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Antimonium Arsenicicum - Generalities symptoms

Arsenite Of Antimony, Antim, Antimonium, Arsenicicum, Antimonium Arsenicosum, Arsenicosum, Ant-a.

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HPUS indication of Antimonium Arsenicicum: Cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antimonium Arsenicicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Sleep and dreams


Frequent yawning,

Frequent, great yawning,

Frequent yawning, although she has slept sufficiently,

Yawning and stretching the limbs,

Constant stretching and yawnings, forenoons,

Inclination to sleep,

Inclined to rest and sleep,

Inclined to sleep, with anxious dreams,

Great desire to sleep,

Great sleepiness (ninth day),

Exceptional sleepiness and overweening inclination to sleep,

Forenoons, great desire to sleep; if he sits still he sleeps immediately, with vivid dreams of a continuation of his previous thoughts (second day),

The eyes close involuntarily, forenoons; he falls asleep, and often starts up violently, but at once goes off again (first day),

In the morning, at 10 o'clock, could not get out of bed from sleepiness, and was so heavy and inclined to sleep, and his limbs were so tired and gone-to-sleep that he could hardly stand,

At 10 A.M., he still feels a disposition to sleep, which he is unable to shake off; he is so fatigued and prostrated that he can scarcely keep himself up,

Sleepiness by day,

Such an irresistible inclination to sleep by day that when he went about and stood, fell asleep as soon as he sat down,

Even when getting on horseback, in the strong air, he feels sleepy, and can hardly overcome his drowsiness,

Could hardly keep awake, and was dizzy when riding in the open air,

Evenings (quite contrary to custom), he is sleepy very early that he can hardly keep awake, and half an hour later he becomes wide awake and remains so till late at night,

Unusual sleepiness at night,

Great drowsiness and inactivity, for two days,

Involuntary slumber, with heavy sleep; on waking knows nothing about it (thirteenth day),

Sleep sound, with great sweat,

Stupid sleep (eleventh day),

He lies on his back in sleep, the left hand under the head (nine hours),

He talks much in his sleep, plainly and coherently,

Sleep after dinner,

Deep sleep at night, with very heavy dreams (ninth day),

Difficulty in going to sleep,

He has to lie in bed till 1 o'clock at night before he can get asleep, and then lies merely in a dreamy state; he seems to be obliged to wade in deep water and cannot get out,

He gets asleep late and with difficulty, and often wakes and tosses about,

Restless sleep,

At night the child screamed out of sleep, with staring eyes; *trembled, it drew up its arms and feet,

He had scarcely fallen asleep when he was seized with electric shocks and jerks, all of which came from the abdomen; it threw now one arm now another away from his body; now a foot; now it threw the whole body into the air,

Sleep; remained restless and dreamy a long time,

Sleep restless, with many confused heavy dreams (eighth day),

Extremely restless sleep the whole night; she wakes often from anxious dreams, with dryness in the mouth and cracked lips (fourth day),

Exceedingly restless at night,

Little sleep (fifth day),

Sleeplessness before midnight,

Only slumber before midnight,

He awoke at midnight with violent thirst and urging to urinate (second day),

He awoke at night with violent thirst and urging to urinate, but only a little passed (second night),

Loss of sleep at night till morning,

No sleep for several nights,

Sleep more dreamy than usual (first day),

Light sleep at night, full of liveliest, though unimpassioned, only historic dreams (eight hours),

Dream of a lively nature,

Very heavy dreams at night (third day),

Troublesome dreams, with nightmare all night,

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