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Antipyrinum - General symptoms

Phenazone - A Coal-tar Derivative, Antipyrin, Antipyrine, Antipy.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antipyrinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Antipyrine is one of the drugs that induce leucocytosis, similar to Ergotin, salicylates, and tuberculin. Acts especially on the vasomotor centers, causing dilation of capillaries of skin and consequent circumscribed patches of hyperaemia and swelling. In large doses causes profuse perspiration, dizziness, cyanosis, and somnolence, albumen and blood in urine. Acute erythema multiform.

Phenazon (Phenyl-dimethyl-pyrazolon). C11 H12 N2O. A product of coal tar through toluin. Solution and trituration.


Second decimal potency.


Dysmenia. Enuresis. Epilepsy. Epistaxis. Erythema. German measles. Headache. Heart, paralysis of. Mind, deranged. Respiration, Cheyne-Stokes. Scarlatina. Throat, sore. Toothache. Urticaria.


Antipyrine is known from the poisonous effects it has produced in old-school practice. Many fatal cases have been recorded, and there can be little doubt that its injudicious use has determined a fatal issue in many cases that have remained unrecorded. Antipyrinum's action is very like that of Antifebrin in producing collapse, but it has more effect on the skin, causing scarlet rash and oedema. A young lady patient of mine who took Antipyrin on her own account, whenever she thought she might be going to have a headache, developed intense dysmenorrhoea (to which she was not subject), with depression. This was only removed after she had discontinued the drug. Later on she took Phenacetin, with the result that an eruption of erythema appeared on both cheeks, which peeled after a few days, and recurred persistently. It would seem from the above that the drug is homoeopathic to some forms, at least, of neuralgia. One patient had Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Erythema appears first on face and arms, last on legs. Hansen mentions its use in enuresis and epistaxis. amel. Hot drinks.

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