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Antimonium Arsenicicum - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Arsenite Of Antimony, Antim, Antimonium, Arsenicicum, Antimonium Arsenicosum, Arsenicosum, Ant-a.

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HPUS indication of Antimonium Arsenicicum: Cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antimonium Arsenicicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Head heavy, etc.; sticking in urethra; frequent urination; stretching and yawning; eyes close involuntarily, etc.; severe chill.

(Afternoon), Headache, etc.; coating on tongue thicker; on motion, surging toward neck upwards, etc.; on sitting crawling in abdomen; cramp in calves; constant heat.

(Toward evening), Hopeless, etc., etc.; fretfulness, etc.; catarrhal symptoms; sore feeling in chest, etc.

(Night), On waking, bad headache etc.; on waking, cracked lips; violent nausea and vomiting; stomach feels loathed, etc.; whirling, etc., of the heart; chill screams, etc.; chill.

(Before midnight), Cough; sleeplessness.

(Midnight), Wakes with thirst, etc.

(Morning till evening), Constantly chilly.

(Morning till 5 P.M.), Headache, etc.

(11 A.M. till evening), Stitches in head.

(2 P.M. till 3 A.M.), Sticking in forehead.

(2 to 3 A.M.), Cough, with expectoration.

(About 3 A.M.), Suffocated.

(1 P.M.), Headache etc.; cramp, etc., in bowels; pain above pubis, etc.

(3 P.M.). Head heavy, etc.; nose-bleed; chills all over, etc.

(4 P.M.), Feeling of heat in head.

(Toward 6 P.M.), Tension in abdomen.

(6 P.M.), Febrile chill.

(7 P.M.), Chill, etc.

(Towards 8 P.M.), Fever.

(Open air), Twitching on left thigh; from warm room, constantly chilly; chilly.

(Motion in open air), Tearing in left temple.

(Walking in open air), Canine hunger; head, etc., feel swollen.

(Anger), Cough.

(Bending head forward), Pain in upper chest.

(Sitting bent), Pressure in abdominal; pressure in abdomen, etc.

(Deep breathing), Pain in right side.

(Closing eyes), Vertigo.

(Coughing), Heat, etc., of forehead; dull pain in forehead; vomiting of food; heat, etc., of hands, etc.

(After dinner), Qualmishness in stomach; sensation as if overloaded in stomach, etc.; tearings in rectum; sleep.

(Drawing in the abdomen), Sticking from below pit of stomach; small spot in abdomen hurts.

(After drinking), nausea.

(After eating), Nausea; nausea and vomiting; rumbling in abdomen; pain in abdomen; cough; pain in the back; violent heat, etc.

(Expiration), Stitch in abdomen aches.

(Before each epileptic attack), Burning in chest.

(Taking hold of anything), Aching in neck.

(Trying to lift head from pillow), Dizziness.

(Looking at object a long time), Sight vanishes.

(After a meal), Creeping, etc., in abdomen.

(Motion), Heat in head; stitches in head; pressure in forehead; trembling of hands; chill, etc.

(Rapid and violent motion), Pain.

(Moving arm), Stitches in region of kidneys.

(Pressure), Pain in pimples on upper arm; burning in left breast; stitching in fingers; pimples on buttock pain.

(Before rising from bed), Pain in small of back; rheumatic, etc., sensation in limbs.

(On rising from bed), Pain in small of back; rheumatic, etc., sensation in limbs.

(Rising from sitting), Flickering before eyes, etc.

(In room), Raging, etc., in whole head; feeling of weight in region of stomach, etc.

(Rubbing), Burning in left breast.

(Scratching), Vesicles arise at the mouth; vesicles arise on shoulder; pimples on left forearm; itching on left forearm; itching below left lower jaw.

(Sitting), Immediately, pressure in abdomen; the attacks; pressure in abdomen, etc.; pain in back.

(After sitting down), Immediately, feet go to sleep.

(Sitting down after moving), The pain.

(During sleep), Profuse perspiration.

(After violent sneezing), Pain in chest, etc.

(Speaking), Tearing from left frontal eminence, etc.

(Standing), 8 A.M., stupefaction, etc.; stitching-tearing from parietal bone to vertex; right foot goes to sleep, etc.

(Stooping), Burning, etc., in right parietal bone; stitches in left parietal bone; sensation in occiput as if something fell forward; stitch in right lowest rib.

(During stool), Cold shivers through the skin.

(After stool), Burning in anus.

(After supper), Malaise.

(Swallowing), Pain behind root of tongue; saliva nausea.

(Talking), Pain in larynx, etc.; hoarseness.

(Touch), Eyeball pains; stitch in abdomen aches.

(Touching parts gently with hand), Pain in region of stomach.

(Touching the hairs of the part), Fine stitches.

(Turning neck over left scapula), Aching in neck.

(After urinating), Burning in urethra.

(After vomiting), Pains in abdomen; great weakness, etc.

(On waking), General fatigue.

(After waking), Pain in forehead.

(Walking), Totters; tension in perineum, etc.; drawings through right hand, etc.; tension on dorsum of foot.


(Open air), Head heavy, etc.; raging, etc., in head; feeling of weight in region of stomach.

(In bed), Twitching tearing in right concha.

(Eating bread), Soreness, etc., in palate.

(Cold water), Pain in forehead.

(After cough and expectoration), Feeling of suffocation.

(Eating), Sour taste on back of tongue; feels better; pressure in abdomen.

(Eructation), Nausea; pressure in stomach; cramp in abdomen.

(Lying on right side), Vomiting.

(Moving about), Pressure in abdomen.

(Pressure), Boring in right humerus; twingeing in left forearm.

(Passage of flatus), Nausea; aching in pit of stomach; distension, etc., in abdomen; rumbling in abdomen; rumbling, etc., in bowels; pressure in abdomen; griping in abdomen, etc.

(Rising after stooping), Burning, etc., in right parietal bone; tearing in right side of head; pain in upper chest.

(Scratching), Burning, etc., in right parietal bone; itching in right elbow; itching on upper arm.

(Standing), Pressure in abdomen.

(Touching part gently with hand), Pain in abdomen.

(Frequent urinating), Relief of symptoms.

(Vomiting), Cough.

(Walking about), Cramp in calves.

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