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Antimonium Crudum - Modalities Etc

Black Sulphide Of Antimony, Ant crud, Ant. Cr, Antim Crud, Ant-c.

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HPUS indication of Antimonium Crudum: Warts

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antimonium Crudum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Every other morning), General warm sweat, in bed.

(From morning till night), Tearing pain in head; tearing in back.

(Forenoon), Irritated state of mind, etc., gum in the canthi; stitches in eyeball; tongue coated white; rumbling in abdomen; somnolence.

(Towards noon), Tearing in head; violent chills, etc.

(Afternoon), Roaring in ears; gulping up of fluid; pinching in left side of abdomen; deep, etc., breathing; sensation of a spasm at border of left thigh; when sitting transient sleepiness.

(2 A.M), Wakes with slight warmth all over, etc.

(6 P.M.), Sleep, etc.

(7 P.M.), Weariness, etc.; overwhelmed with sleep.

(Walking in open air), Condition of ideal love, etc.; dull headache; dryness of nose; clearing the throat, etc.; stitch under both arms.

(In draught of air), Drawing in muscles of upper arms returns.

(After bathing in the river), Violent headache.

(Bending arms), Paralytic pain in muscles of upper arm.

(When breathing), Nose painful; stitches in left chest.

(Breathing deeply), Stitches in chest.

(Applying cold water), Toothache.

(Coughing), Burning in chest, etc.

(When drawing in abdomen), Pressure at stomach.

(During deglutition), Pinching on the palate.

(After dinner), Pain through right ear, etc.; twinging toothache; stitches in tongue; fulness, etc., of the body; immediately, much flatus; desire for stool; lassitude, etc., in limbs; indolence, etc.

(Eating), Toothache renewed; deep, sighing breathing; pain under left clavicle.

(Exerting arm), Drawing pain in muscles of nape of neck.

(When expiring in a standing position), Stitches in left chest.

(Extending arm), Pain in pectoralis major.

(After slight exercise), Feels quite hot.

(In heat of sun), Even when he walks and works but little, feels indisposed.

(When inspiring air), Sore feeling in nostrils; stitches in the tooth.

(Lifting arm), Pain in pectoralis major.

(When lying still), Sensation of animals moving in ear.

(After a meal), Inflation of abdomen; bursting forth of flatus.

(Motion), Pinching in abdomen.

(When not especially noticed), Pulsations at left temple.

(Pressure), Painful feeling at stomach; pain in groin; pain in pectoralis major.

(Rising from sitting), Pain in small of back.

(After rubbing), Itching of arm, etc.

(When sitting), Stitches in right scapula; stitch in shaft of tibia.

(During sleep), Sweat.

(When smoking), Pain in whole head.

(Standing), Drawing in spermatic cord; clucking in right half of nates.

(During stillness), Roaring in ears.

(Stooping), Pain in muscles of nape of neck; straining in nape of neck, etc.

(During stool), Pain in rectum.

(After supper), Difficulty of breathing.

(During supper), Difficulty of breathing.

(Turning head to left), Drawing pain in muscles of nape of neck.

(Touch), Pimples on cheek itch; stinging of pimples on thumb; pain in pimple on knee.

(Turning foot outwards), Pain in right external malleolus.

(After taking vinegar), Very thin stools, etc.

(Walking), Especially when bending the thigh backwards, drawing pain in left hip-joint; right foot feels numb, etc.

(Walking upstairs), Dull headache in forehead, etc.

(In warm air), *Makes him feel worse; nausea.

(When writing), Trembling of the hands.


Evening, warmth, becoming heated, after bathing, after eating, after his accustomed smoke.

WORSE in evening, from heat, acids, wine, water, and washing. Wet poultices.



WATER (on head)




HEAT SUMMER, of sun Overheating Radiated


(In open air), Toothache.

(In cool air), *Feels better.

(After a meal), Empty sensation in abdomen goes off.

(Pressure), Pain over left temporal bone, went off temporarily.

(Rest), Feels better; voice returns.

(Rubbing), Stinging in right sole.

(Stooping), Drawing in spermatic cord.

(Touch), Stitches at border of right concha go off.

(Walking), Pain in small of back disappeared.

(Warmth), Drawing in muscles of upper arm passed off.


Walking in cool, open air, at rest.

BETTER in open air, during rest. Moist warmth.

Desires and aversions

Desire for acids and pickles.

Long-lasting loss of appetite, with disgust for all food.

Hunger early on waking, without appetite; eating does not relieve it; at the same time sense of emptiness in pit of stomach, and want of animal heat.

Intense thirst, with dryness of lips; more at night; or thirstlessness.


Violent thirst, with dryness of the lips.

Intense thirst.

In the evening, thirst, and inclination to drink.

Drinks much only at night.

Much thirst, at night (aft. 6 d.).

Appetite extremely little.

Lake of appetite.

Strong feeling of hunger in the region of the stomach, in the morning on awaking, without appetite, not removed by eating; at the same time a disagreeable feeling of emptiness in the scrobiculus cordis, and lack of heat in the body; for two days (aft. 4 w.).

During a moderate dinner a sensation as if the abdomen was very full and a quantity of flatus arises and moves about the abdomen.

After a meal, indolence and an inclination to lie down.

The fulness and tension after a meal often alternates with lightness, cheerfulness and activity of spirit and body after a meal.

After dinner, lassitude, tremulous weariness and heaviness in all the limbs, as if coming from the abdomen, with trembling of the hands in writing, and subsequent passage of much fetid flatus, with distension of abdomen.

During supper, dyspnoea.

Position etc

Rest 4, 25. Sitting 31, 33. Stooping 31. Lying 15, 31. Rising 31. Ascending 3. Walking 10, 31, 33. Moving arm 32. Writing 34. Exerting arms 31. Turning head 31.

Morning 14, 20, 27, 31, 40. Forenoon 5, 37. Noon 40. Afternoon 6, 20. Evening 4, 7, 31, 37. Night 5, 10, 14, 20, 21, 22, 37, 40. Day 40.