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Apis Mellifica - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Honey-bee, Bee sting, Apis Mellifera, Apis mel, Apisinum, Apis.

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HPUS indication of Apis Mellifica: Stings
Apis Mellifica
Common symptoms: Stings, Allergy symptoms, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Apis Mel in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs

Trembling of the hands and feet,

He first swelled about the joints, where bunches were forming that looked somewhat inflamed and itched very much,

Blood settled under the toe and finger-nails, (A. R. M.).

Cold limbs, with chilliness,

His extremities grew cold, (E. E. M.).

A cutting instrument seemed to penetrate all his limbs at the same time, like an electric discharge (wasp),

Upper extremities


Red and white spots on the arms,

Burning and heat, like "prickly heat," on the arms and hands, (B.).

Swelling of the whole arm, so that he could not take off his coat without an effort, in the evening, and was only able to put it on next morning with the greatest difficulty.

The arm remained very sensitive for some days (after a sting in the hand),

Unpleasant sensation in the inner side of both arms, reaching from near the elbow to the axilla; also, a similar sensation in the anterior and inner part of each thigh, reaching from near the knee to the inguinal region, which ceased in the course of half an hour, (S. D.).

Drawing pains in the arm, that begin in the shoulders and extend to the end of the fingers,

Itching, and appearance of blotches, in arms and hands, like nettlerash, on scratching, (B.).

Drawing pain through the arm, beginning in the shoulders,

Hand and arm swollen and painful for several days,

Crawling, as if going to sleep, in both arms, especially in the left,

Itching stitching in the back of the arm,

Left arm affected (after fifteen minutes),

Burning stinging on the left arm,

The upper part of the arm is painful,

Aching in the right shoulder and upper portion of the arm (soon),

Dull pains, apparently in the bones of the arms and fingers,

Aching in right shoulder and upper arm, and pressure on the chest (first day),

Great increase and intensity of the odor from the axillary glands (fourth day),

Stinging pains in the left elbow, sudden, but not lasting (third day),

OEdema of the hands,

The hand becomes purple, (B.).

Nettlerash on the back of the hand,

Hands tremble,

Hands as if dead, during chill,

Hot hands,

Burning, as of fire, in small circumscribed spots on the hands (lasting some minutes, second day; first dilution),

Hot hands, during chilliness,

Burning and stinging in the hands, especially the palms, that became very red; half an hour after a sting in the neck. Cold water relieves,

Prickling in the hands, palms, and back of the hands,

The back of the hand swollen to the finger-tips (after a sting upon it),

Sore and red spots in the palms,

Itching in the palms, mostly left, in little burning spots,

Itching and burning on the back of the hands, and on the knuckles, also on the first joints of the fingers, especially of the right hand; the skin begins to chap finally, here and there, as if from cold, to which she had not been exposed (evenings 9 o'clock, fifth day),

The right hand swells as if puffed up, and is slightly bluish-red; pressure of the fingers makes white spots, that disappear slowly and leave no indentation, without heat and without pain, except some tension; with nettlerash (sixth dilution),

Itching and chapping of the right hand (still felt on the seventh day),

Itching and chapping of the right hand; the lower lip also begins to chap (evenings, eighth day),

The fingers swell and remain very sensitive for several days (after a sting),

The stung finger was swollen little, or not at all,

The bones of the fingers are painful,

Very distinct sensation of numbness in the fingers, especially in their tips, about the roots of the nails, with a sensation as if the nails were very loose, and he could shake them off,

Cold fingers,

Cold hands,

Drawing pains extending to the ends of the fingers,

Itching in the fingers,

Tingling of the fingers of the left hand (soon),

Burning twitching, like a pricking contraction, in the right thumb, from without inwardly; also the same in other places (second day),

After many stings, the index-finger felt numb, but was neither sensitive nor swollen; in several days black spots appear in the skin,

Inward burning about a hang-nail, on the outside of the right fourth finger; no redness where it pains, inside, and not aggravated by pressure; continued burning in the tip (fourth and fifth days),

Burning, like fire, in the finger-tips,

Fine burning pricking in the finger-tips,

Sensation as if the finger-nails were quite loose, and as if he could shake them off,

Lower extremities

Lower limbs feel paralyzed,

Dull pains, as if in the bones of the lower extremities,

Sore feeling of the flesh of the lower extremities, disappearing on walking, and returning again while sitting,

Itching and pricking in the lower limbs,

Sore pain in left hip-joint (immediately after every dose of the second dilution); later a weakness, unsteadiness, trembling in this joint,

Drawing through the thighs to the tips of the toes, with numb sensation in the latter,

An itching stitch posteriorly on the thigh,

Burning itching, especially posteriorly, on the left thigh (after four hours),

Violent pain in the left knee, outside, over, and under the knee, mostly half in front (after two and a half hours); violent, short pains in front, below (after six hours); now and then violent on outside (second day),

Fine burning stinging on the knee (first day),

Crawling, as if from an insect, on the inner side of the right knee (mornings, fourth day),

From the left knee to the foot, crawling as if going to sleep,

Darting, transient pains in the external malleolus of the left ankle (for four days),

After the sting of bees, the former gouty concretions appeared again, and then disappeared,

Red and white spots on the feet,

When taking off the foot-gear, evenings, frequent swelling of the feet,

Feet trembled,

Burning of the feet (first day),

Burning and pricking in the feet (after a sting on the neck),

Cold feet, with burning cheeks,

Sensation in the toes, and the whole foot, as if too large, swollen, and stiff,

Heaviness and stiffness of the feet,

Crawling and itching of the feet, as if she had frozen them (sixth day),

Sensation of numbness in the toes,

Burning of the toes, with erysipelatous redness and heat of a circumscribed patch on the foot, while the rest of the foot is cold (lasting half an hour),

Burning of the toes, with redness and heat in them, while the feet are cold (for half and hour),

Drawing pains, extending into the toes,

Pricking in both little toes (first day, second dilution),

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