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Antimonium Arsenicicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms

Arsenite Of Antimony, Antim, Antimonium, Arsenicicum, Antimonium Arsenicosum, Arsenicosum, Ant-a.

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HPUS indication of Antimonium Arsenicicum: Cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antimonium Arsenicicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Insensibility and coldness of limbs; weak, almost imperceptible pulse, without vomiting (child),

Right arm and hand and both great toes were cold to the touch,

Heaviness in all the limbs (eighth day),

Great heaviness in the feet and arms, so that she must let them sink down,

Constant inclination to stretch the limbs,

Weakness of the limbs,

Weakness in all limbs (sixth and seventh days),

Weakness of limbs, especially legs,

Extremities tired and weak (second day),

Fatigue in the limbs,

Burning and tearing in the joints (sixth to seventh day),

Drawing and tearing in the joints (eleventh day),

Slight rheumatic drawings through the whole right hand, immediately afterward, drawing through both legs from above downward, especially in the region of the knee, and noticed on walking (two hours),

(Tearing in the limbs),

Tearing and drawing in joints,

Tearing and drawing in the extremities (eighth day),

Rheumatic and bruised sensation in the limbs, on rising and shortly before it,

Upper extremities

Frequent twitching of the tendons in the arms and hands,

A kind of dislocated pain in the right shoulder,

A cracking in the shoulder-joint, with tearing pains to the hands,

Soreness in shoulder-blades,

Short, rheumatic pain, around and in the shoulder-joint, and the left breast,

A violent tearing, externally in the right shoulder, followed by itching (after one hour),

Violent itching in the left shoulder; after scratching, a number of small vesicles arise, and she must scratch till they bleed, without relief to be itching whereupon the spot burns; the vesicles dry after three days,

Fine stitching and twinging below the left axilla; then a stitch, with twinging, on the condyles of the left elbow (after two hours),

A twinging sensation in front of the left axilla, as if one raised the skin (after two hours),

Tearing twitching in the arm and left side,

Severe jerking in the right arm, is not relieved by motion (immediately),

Burning on the inner surface of the right upper arm, toward the shoulder, with yawning (after two hours),

A drawing down along the outer surface of the left upper arm, almost as if in the bone, in several short paroxysms,

A fine boring in the right humerus, as if in the marrow, which frequently increases, then extending into the shoulder, frequently somewhat diminished; it disappears on pressure, and is relieved on motion of the arm, but frequently returns (after one hour),

Short, rheumatic pain in the left elbow,

Itching on the external surface of the right elbow, which disappears on scratching (after three-quarters of an hour),

On the forearm near the wrist, an eruption of pimples like the itch, also on the upper arm; the itching is relieved by scratching,

Transient, rather severe tearing in the muscles of the left forearm,

A twinging or sensation as if something would raise the skin, on the inner surface of the left forearm; on pressure it disappears, but returns again (after half an hour),

Violent itching on the external surface of the left forearm; on scratching, small pimples appear, which burn, and the skin becomes rose-red, but white on pressure; the redness continues two hours (6 P.M.),

Itching on the inner surface of the left forearm; after scratching, a number of small pimples arise (in the forenoons),

Trembling of hands (eleventh day),

Cold hands and icy cold tips of the fingers (third day),

The left hand is remarkably cold, the right not,

Hands cold and moist,

On coughing, heat and moisture of the hands, and sweat of the head,

On the back of left hand, on touching the hairs, fine severe stitches.

Tearing and stitching in the border of the left thumb, so violent that it seems as if the tendons would be torn out (9 A.M.),

When she wants to clench her fist, or extend the fingers, they are tense, as if swollen (4 P.M.),

Fingers firmly contracted down upon the shoulders, with every muscle in an extraordinary state of rigidity,

On the lowest joint of the right middle and ring fingers, frequent violent pinching pain, with sensation as if the tendons would contract; still, motion remains free (fifth day),

Stitching in the lowest joints of the left middle and ring fingers, as from a thistle, worse on pressure (sixth day),

Twitching, tearing below the right third finger, as if in the marrow, extends towards the arm; disappears only gradually, in the afternoon,

Tearing on the back of the left middle finger, as if it would tear out the tendon (for one minute),

The tips of the fingers become dead, dry and hard, without sensation, several days,

Lower extremities

Numbness and coldness in the legs,

Lower extremities heavy and stiff, as if lamed,

Drawing, tensive pain in lower extremities (fourth day),

Tension and tearings in lower extremities,

Rheumatic pain in and over the left hip,

Just below the left hip, transient rheumatic pains,

Spasmodic twitchings of the muscles of the thigh (eleventh day),

Tension in the hamstrings on walking, evening,

Rheumatic drawing in the upper part of the right thigh,

Twinging on the anterior surface of the left thigh, as if one pinched him, or raised his skin with a needle; the spot continued to pain still longer in the open air (after two hours),

Fatigue in the knees,

Burning pricking in the knees,

In the morning in bed, and on rising, aching in the bones of the knee-joint, as if the limb had no power, and as if the tendons were overstretched and strained,

Tearing, a hand's breadth above and below the knee, on the external surface (after two hours),

Evenings in bed, sticking in the knee and hip (first day),

On the left side below the left knee, a slow, throbbing, sensitive picking, in rest and motion,

Painful cramps in the calves,

Cramp in the calves frequently wake him,

Cramp in the calves, afternoons, disappears on walking about (fifth day),

Spasmodic drawing sensation in the calves (ninth day),

Soreness in calves,

Tearing internally in the right calf, and at the same time burning externally (after half an hour),

Slight twitches in the left calf (second day),

Rheumatic pain on the left side of the left calf,

Tearing and itching on the external surface of the left calf (after two hours),

Violent pinching and clutching in the left calf, and from the popliteal space to the external malleolus; extremely painful,

Itching below the left calf, which causes scratching, after which a considerable lump arises, which continues to itch,

An outward sticking in the varices,

A painful, biting itching in the leg, where there are varices, as if a suppurating inflammatory swelling would ensue,

Very violent, rheumatic pains between the calf and the malleolus of the left leg; together with rheumatic pains in the right lower back teeth,

Slight swelling and stiffness of the malleoli of the right foot (eleventh day),

The feet go to sleep immediately after sitting down each time,

The right foot goes to sleep while standing, with crawling (2 P.M.),

Weariness in the feet (third day),

Cold feet,

She can scarcely raise the feet on account of heaviness (6 P.M.),

Suddenly across the left instep, a transient, pressive, pricking pain, as from a blow,

On the left instep, near the inner malleolus, suddenly a pricking transient pressure, as from a blow; it goes as quickly as it came,

During the day, on walking, a tension on the dorsum of the foot,

Itching soreness between the little and next toe of the right foot, for ten days,

A sudden, painful, rhythmical picking in the left great toe,

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