nausea increased, frequent hiccough, aversion, eructations, pressure in the throat (ninth day),

Irritation in stomach and nausea (fourth day),

After the nausea, sensation of emptiness in the stomach,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, with very great nausea,


Violent pains in abdomen, after vomiting,

Violent hiccough, but no vomiting,

Retching gradually comes on, which becomes more severe, till vomiting (with great effort) ensues of tenacious mucus and bile (ninth day),

Nausea, accompanied by increased frequency of pulse, rising till he vomits, and followed by slow, weak pulse,

Nausea, inclination to vomit, after each dose,

Constant nausea, inclination to vomit,

Ineffectual efforts to vomit,

Nausea, vomiting (two hours),

Nausea and vomiting after eating,

Violent nausea and incessant vomiting through the whole night, and four stools in twelve hours,

Nausea and vomiting of curdled milk (in an infant whose nurse had taken Antimonium Tartaricum Ant. tart). (Hencke).

Nausea (in a quarter of an hour), then yawning with profuse lachrymation, followed by vomiting,

Nausea and vomiting of mucus, with acceleration of the pulse from 62 to 75, where it continued till night,

Unheard of vomiting,

Enormous vomiting (a strong dose),

Violent vomiting (three grammes),

Vomits till he becomes faint,

Vomiting in any position, except lying on the right side,

After a violent pressure on the stomach it increases to vomiting,

Retching, and once difficult vomiting of bitter, bad-smelling, pasty, and fluid matter (it had an acid reaction, and showed traces of antimony), (fifth day),

Green vomiting,

Painful vomiting of much mucus and bile mixed with some blood (half an hour),

Vomiting speedy and easy, followed by great retching (thirteenth day),

Vomiting, with headache, and trembling in the hands (half an hour),

First violent vomiting and purging (4 grains to an old woman),

Vomiting, with frequent stools (40 grains),

Violent vomiting and purging, with great prostration (ten minutes),

Vomiting, followed by constant involuntary watery stools (one hour),

Vomiting, with anguish,

Vomiting difficult after long retching, and followed by great prostration,

No vomiting (5 centigrammes),

No vomiting (from 15 centigrammes),


Appetite increased (second day),

Canine hunger on walking in open air,

Usually good appetite, only sometimes poor,

Extraordinary appetite for apples, and thirst for cool water; evenings he is soon sleepy, against his usual habit,

No more desire for tobacco,

Appetite diminished (third day, et seq.),

Loss of appetite,

Appetite completely lost (fifth day),

Loss of appetite in the morning,

The child eats little but drinks much,

Thirst (second day),

Great thirst,

Thirst increased (fourth day),

Urgent thirst,

Thirst constant and insatiable,

Much thirst one day, the next none at all,

Thirst, with internal heat,

Thirst for beer or sour milk, with dryness in the throat (6 P.M.),

Desire for strong liquors and acids,

Desire for acids,

Absence of thirst,

Absence of thirst the whole day,


Eructations frequently through the day, slight gagging (fourth day),

Eructations, sometimes tasteless, sometimes nauseous,

Bitter eructations (eighth day),

Eructations acid, bitter (fifth day),

Eructations of a salty, nauseous fluid (second hour),

Sour eructations,

Eructations of watery fluid, often of sharp, salty taste,

Eructations, with taste of the breakfast,

Empty eructations, ,

In the morning frequent eructations, with yawning, and great ill-humor (fifth day),

General hiccough, like eructations of air,


Uprisings of milk and an acid fluid (one hour),


Qualmish, uncomfortable, and depressed,

Several times gagging severely, sweat starts out on the forehead, the limbs become very weak, and much water flows from the mouth; followed by weakness,

Violent retching (a half hour),


Indescribable nauseous internal sensation,

Heaviness in stomach (second day),

Weakness in the stomach (eleventh day),

Indescribable malaise in the region of the stomach and abdomen; on touching the parts gently with the hand the pain increases in the region of the stomach and diminishes in the abdomen,

Pains in the stomach,

Acute pains in the stomach,

Craving sensation at stomach,

Creeping sensation in the stomach,

Unpleasant sensation of warmth in the stomach (in five minutes), which continually increased to a painful burning, and caused great restlessness,

Slight burning in the stomach,

Burning heat in the stomach,

Burning and pressure in (an apparently full) stomach (eighth day),

Fulness in stomach,

In the night, sensation as if she had loaded her stomach with something; eructations frequent, like foul eggs; sleep restless,

Feeling of a weight in the region of the stomach, involving the whole abdomen, and causing great malaise; this condition is ameliorated in the open air, and aggravated in the room; it is also diminished by eructations,

Cramps in the stomach,

Flatulent, audible motions in the epigastric region (three hours),

Pain at the epigastrium,

Slight pain at the epigastrium (second day),

Violent pains at the epigastrium, which was tense,

Violent throbbing in epigastric region (a quarter of an hour),

(Continual whirling in the pit of the stomach, evenings on going to sleep, with very violent rapid beating of the heart, which threatens to rupture the heart),

Feeling as of cold water at the pit of the stomach; with it he feels faint; he will fall down; then follows heat in the head,

Pressure in pit of stomach (second day),

Pressure in pit of stomach (ten minutes),

Troublesome feeling of pressure in pit of stomach (fifth day),

A cutting sensation extends upward, from time to time, from the pit of the stomach,

Sticking pain below the pit of the stomach, especially felt on drawing in the abdomen,

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