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Antimonium Arsenicicum - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenite Of Antimony, Antim, Antimonium, Arsenicicum, Antimonium Arsenicosum, Arsenicosum, Ant-a.

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HPUS indication of Antimonium Arsenicicum: Cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antimonium Arsenicicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Rash, where the salve had been rubbed in,

Reddish rash,

Rash on the arms, breast, and occiput,

Itching eruption on the skin,

Eruption of bright red, small, conical, distinct, hard pimples, with an inflamed base like Usnea Barbata lichen simplex, thickly covered the breast, anterior surfaces of the upper arms, wrists, hypogastrium, and inner surfaces of the thighs,

Vesicular eruption over the body (internal use),

A very itching rash, which suppurates,

Rash over the face and whole body, with profuse sweat; respiration very difficult with continued heat, thirst, and headache,

Painful pustular eruption,

Pustules, when it is rubbed in, also on other parts of body, as nasal fossae, margin of anus, glans penis, genitals, arms, etc.,

A thick eruption like pocks, often pustular, as large as a pea, filled with pus,

Eruption of itching pustules, which soon dry up,

From applying antimonial ointment to the dorsal region considerable local eruption was produced; in six days itching on scrotum; on ninth day five pustules on scrotum and three on penis,

Eruption of pimples and vesicles, which in two days are filled with pus, are like the pustules of small-pox and are very painful; these pustules dry up and form crusts; this eruption appears first on the internal surface of the forearm, then on the back (from internal use),

Most of the suppurating places became confluent the eighth day, and discharged blood and matter,

The corners of the nostrils are ulcerated and painful (four hours),

Cracked lips, at night, on waking (fourth day),

Dry, scurfy lips (three hours),

The right and left sides of the upper lip are full of clear, itching vesicles, which, on drying up, are replaced by new ones; the itching is especially violent in the evening,

On the right side of the lower lip several clear vesicles; at the same time the right side of the upper lip is swollen, and covered with small pimples, with tensive pain on pressure,

Eruption of pimples like pocks on the side of the chin; tickling sensation; must rub it,

Two boils behind on the right side of the tongue, painful on touch, 3 P.M.,

A boil behind on the left side of the tongue, which pains as if sore when she presses it with the tongue, or on swallowing (from the morning after rising till evening), (second day),

Several burning blisters on the left side of the tongue, which soon disappear, but return a day later (sixth day),

Itching below the right corner of the mouth, where, after scratching, three vesicles arise; also under the left corner (second day),

Skin from waist to knees covered with an infinite number of small pimples, which itch intolerably; she is compelled to scratch till the blood comes; external genitals much swollen,

Pimply eruption on the genitals,

Small red pustules on the genitals,

Frequently observed that when the pustular eruption was very copious where the ointment was applied, similar eruptions developed on the genitals,

Pustules developed on the scrotum, five weeks after the removal of an antimonial plaster, from between the shoulders,

Large pustules on the chest, like cow-pox, with a red areola; after three weeks it is covered with a crust and leaves a deep scar,

Several small pimples on the upper part of left side of the chest, and a similar one on the right side (eighth day),

A red, somewhat swollen, streak, two inches long, on the left side of the neck, without sensation, which does not disappear on pressure, but lasts twenty days,

Violent itching in the left shoulder; after scratching, a number of small vesicles arise, and she must scratch till they bleed, without relief to the itching, whereupon the spot burns; the vesicles dry after three days,

Itching on the anterior surface of the right upper arm; after scratching, small, deepseated pimples appear, which continue to itch (third day),

On the forearm, near the wrist, an eruption of pimples, like the itch; also on the upper arm; the itching is relieved by scratching,

A tetter, as large as a penny, on the inner surface of the left forearm, which disappears after three days, but returns after eight days, and itches violently, especially when scratched; the place remains rough for some time after,

Small, red, elevated spots, like flea-bites, appear on the hands, without pain, and disappear after two hours (fourth day),

Dark-yellow spots of large size appear on several fingers, remain two days (fourth day),

On each buttock three or four tensively paining pimples, which pain like a boil on pressure, and last four days,

Voluptuous itching below the right calf; after scratching, a number of deepseated pimples arise, which do not cease to itch till scratched bloody, and then the place itches and burns for a long time (second day),

Itching below the left calf, which causes scratching, after which a considerable lump arises, which continues to itch,


Itching in the skin,

Itching, now here, now there, which disappears on scratching,

Biting itching over whole body (eleventh day),

Itching around an old ulcer,

A crawling itching in the sore itself (evenings on lying in bed),

Itching below the left lower jaw, which disappears on scratching,

Voluptuous itching in the nape of the neck, which causes scratching, till the blood comes, on which it does not disappear (7 P.M.),

Itching on the middle of the right shoulder-blade,

Itching on the external surface of the right upper arm, just above the elbow, which disappears on scratching (10 A.M.),

Itching on the external surface of the right elbow, which disappears on scratching (after three and a quarter hours),

Itching on the inner surface of the left forearm; after scratching, a number of small pimples arise (in the forenoon),

Violent itching on the external surface of the left forearm; on scratching, small pimples appear, which burn, and the skin becomes rose-red, but white on pressure; the redness continues two hours (6 P.M.),

Violent itching in the palm of the left hand, which disappears on scratching (after one and a half hours),

Burning itching on the inner side of the left thigh; after scratching, pain as if sore, and on touch as if bruised (6 P.M.),

Itching on the front part of the left knee, which disappears on scratching,

A painful biting-itching in the leg where there are varices, as if a suppurating inflammatory swelling would ensue,

An itching and biting in the right sole, so that he must scratch, evenings in bed,

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